Index or Indexing is an SEO term very familiar to us – SEO investors. And perhaps, this is also one of the most used terms in the SEO world. However, do we really understand what an index is as well as the difference in indexing of search engines, especially Google, so that we can make an effective SEO plan? First, let’s go into the concept of what Index is?

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Indexing, also known as Indexing (roughly translated as indexing) is an important SEO term, describing the process of collecting data by search engines for web pages on the internet, then evaluating and saving them. in the database of search engines (indexing process). So that when users search for a content on the website, the database will extract and return the data of the website that the search engine has indexed.

Website indexing is an important job for any website. Because only when it is indexed by search engines, will the information on the website be found by network users on search engines. However, not every update on the website is immediately indexed by search engines, especially for new websites. Sometimes it takes weeks for your website to be indexed if you don’t use other indexing tools.

If this happens to news sites and electronic newspapers, this is really a huge loss for websites and businesses. Therefore, knowing what the index is and the method of increasing the Index speed for the website is something that any SEO investor needs to pay attention to.

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SEO investors can check how many pages Google has indexed on their website through the following method:

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