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General Manager is a term that refers to a senior position in enterprises, but to explain specifically what is General Manager? What does General Manager’s job in the hotel include and what is the current salary… not Anyone can answer.

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► What is General Manager

?General Manager is the position of General Manager in an enterprise, responsible for making decisions, planning plans, assigning work to departments; comprehensively manage revenue – profit – loss issues and monitor daily operations of the business. Depending on the organizational model of each company, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Vice President, etc. may also hold the role of a General Manager.

In the field of accommodation service business, General Manager is the General Manager of the hotel – the position holds the highest management authority with financial issues, operating – supervising the entire daily operation of the hotel. and often reports directly to the owner or the president.

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► General Manager Job Description in Hotel

General Manager in the hotel will undertake the following main tasks:

Periodically coordinate with relevant departments to make annual and quarterly business plans for the hotel. Directly responsible for business strategy, Marketing, budget management, revenue – profit of the hotel. Manage and supervise activities of departments and divisions in the hotel – ensure efficiency, maintain the best service quality in order to maximize profits. Survey, analyze market trends, demand customers and regularly monitor the hotel’s business report to proactively make timely changes. Hotel representatives welcome VIP and VVIP guests especially to stay at the hotel. Manage complaints, complaints of guests, problems arising in the hotel that cannot be resolved by junior staff. Organize recruitment and training of personnel to take on management positions in the hotel. Establishing a friendly working environment, ensuring the interests of all hotel employees. In charge of planning and monitoring of equipment procurement activities. equipment, hotel renovation.Executing weekly briefings, unscheduled meetings in the hotel.Directly reporting work, making periodic financial reports for hotel owners.

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In fact, the duties of the Hotel General Manager will vary depending on the size of the hotel as well as the specific circumstances. General Manager in many hotels is considered a “Captain” position with great responsibility, requiring the incumbent to have a lot of skills and experience to do well in this position.

►General Manager salary in hotels

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As noted by riclix.com, the salary of the General Manager of a Vietnamese hotel currently ranges from 15 million to 80 million VND/month, depending on the size:

2-star hotel: 15 – 20 million VND/month 3-star hotel: 20 – 40 million VND/month 4-star hotel: 40 – 80 million VND/month With current 5-star hotel, not many General managers are Vietnamese , because most of it is done by foreigners. However, there are still some General Managers of 5-star hotels who are Vietnamese who receive a salary of over 70 million VND/month.

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Through the information that riclix.com shared above, hope to help you understand what is General Manager?…