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In order for newly graduated accountants to have a clearer picture of what a general accountant has to do in an enterprise, Thien Ung accountant would like to describe the jobs that a general accountant must do, and responsibilities. responsibilities and powers of general accountants.

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Division Finance and Accounting Department Title General Accountant Job Code KT-KTTH City direct manager. TCKT

1. Responsibilities and duties of general accountant:

– Pay license tax (for businesses that have been and are operating)

– Submit a license tax return and license tax (For newly established businesses)

– Make the entries at the beginning of the new financial year such as:

+ Consolidation of profit and loss of the previous fiscal year

+ Accounting for license tax expenses for the new financial year.

– Collect and process accounting information and data, accounting documents through arising economic operations. The work of general accountants

+ The arising economic transactions: Are the activities of the enterprise related to the production and business process of the enterprise: It can be the purchase and sale of goods, CCDC, TSCD, … collecting/spending money,. .

For example: Cash out to buy goods, or borrow money to buy fixed assets…

– Calculating salaries for officials and employees and making deductions according to salary.

– Allocating short-term, long-term prepaid expenses, tools, etc.

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– Calculate and depreciate fixed assets.

– Perform allocation and transfer entries.

– Prepare tax reports according to regulations.

+ For example: Making VAT declarations, personal income tax …

– Prepare Internal Reports at the request of Managers such as: Management reports (Financial statements, reports of total expenses, revenue …)

– Prepare quarterly VAT and PIT declarations (If enterprises are eligible to declare VAT quarterly).

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– Prepare quarterly CIT declaration.

– Prepare reports on the use of quarterly invoices.

– Prepare internal reports (As required by management)

– Prepare declaration for finalization of CIT and PIT

– Financial statements.

– Prepare management reports (at the request of management)

2. Powers of general accountants:

– Directly request accountants to adjust operations when errors arise.

– Directly request accountants to provide timely and complete reports as prescribed.

3. Relationship:

– Personnel directing and reporting in charge of Accounting – Finance department

– Receive information and information directly from accountants

– Ensure security requirements of economic – financial information

– Contact other departments through the department in charge of KT – TV or according to regulations.

4. Standard requirements:

– Having accounting professional capacity, ability to synthesize and master the accounting regime.

– Organize, arrange and develop a plan to perform assigned tasks.

– Ability to synthesize and analyze reports. Perform duties accurately and in accordance with regulations.

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– Have basic knowledge of production process technology in the company

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– Proficient in using computers (excel, accounting software).

The above are the jobs of the general accountant to do, depending on the business, the job may change according to the requirements of the business. And to do a good job of a general accountant, you also need to have certain knowledge and skills, and to do that you can join: General accounting practice class