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What is FTP server?

FTP – File Transfer Protocol (roughly translated:File Transfer Protocol) – is a way to transfer files from one computer to another. another computer over the Internet.

File server (roughly translated: file server) is a networked computer that provides space to store and share data material.

What does FTP help you do?

Transmitting data between personal computers

This is the most prominent function of FTP.

With the method of sending mail or other physical copying methods. Other manual tasks such as CD, USB flash, etc. users will be passive in terms of time when copying large amounts of files. With FTP, users can fully control when copying files. In particular, you can not only transfer large files quickly, but also transfer many files at the same time.

Web data transfer to a web server

FTP is also the protocol used to transmits web data to a web server.

Through the FTP account that your company’s IT department creates for you, you will have full control over all your data. whether files and directories exist on the host except database. That is, the user can upload files (text, images, music, videos, etc.) from the server to a personal computer or post files from the personal computer to a server located at a different location. other places. A special feature is that the size of these files (size – small) is very flexible, serving the maximum requirements of the user.


FTP what does FTP do for you?

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How does FTP work?

FTP is a file transfer protocol on the network based on the TCP/IP standard, usually used to upload files to the Host Server with the default port of 21.

FTP requires two computers: a server and a client.< /p>FTP server used to run software that provides FTP services (FTP Server): receives requests for services from other computers on the network. Client runs FTP software (FTP client) for users service, initiates a link with the server.

After linking, the clients can do some file operations: download/rename/delete the file at the server to the personal machine. and upload files from your personal computer to the server.

However, the speed factor also plays an important role in transferring data via FTP.


How FTP works

During the next process When approaching FTP, users will be familiar with the following parameters:

Username and password to login to the FTP server. Depending on the administrator, your FTP account will be granted basic permissions: upload, download, copy, delete files, create new folders, ….

However, hackers can hack into the server and delete the file.

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Therefore, username and password information should be absolutely confidential.

FTP server address: exists as an IP address or domain name. FTP server addresses in the form of domain names are more commonly used because they are easier for users to remember than numbers and dots of IP addresses.

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Example: ftp.tinohost.com ( domain name format) or (IP format corresponding to the domain name).

The detailed working principle is as follows:

Enter the address of the FTP account in the Host (ftp) field. .hotromaytinh.com)Enter the user’s name in the Username field Enter the user’s password in the Password field Enter the connection port number in the Port field or you may not enter it to use the default port 21.After entering the information is complete click “Quick connect” to connect to the hosting.To disconnect click the Disconnect button on the toolbar.


Top 5 best FTP connection software

Currently on There are many FTP clients and servers on the market, and most of them allow users to get it for free, at no cost.

P FileZilla software: is considered the best free FTP Client available today, supports almost any operating system today (whether it’s Windows or CyberDuck for Mac). However, you should not use the cute FTP crack.


GlobalSCAPE’s CuteFTP Pro: a very professional FTP Client program. However, there is a fee to use this program. SmartFTP software Xlight FTP software WinSCP software

The interface of FTP Client programs is quite similar. However, the difference lies at the level of support to customize different features of each program: encryption, simultaneous download of multiple files, simultaneous connection to multiple FTP servers, secure connection mode (SSH, SFTP…). Depending on your usage needs, you can choose an appropriate program.

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