What is BackEnd? A question arises when you are starting to learn about programming and especially programming and developing Websites. Software applications are like icebergs.

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There is a part of the application that is visible to the user and then, in most cases, the largest part of the application is still invisible. This is the mysterious backend.

What is BackEnd?

The backend usually consists of three parts: the server, the application, and the database. If you book flights or buy concert tickets, you usually open a website and interact with the frontend. Once you have entered that information, the application will save it in a database created on the server. For ease, just think of the database as a giant Excel spreadsheet on your computer, but your computer (server) is located somewhere in Arizona.

All that information is still on the server, so when you log back into the app to print the ticket, all the information is still there in your account.

We call the one person who built all this technology to work together as a backend developer. Backend technologies often include languages ​​like PHP, Ruby, Python, etc. To make them easier to use, they are often enhanced by frameworks like Ruby on Rails, Cake PHP, and Code Igniter, all of which make development faster and easier to collaborate on.

Many web professionals new to the field have probably heard a lot about WordPress. WordPress is a good example of frontend and backend working together as WordPress is an open source framework built on PHP that you have to install on your server with a database. The designers then customize the look and functionality of WordPress websites using CSS, jQuery, and JavaScript.

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Data needs to be stored and retrieved, business logic and rules need to be followed, and results need to be calculated. All of this happens behind the scenes.

What exactly is Backend development

?I would consider backend development to be any type of development that does not involve creating front end code.

This can include backend web development, but it can also involve writing APIs, creating libraries, or working with system components that don’t have a user interface or even a scientific programming system. learn.

In fact, although frontend development is more common, most of the code that exists in the world that is arguably the most useful resides on the backend.

Simply put: backend development is simply writing code that cannot be seen directly.

What do Backend developers do

?What backend developers do can vary greatly, depending on the size and scope of the application they are working on.

I’ve had many jobs where I was a backend programmer, working on business logic in an application that provided and retrieved data from the user interface.

In the world of web development, most backend developers are concerned with building the actual logic behind the application they are working on.

Usually, frontend developers will build the user interface and backend developers will write the code that makes it all work.

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For example, a frontend developer can create an in-app screen with the click of a button to get customer data.

The backend programmer can write the code that makes that button work by figuring out what data to pull from the database for the right client and feed it back to the front end, where it’s finally displayed. .

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A backend developer can also be heavily involved in the architecture of a system, deciding how to organize the logic of the system so that it can be maintained and run properly.

He may be involved in building frameworks or the architecture of a system to make it easier to program.

Backend developers tend to spend more time implementing algorithms and solving problems than frontend developers.

I’ve always enjoyed backend development because it feels more like a challenge.

That’s not to say frontend developers never solve tough problems, but frontend development work often involves creating user interfaces and binding them rather than implementing real business logic. actually make the application work as mentioned on the backend blogs.

Key Technologies and Skills in Backend Development

While frontend developers need to know a set of tools used to create user interfaces, backend developers often have a completely different set of tools and skills required to do the job. their own effectively.

An important skill that backend developers need is related to SQL and databases – What is a backend?

Most backend systems are connected to some kind of database that stores data for the application use.

A backend developer’s job is to write, read, and process data from a database or other data source, so having skills like SQL can be extremely important.

Backend developers, at least for web development, also need to be good with server-side languages ​​for the technology they’re using.

For example, while a frontend web developer might focus on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, a backend developer might need to know more about PHP web frameworks, Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET MVC or any web framework. being used to build the application.

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Finally, I’d say that a backend developer needs to know more about the application architecture because in large part, it is the backend programmer who will build the architecture and internal design of the application.

A good backend developer will know how to use different frameworks and libraries, how to integrate them into an application, and how to structure the code and business logic in a way that makes the system easier to maintain.

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If you enjoy designing the infrastructure of an application, implementing algorithms and logic, and working with data, you will probably enjoy working as a backend developer and from there you will get the answer. Ask what the backend is.