In hotels, F&B is the second highest revenue-generating department after room service. So what is F&B? What is the role of F&B in the hotel? The latest development trends of F&B?

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What is F&B?

F&B is an acronym for the English phrase Food and Beverage Service, which means restaurant and beverage service. In the hotel, F&B is the department that provides food and drinks to diners. In large hotels, the F&B department also undertakes accompanying services such as organizing weddings, birthday parties, festivals… at the request of customers.

F&B in hotels is not the same as independent business F&Bs outside. It can be just a small, lovely bar by the pool with great cocktails or a warm cafe in the reading room or a bar in the lobby or a luxurious restaurant space in the lobby. The hotel grounds…

The role of F&B in the hotel

#1. Meeting the dining needs of visitors

The first and most important role of the F&B department in the hotel is to satisfy the dining needs of guests.

Along with the development of society, the needs of people are also increasing, now when traveling, customers often search and choose the hotel that can best meet their needs. In addition to the need for accommodation, food is also a need that tourists are very interested in.

No matter who your customers are, of any class, they always have the need to eat and sleep. When traveling, tourists not only want to enjoy the beautiful scenery, interesting experiences but also want to have moments of relaxation, rest, and enjoy life.

If your hotel can provide guests with a great dining space with traditional local dishes as well as a variety of dishes from Asia to Europe, they will definitely dine at the hotel instead. for having to search for local restaurants.

#2. Enhance the hotel’s brand image

F&B is also the part that contributes to the branding of hotels. If the hotel’s F&B service is of good quality with delicious food and great drinks, it is also one of the reasons why visitors will come back to your hotel next time.

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And surely they will also leave positive reviews about your hotel on forums as well as online travel review websites. This will help enhance the brand image of your hotel.

#3. Being an important source of contributing to the hotel’s total revenue

According to reports of many hotels, F&B service is the second highest source of revenue for hotels, after room service. That’s why hotels are now paying more and more attention to the F&B department.

As mentioned above, in many hotels, the F&B department also undertakes to provide wedding and conference services, etc. This is also a huge source of revenue for hotels.

Development trends of the hotel F&B department in the world today

A few years ago, if you asked someone about the food they enjoyed on their trip, chances are they would tell you about a restaurant near the hotel they stayed at that served some great local food. great. The food served at the hotels will hardly make it into their top 5 nominations.

Today, however, you’re more likely to hear travelers talking about the food at the hotel where they stay. They will have a wonderful buffet breakfast served in the hotel restaurant. Chances are they don’t even have to step outside the hotel to satisfy their taste buds.

The hotel industry went through a tremendous change until their food and beverage options were considered. In the past, hotel restaurants were notoriously overpriced, but now this has changed. More and more luxury hotels are investing in their F&B services to provide guests with a complete hotel experience.

From investing in recipes to partnering with food-focused startups and local vendors, hotels are increasingly working to ensure that their guests don’t have to leave the hotel. for any meal. It is interesting to see that the different food and beverage options in a hotel, be it a restaurant, bar or grill, are no longer like they are a complement to that contained within the hotel. In fact, each element is now carefully added to suit the needs of visitors.

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#1. Coffee shop

A great coffee shop is probably one of the most important things to have in a hotel. It’s an idea that came from the United States, and is becoming more and more popular around the world. They have replaced the old dining rooms of old hotels and serve as a multi-purpose restaurant.

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It is not uncommon to see a Starbucks or any other large coffee shop in a hotel now. Although other forms of F&B in the guest While the hotel may be time-limited and may not be open throughout the day, the cafe may be able to provide service (and late-night or early-morning snacks) to guests around the clock.

A great cafe not only attracts hotel guests, but also locals who just want to take their time off to relax or meet friends. With the trend of remote working slowly gaining in popularity and the majority of work being done on laptops and iPads, the cafe creates a great space for customers to work while sipping their stuff. their favorite drink. This is also a great place to hold meetings with clients or business negotiations with partners.

#2. Multi-cuisine restaurant

Restaurants in hotels often follow a theme, but multi-cuisine restaurants in hotels are the latest trend. These restaurants serve dishes from all over the world, making the menu sophisticated enough to suit the needs of both those who want to try new things, as well as those who want to enjoy local dishes. direction.

Some specialty restaurants also include grill rooms, which, as the name suggests, specialize in grilling a variety of meats, fish, and poultry. The grill rooms have a glass partition separating the kitchen from the living area, allowing customers to see the preparation of the grill of their choice.

Such specialty or multi-cuisine restaurants add to the hotel’s appeal. In addition to giving customers an out-of-the-ordinary experience, it also attracts a local crowd. If done well, these restaurants can be places for people to host everything from graduations to 25th wedding anniversary. While smaller independent restaurants have always been the norm, multi-cuisine restaurants in hotels are slowly gaining popularity.

#3. Bar

Regardless of whether you have space for a pool, gym, spa… or not, your hotel should definitely have a bar. It doesn’t have to be a big bar with every drink you can imagine. Even if your bar only has basic drinks, it will receive a great deal of attention. After all, what customer doesn’t want to relax day in and day out with a good drink?

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Many hotel bars now also function as discos or nightclubs because entertainment is a factor that is very interested in the hotel industry today. The hotel bar has become a venue for DJ nights.

These spaces are especially important for hotels to target younger customer segments who prefer to party late into the night. If your hotel is creating a great mix of music, drinks and snacks, there’s no reason why young people won’t come to your nightclub to have some fun.

#4. Party room

Banquet halls are one of the most profitable forms of F&B in a hotel. Whether you want to host a birthday party, a bachelorette party, or host a corporate meeting, the party room has it all.

They can be converted into a fun ballroom or a serious meeting room, depending on the purpose. They allow both tourists as well as locals to make extensive use of the space, depending on their requirements.

This form is especially suitable for organizing weddings, because besides providing food and drinks for the party guests, the hotel can also provide accommodation at a friendly price for the guests. come from other places.

Through the above article, you probably have a clear understanding of what F&B is and why F&B plays such an important role in hotels. Besides, you also understand the development trends of the F&B department in hotels today. However, that alone is not enough.

In order for the hotel business to be successful in the current 4.0 era, you need to know how to apply technology to business and management activities, especially in the F&B department. A suggestion here is to use a management software with restaurant and bar management features.

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