You love fashion always looking for new collections many times see Fashionista but don’t know what it means and implies.

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These are commonly used terms, but many people do not understand them correctly. In addition to the term Fashionista, there are also some other terms in fashion such as: Fashionisto, Style, Hight Style, etc. If you want to be stylish and knowledgeable, then please refer to the article below!

Some popular fashion concepts

1. What is fashionista

?This is a commonly used term in the fashion field, but many people are still quite vague about them. Fashionista is a person who can be roughly understood as those who dress well and have aesthetic eyes as well as recognize the current prevailing fashion trends and know how to coordinate beautifully.

To become a fashionista is not too difficult, but they will require many factors. One of them is the requirement that you keep up with the latest and most modern fashion trends?

To do this, you will have to regularly update fashion news through social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram or magazines as well as keep up with the newly launched collections of brands. famous in the world and then observe and recognize which item or pattern was used many times during this time?

However, a fashionista usually does not follow the current “trends”. Instead, they are often interested in trending items and take advantage of the clothes in their wardrobe to “transform” them into different styles instead of buying all the current trending items. and have a “terrible” amount of money. This is also one of the important factors that many people often wonder what a fashionista is!

Besides, fashionistas must have their own style instead of learning or imitating the same image!

What to do when you stand in the middle of hundreds of people but not be overshadowed. However, this does not mean that you are eccentric or have a weird style.

You can wear jeans with a t-shirt, but thanks to the breaking points plus a special attractive style so that the opposite person will have to admire your dressing taste!

Some famous Fashionista in the world and in Vietnam such as:

If to name a cult and most famous fashionista in the world today, it certainly won’t be too difficult for you to find the name Alexa Chung. As an editor for famous fashion magazines in the world such as Vogue or The Independent, Alexa Chung also has the opportunity to collaborate with big fashion houses like Chanel, Dior, Anna Winour… Maybe that’s it. The conditions help her to catch up with current fashion trends and create a simple but outstanding style.

Yoyo Cao is a young fashionista who has more than 2.3 million followers on social networks thanks to her unique fashion style and the perfect combination of East and West. She always builds for herself an image of what a fashionista is and pursues them to position her own fashion style. Proof of this success is that wherever she appears, whether it’s the street or the streets of fashion week, the lens will immediately snap.

In Vietnam, when it comes to the phrase fashionista, people will immediately think of the name Chau Bui – a 9x girl who has a personality and a style that many people have to learn. The fashion style that Chau Bui is aiming for can converge in all factors such as stylish, trendy, rebellious but equally feminine. Her success is not only in Vietnam, but in the past year, Chau Bui was also honored with the award for influence on young people voted by Influence Asia!

Starting as a Hot Girl, but Quynh Anh Shyn has constantly learned and kept up with fashion trends to gradually transform herself into a famous Fashionista.

Quynh Anh Shyn can be compared to a chameleon girl because Quynh Anh is not afraid to try new styles, so just walking around on her Instagram you will come across many styles. Different fashions such as feminine momentum, sometimes classic retro and sometimes even sexy, bold but not revealing styles at all!

2. What is Fashionisto

?If above we went with you to find out what Fashionista is, then in the fashion concept there is another term that is also used frequently but not everyone knows they have what does it mean!

You must have heard the phrase Fashionisto before, right? If Fashionista often refers to girls, fashionisto is used exclusively for men – who have a beautiful fashion sense and have a style of their own. (many people often have the habit of calling it a male fashionista).

However, it is not always necessary to work in the fashion or art industry to easily become a fashionisto because in the world as well as in Vietnam, there are many famous fashionisto who are people like journalists. reporters, doctors, football players or even businessmen.

So what is important in a fashionisto as well as fashionista? That is, you must have a style for yourself and not be afraid to reinvent yourself with different styles.

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Some famous Fashionisto in the world and Vietnam:

Adam Gallagher is a famous Fashionisto all over the world, but not only the girls but also the men also admire and learn a lot from this guy. Adam Gallagher’s style is not too picky, even when he appears just wearing T-shirts, jeans or elegant suits, he attracts everyone. Perhaps thanks to possessing a basic and highly applicable style, many people often learn his tips for mixing clothes!

Kelbin Lei is a very famous name in the fashionisto world in Vietnam. The guy has a unique fashion style and is equally outstanding.

Quite adept at updating the prevailing fashion trends around the world, Kelbin Lei always learns and has creative variations in everyday fashion as well as in the role of a stylist for the stars. leading in Vietnam.

3. What is Style

?Style is probably one of the most popular words today when you want to learn about fashion. Style in English can be understood as fashion style. Everyone has their own style of dress and everyone will build their own style to suit themselves as well as the working environment.

There are quite a few different fashion styles such as simple, classic, personality, current, trendy… You can try different styles to find yourself a suitable style.

Even for those who work in fashion, they will have to build their own style what a fashionista is and how to combine outfits to make themselves more prominent and fashionable.

4. What is Street Style

?Street Style is understood as street fashion. This is a fashion style for you to freely express your personality and style without being encapsulated in any mold and limitations.

Street Style originated in the 50s in England and France and until now they have become a very prominent trend in fashion.

Even at famous fashion festivals around the world, besides the public interested in the cult designs of the fashion village, people also pay attention to what the Street Style styles of the Fashionistas are!

5. What is Fashion

?Fashion means fashion. To be able to explain more clearly, you should understand that page means clothes, clothes, and time is time. Thus fashion means the habitual trends in the way of dressing that prevail at a certain time!

Fashion is one of the factors that help you become more confident when in the crowd, moreover, dressing fashionably shows your ego and respects the opposite person!

6. What is High Fashion

?High Fashion is understood as high fashion, also known as with the phrase “brand name”. In addition to the costumes designed for everyday wear, High Fashion is also a set of specially designed costumes from famous fashion houses in the world at a price that not everyone can own. Okay.

In addition, the phrase High Fashion is also used to refer to people who have good taste in dress and have high aesthetics. This is also one of the basic elements of what Fashionista is that we just learned above!

7. What is modal

?Mode is a phrase that is transliterated in Vietnamese, but in fact they are written as “Mode”. This is a word that can be understood in many different ways, but in the fashion field, it can be understood that fashion means that the aesthetic market is being favored by the majority of people.

However, fashion trends often just start and are quickly replaced by different styles, that’s why many Fashionistas often have to F5 their wardrobe!

8. What is Gu

?Many people often confuse that taste and style are the same, but in fact they are two completely different words. Gu is a word to refer to someone’s hobby, in the fashion field, it can be understood as a preference for a fashion style.

9. What is Flagship Store

?Flagship Store is considered a main face of fashion brands in the world. You just need to look at the Flagship Store to know what brand it is? How’s the style? Got a new collection?

Flagship Store is usually located in a central and busiest location compared to other store branches. For example, in Vietnam Nam, Zara brand owns an extremely prime location in the heart of ViBa Trieu façade.

Flagship Stores are not only located in a prime location, but they also have to be designed with outstanding, luxurious designs and are regularly changed to match the style of new collections. eye.

Top 10 most popular fashionista in the world

Quickly updating new trends in a unique and classy way, the street style of the world’s top fashionistas always captivates followers from all over the world.

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Shine and fascinate the crowd every time they appear on the street, when attending events … is a difficult challenge that the world’s top fashionistas always have to overcome. To do this, popular fashionistas not only need to grasp and apply new trends in a very standard, creative and attractive way, but also know how to transform their style according to each unique and very new mark but still has bold “I” of its own. The fashion style of famous fashionistas can sometimes have the opposite effect and influence the latest fashion trends of the year.

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Once you’ve pressed the “follow” button on Instagram of the 10 world-famous fashionistas introduced below, you’ll know why they are voted as the second most important influencers in the fashion industry as well. as with the international showbiz world.

1. Alexa Chung

This girl who possesses the attractive and mysterious hybrid beauty of the East, mixed with the wild and modern personality of the West, is one of the hottest names in the fashion world. Born in 1983, Alexa Chung came to the international modeling village by chance at the age of 16, then fell in love with a modeling career and quickly made a name for herself with a series of valuable advertising contracts for big brands like DKNY, Sony Ericsson, Sunsilk, Urban Outditters…

Determining that modeling is not a career that can be pursued for a long time, Alexa Chung decided to change her direction to work as an editor and collaborator for prestigious fashion newspapers such as: The Independent, Vogue English versions…

A smart and right decision, because this career not only helps long legs 8X have the opportunity to collaborate with great influencers of world fashion such as: Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel designer, Anna Winour, The powerful Editor-in-Chief of Vogue… but also creates conditions for Alexa Chung to quickly grasp new fashion trends.

Not long after, the beautiful mixed-race girl achieved great success in her career as a fashionista when she was continuously voted by Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar magazines as one of the best dressed people on the planet, and honored as a guest. important at world cult fashion events.

Despite being dubbed the “muse” of many famous designers, Alexa Chung does not seduce others with a hot, sexy style. Referring to Alexa Chung’s branded style, people easily think of simple fashion sense, with a bit of vintage nostalgia but extremely delicate, elegant and charming. This multi-talented girl is also the inspiration for Mulberry fashion house to launch the famous bag line named after her “Mulbery Alexa” in 2009, and has been chosen as the UK’s international fashion ambassador since 2010. …

2. Olivia Palermo

Not only is a famous actress and model, Olivia is also known as one of the most popular fashionistas and fashion icons in the world because of her high-class fashion style mixed with a bit of modern twists and turns. Stylish.

Always appearing on the front row at prestigious international fashion events, being voted “International Fashion Icon 2012″, Oliva is a name that is always sought after by the media at prestigious fashion weeks. , even on the street. With long-term experience of collaborating with Diane Von Furstenberg, the prestigious Elle magazine, this 8X girl possesses a beautiful face, a well-proportioned and attractive body that often makes the opposite person bewildered because of her talent for combination. delicate, skillful between costumes and accessories.

Especially through the professional and classy way of mixing different patterns and textures on the same outfit, Olivia easily shines with any design from expensive outfits to simple ones. , affordable. A clever and flexible way to mix and match clothes that you can learn from world-class fashionistas, who have appeared on the covers of prestigious magazines such as Elle, Marie Claire, Tatler, is: My style hasn’t changed since I’ve become more known, but my fashion sense has. You can’t dress like you were 18 when you were 25. It’s not about changing the wardrobe so often, but it takes some tweaking, by combining everything to make the outfit new and more interesting.”

3. Miroslava Duma

Over 1 million followers on Instagram, over 31,000 likes on Facebook, densely covered on the top street style votes of famous magazines like Vogue, is a VIP who always sits on the front row at major fashion weeks… Russian girl has a petite figure with This modest height is currently the leading fashionista, the “darling” of the Aries fashion industry. Any unique outfit or accessory that this fashionista chooses will quickly create a trend for Russian fashionistas and international fashionistas.

Formerly the editor of Harper’s Bazaar Russia, now a freelance contributor for L’Officiel magazine, Glamor, stylist for OK Russian magazine, model for Oscar De la Renta, Roger vivier, Miroslava Duma (nicknamed Mira) possesses a profound and sophisticated sense of fashion. The style imbued with Mira’s signature is new, unique and outstanding outfits. Fashionista 8X is not afraid to try new styles to make a difference. Mira is also particularly fond of highly functional designs. Coordinating textures with different fabrics is one of the exciting fashion games loved by the leading Aries fashionista. Almost every time she tried to mix and match in this way, she was successful, as evidenced by the admiring eyes and the forest of lenses that always followed Mira in every step.

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4. Anna Dello Russo

This world-famous fashion editor and creative director for Vogue Japan makes the paparazzi in the fashion village “buzz” every time they appear on the street or at cult events. Although she belongs to the U50 generation, Anna’s charm has never been reduced by the creative, youthful and colorful way of mixing and matching outfits.

Cleverly coordinating between bright, fresh colors, and funny layers with unique and strange sounds of cherry blossom fashion, Anna Dello Russo always surprises discerning followers because of the his impressive, “unique” outfit.

5. Ulyanna Sergeenco

As one of the famous Russian stylist representatives in the world fashion industry, the style of the girl named “Fairy Queen” Ulyanna Sergeenco favors the soaring, romantic beauty imbued with the imprint of Aries. .

Possessing porcelain white skin and blue eyes, Ulyanna always knows how to highlight her body advantages with red lipstick and nostalgic vintage outfits, adding delicate patterns and textures mixed with charms. charming, unique of modern fashion. In 2011, Russia’s leading fashionista launched a high-fashion brand named after her. This young stylist and designer also had a private show at Paris Fashion Week only about a year later.

6. Carine Roitfeld

The 58-year-old fashionista owns an illustrious “scholarship” that few fashion figures have when she was once Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Paris, is currently the Global Fashion Director of Harper’s Bazzar, and is also the Editor-in-Chief of CR. Fahsion Book. Holding a high position in the international fashion industry, it is easy to understand why Carine Roitfeld’s mix and match level is also “top notch”.

Although she is not greedy for too many outstanding details, does not need cumbersome and brilliant accessories, always favors simple and monochrome outfits, but each of Carine’s outfits is a delicate and elegant work of fashion. calendar. The “nail” secret of the cult fashionista is to take advantage of the difference and eye-catching design details to highlight the overall outfit.

7. Vika Gazinskaya

This girl with modern, dynamic and personality beauty is an excellent representative of Russia in the world fashion village. Not only is a famous fashionista with high-class, different, elegant, luxurious but also very illusory and mysterious fashion sense, Vika is also a talented designer with unique collections, bringing high applicability.

Vika’s designs have been showcased at Paris Fashion Week since 2010. In 2012, the young fashionista was honored to be selected as one of the top 6 most prominent at the final round of the prestigious ANDAM fashion contest.

8. Taylor Tomasi Hill

The feminine, delicate, sometimes liberal, unique and very different fashion style of the red-haired fashionista is always an interesting unknown to the paparazzi at every Fashion Week occasion.

Formerly the Style and Accessories Director of the famous magazine Marie Claire before accepting the position of Creative Director of Moda Operandi, Taylor Tomasi Hill made a strong street style mark thanks to her flexible and emotional outfit combinations. Opposite inspiration: sometimes gentle, elegant, sometimes modern, dynamic and liberal.

9. Chiara Ferragni

Italy’s top famous fashionista owns a huge fan base on social networking sites: 3.1 million followers on Instagram, more than 920,000 “Likes” on Facebook, and is favorably booked. Nicknamed “Diva” of the Lookbook site. Started building in 2009, less than 2 years later Chiara’s Blog The Blonde Salad has reached over 90,000 views per day, more than 7.5 million views per month – a desirable number of other fashionistas and accounts for nearly one third of Australia’s population.

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Born in 1987, although quite young compared to the senior fashionistas in the top 10, but law school student and young fashion designer Chiara was quickly voted by the New York Times as “One of the most famous stars in the world”. street style breakthrough in 2010″, is a partner of a series of big brands such as Dior, Kenzo, Nikon, Mango, Louis Vuitton, Lancome… and always appears as a VIP guest at Family Fashion Weeks. world crowd. One of the unique features of the street style Chiara is to take advantage of the charming and attractive beauty of different types of jewelry and accessories to really stand out and shine.

10. Dasha Gold

Known as the founder of style website The Trend Spotter, Russian-Australian editor, stylist and fashionista has always been at the forefront of Kanguroo street fashion trends with a youthful, stylish and trendy style. filled with new life. The distinctive feature of the style of Australia’s second-class fashionista is the flexible application of the seductive ability of colors and textures, in addition to making the most of the attraction from hot colors such as neon, cobalt. , cleverly combined with monochrome colors such as black, white…