Most users today turn on the login authentication feature on their personal Facebook. So every time you log in to ensure safety, you must have an identity verification code to access it on a new device. The two-layer security helps your account avoid the risk of losing your account or accessing sites containing viruses without prior censorship. For that, a Facebook code generator is essential. Let’s learn about code generators on Facebook with Phone Vui.

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What is Facebook Code Generator

?Code Generator was born with the task of providing a code for account holders to log in to new devices, other browsers to pass two-step login verification import. This code generator is provided from your pre-authenticated Facebook app.

The use of this secure application is very necessary to protect your personal information, in case others use your device to Facebook to do bad things.

However, for your security and safety, in case you have just upgraded or repaired your laptop and have to reinstall windows, on the same device, you will still have to use the Facebook code generator to re-login.

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This code generator works on mobile device apps even if you don’t you cannot receive SMS text messages from pre-registered phone numbers.

And even if the device’s Internet connection is not available, you can still get the code from the application easily.

Above are some ways to use the Facebook code generator and the fastest way to get the code for you when securing your account.

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Turn on security authentication on your Facebook account to protect your account against unsafe websites or limit the ability of tokens and cookies to automatically log in!

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