Learn What is Facebook Blueprint? Free Advertising Certificate for “People” MarketersLearn What is Facebook Blueprint? Free advertising certificate for “people” Marketers

In the competitive situation of Digital Marketing and the constant changes coming from Facebook and users, Facebook Blueprint was born as a “wise friend” to make it easier for businesses to promote products. And to know what is Facebook Blueprint? In the chain of online training system and global certification Elearning Blueprint giant of Facebook advertising service, let’s find out in the following article.

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What is Facebook Blueprint

?Facebook Blueprint is an online training and global endorsement program in marketing and advertising services on the Facebook and Instagram platforms. The program includes a series of learning paths and free online courses that you can take to learn more about Facebook advertising. This Vietnamese online training program will help people become more proficient in the process of implementing Facebook-specific advertising campaigns, by providing Vietnamese training courses on setting up, managing facebook pixel to optimize ads on this social networking platform.

How to Get Facebook Blueprint Certification

?Facebook Blueprint Certification in Vietnamese is a “reward” for students who have passed all tests after finishing the course. To get the Blueprint Facebook certification, students need to self-study through eLearning from the basic to the most advanced knowledge of managing advertising campaigns on this social network. Read more about the certification here.

Once you have selected the appropriate certification, you will have time to prepare and practice 2 security exams. These exams are designed to accurately measure your ability to understand and apply key skills to Facebook marketing.

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The Facebook Blueprint catalog curriculum is exclusively built to help marketers and Facebook drive digital marketing. At the heart of the eLearning resources in this training are infographics, videos, and quizzes that students can access and review at any time. Check out today’s curriculum.

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More specifically, students who achieve this certificate will be able to post the Facebook Blueprint badge on Facebook and other social media tools such as website, blog, signature or electronic resume to introduce themselves to the technology. your marketing skills.

The Role Of Facebook Blueprint In Digital Marketing

With more than 2 billion users, Facebook is one of the best advertising platforms available today for businesses. As a social media company, Facebook wants to make the marketing of content producers more effective when they spend money on advertising on its social network.

The Facebook Blueprint catalog will create an opportunity for content producers to compete with competitors in the same field and get optimal value when using product advertising.

With this elearning blueprint training program, you will have the ability to connect with people who will love your business and it has never been easier to find new customers. No business is exactly the same, and that’s why Facebook was built to help businesses achieve their own, specific goals.

As Facebook has become an integral part of the marketing strategy of businesses, the Facebook Blueprint certification will help you have more opportunities to develop in the field you are pursuing to increase followers on social media. To open the tracking function on facebook, please see this link.

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Once you have passed the “hard” tests of the Elearning Blueprint system, you can masterly use Facebook marketing tools to promote your brand. If you are working in the field of Digital Marketing or want to become a marketing expert in the Facebook platform, the Facebook Blueprint certification is the ideal goal to conquer.

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Hopefully the above information has helped you better understand Facebook Blueprint as well as the benefits it brings to those who have been, are and will be pursuing the field of Digital Marketing. You can refer to many other useful information about Digital Marketing on our messenger group chat, if you are not sure how to create it (see this section) to expand your knowledge and support professional work.