What is Facebook Ads? What is Sponsored Advertising? What is running Facebook ads? Those are the questions asked by many people when they first come into contact with marketing on Facebook. So read the following article, it will definitely help you gain a lot of experience in running those Facebook ads.

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2. What are the benefits of running Facebook ads

?3. What are the types of Facebook ads?

1. What is Facebook Ads?

?Before you want to know what Facebook Ads is, you need to know what “Ads” stands for. Ads is an abbreviation of the word Advertising which means advertising. Thus, Facebook Ads is the name of Facebook’s advertising service

What is running Ads? This is a form of display advertising that automatically delivers targeting based on the user’s demographics, interests, behavior, geographic location, etc.

Accordingly, businesses and individuals wishing to advertise their products, services or brands need to pay a fee to display advertising samples in specified positions on the social networking site Facebook. Facebook Ads ads for all audiences do not violate the advertising policies set out by Facebook.

How to charge when running Facebook ads? Facebook charges based on ad clicks, page likes, post interactions or website clicks, etc. The higher the ad bid, the greater the chance of the ad’s priority appearing.

Facebook Ads are used by many people when doing online business

2. What are the benefits of running Facebook ads?

Facebook is the largest social network on the planet with billions of daily users and is still growing. So, what are the benefits of running Facebook ads? What advantages make Facebook Ads a useful advertising medium for many businesses, individuals and organizations,…

2.1. Facebook ads targeting the right potential customers

What are the benefits of running ads on Facebook?, you can tailor your ad campaigns to target potential customers who have needs for your products or services through detailed user classification criteria. . This, not only helps to increase the efficiency of running Facebook ads, but also saves you costs when you don’t have to pay to display ads to non-potential audiences.

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2.2. The ability to go viral quickly when running ads on Facebook

Thanks to the high connectivity of social networks, the ability to spread on Facebook is very fast. Just one person like or comment on your ad or post on Fanpage, the information will be displayed on their friends’ Newsfeed and attract the attention and interest of these people to Fangage in a very natural way. .

Besides, through advertising on Facebook, businesses can collect comments and feedback from customers to promptly answer their questions and meet their requirements right on their Fanpage.

What is running Facebook Ads? Benefits of running Facebook ads

2.3. Low cost, flexible – High efficiency

What is running Facebook ads and is it expensive? Instead of spending tens, hundreds of millions per month to appear for a short time on television during prime time like TV commercials. With Facebook Ads, you only need to spend a few million VND per month to reach millions of potential customers on Facebook.

Advertising on Facebook charges in the form of:

CPC (cost per click)CPM (cost per impression)

With CPC, you only pay for people who click on your ad. With CPM, you also only pay a minimum from $0.03/1000 ad impressions (equivalent to 600 VND).

2.4. Ability to connect and interact with customers

As technology develops, it is not enough for businesses to only build websites to provide their information to the public, but also to collect customer opinions, listen and respond to customer feedback. through the social network Facebook and link Website with Fanpage on Facebook.

What is running Facebook Ads? Running Facebook ads makes it easy for you to interact with customers

2.5. High flexibility

Facebook Ads allows you to tailor your ad campaigns easily with great flexibility. You can run one or more ads at the same time and can choose and adjust the form of display, audience, and cost to best suit each strategy and stage.

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With Facebook Ads, you can be completely proactive about the time your ads are displayed to reach the most targeted audience.

Not limited to the Facebook social network space, Facebook Ads also allow you to lead customers to your sales website to increase conversion rates by attaching the landing page URL to the ad template when set up.

2.6. Reasonable ad delivery

Facebook always makes sure that your ads are evenly distributed and displayed properly, please rest assured that there will be no cases of focusing too much on this person and not appearing to other potential customers.

You can also easily capture where your Facebook Ads appear, at what time, how many people click on the ad, effectiveness, progress over time… through reports. Accurate and regular updates.

3. What are the types of Facebook ads?

What is Facebook Ads? What is running ads on Facebook?

3.1. Facebook Ads – Basic Advertising

A basic Facebook Ads ad that displays in the right column of the News feed page with up to 25 characters of headline, 90 characters of description, and an accompanying image of 100×72 pixels. When users see the Facebook Ads template and click on it, it will lead them to Fanpage, website or any address you choose when setting up.

What is running Facebook Ads? – Basic ads show in Newsfeed and in the right column

32. What is Sponsored? – Sponsored Facebook Ads

Sponsored Stories is a type of sponsored Facebook ad, appearing on the right or in the middle of the News Feed, the advertising content includes an image and a description line that is automatically selected from the Fanpage or in the posts on the Fanpage.

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Users can like Fanpage, comment and share directly on the ad. And when they click on it, the destination will be Fanpage. This form of advertising will reach users according to the interactions of Fanpage members and their friends.

What is Facebook Ads Sponsored Stories?

3.3. Promoted Post – Facebook Ads that suggest posts

Promoted Post is a form of Facebook advertising that promotes posts and is only displayed in the News feed as a suggestion to users. The ad template includes an image and text automatically taken from a post on Fanpage. Promoted Post also allows users to directly like Fanpage, comment or share right on the ad.

What is Facebook Ads Promoted Post Ads?

4. What are the popular services when running ads on Facebook

?Facebook offers many forms of advertising with different purposes in accordance with the strategy of each audience. So, what are the popular services when running Facebook ads? Here are the 3 most used advertising services today:

If you don’t have experience in running ads and choosing the right type of ads, many times running Facebook ads will not achieve the desired effect, even the costs can be very high. Therefore, you should find professional advertising partners for advice and support when running Facebook Ads.

The above is the most basic information about Facebook Ads to help you understand the concept of running ads on Facebook, what is running Facebook ads and the outstanding benefits of effective online advertising. Shop owners, businesses use this.

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Hope this information will help you in promoting your business on this social network! If you are selling online on Facebook, please refer to the article below, to learn how to sell on Facebook from A-Z.