As in the previous article, we have learned together about common English vocabulary and sentence patterns in the import and export industry, this article Elight will continue to answer your questions about English terms. English is related to import and export industry, and even extended to customs English, business English in general.

1 – What is import and export in english. ?

Export Import and export in English is Import and Export. As explained in the previous post, Import is import, only the activities of importing / purchasing goods of a company, organization or individual from abroad to their home country. And Export is an export activity, refers to the export/sales activities of a company, organization or individual abroad.

Along with the word import and export. Export-import process, there are also 2 words attached:

– Export-import process: import and export process

– Export -import procedures: import and export procedures

– Exporter: exporter (Seller location)

– Importer : importer (Buyer position)

2 – What is an import-export staff/specialist in English?

Import-Export staff/specialist in English is Export-Import Staff. In addition, we also have a few positions in this industry that you often encounter as follows:

– Documentation staff (Docs): documentation staff


– CS (Customer Service): support staff, customer service

– Operations staff (Ops): person field officer. forwarding

3 – What is customs clearance in English?

English customs clearance is Customs clearance

Accompanied by English customs clearance is the word Declaration English customs is Customs clearance form.

4 – What are English goods?

Commodity in general in English is Goods. This word looks familiar, doesn’t it, because the adjective good is good, but the noun is good. word then it refers to goods, goods in general.

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Example: We produce in leather goods, such as gloves, suitcases and handbags. (We manufacture leather goods such as gloves, suitcases and hand bags.

5 – What is English shipping? What is the English shipping fee? < /h2>

Shipping fee in English is Transportation Fee, however in the Import and Export industry we have the term Trucking – indicates domestic freight; and the phrase GRI (General Rate Increase): freight surcharge, and the phrase IHC (Inland) haulauge charge): domestic shipping

Transportation in English is transport or ship or delivery Depending on the context we will use different words.

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However, in the import and export industry, the two most used words are transport and ship.


6 – What is English port?

Port in English is port. The phrase port of transit, transshipment port in English is Port of transit.

7 – What is import in English?

Import in English is Import. Or in some cases we can use buy or purchase. They all mean buy in, get in.

6 – What is warehouse in English? What is bonded warehouse in English?

Warehouse in English is warehouse, is a place where goods are kept pending forwarding. And kho bonded in English is Bonded warehouse.

7 – What is on-site import and export in English?

As we all know,import/export is export-import, we have the phrase on-spot is in-place, so combining the two terms together we will have the phrase On-spot export-import ie in-place import and export.

8 – What is English export? What is English warehouse import?

Verb Export in English “to deliver” and the phrase Inventory in English is “to receive”. In addition, in some documents, it is also possible to write Stock in as Import and Stock out as Export /strong>. In addition, we also have repository note which is goods receipt note and delivery note are goods delivery note.

9 – What is the English handling fee?

The loading and unloading fee is a handling fee and in addition to us, there is also a Terminal handling charge (THC) cluster, which is the fee for handling goods at the port

10 – Foreign Trade English what?

We have the word foreign trade ie foreign trade – ie trade in goods with foreign countries. This word sounds familiar, right? Perhaps because this word is in the name of a famous university called Foreign Trade University, this university in English is Foreign Trade University.

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