(Hot Photo) – While the US has completed testing and is about to put the Exoskeleton support bone in soldiers, Russia has just revealed about its program.

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According to Alexander Kulish, who is responsible for designing and manufacturing defense medical equipment from the Russian Defense Equipment Manufacturing Corporation: “In my opinion, within five years, we will have finished designing the design. human neural network to control exoskeletons”. In the photo: The US tested the Exoskeleton support bone.

Equipment such as exoskeletons will help soldiers carry an extra 200-300kg, “moving, jumping, jumping and throwing heavy objects”. In addition, exoskeletons can be used in human health to support the recovery of people with disabilities. In the photo: The US tested the Exoskeleton support bone.

Mr. Kulish affirmed that his group is ready to launch this product line, but it will take a few more years to put it into practice. In the photo: The US tested the Exoskeleton support bone.

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While Russia is struggling in the design, the US is ready to give Exoskeleton bones to equip its soldiers. According to a source from the US Department of Defense, the supporting skeletons completely repeat the human biomechanics but increase strength in proportion to movement. Exoskeleton is used mainly for military purposes.

The goal of the Exoskeleton construction projects is to create a “cover” that increases the speed, mobility and strength of people, in addition, the Exoskeleton also acts as an armor to protect soldiers.

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Since the early 2000s, the US has started the Exoskeleton program. This is not a simple task because the requirement is to create a device that is suitable for many different combat situations and at the same time does not reduce the mobility of soldiers.

The most optimal solution is given that the Exoskeleton must completely replace the limbs of the soldier, in addition, it must allow to carry a load of about 95% of the human carrying capacity. In addition, the Exoskeleton must merge harmoniously with the human body, and carry out all the intentions and commands of the bearer.

However, the current biggest obstacle to the construction of Exoskeletons is finding the right energy source to supply them for a relatively long period of time.

The task of prolonging the continuous operation time of the Exoskeletons is extremely important because in real combat conditions, in the mountains, deserts, etc., “charging” them is impossible.

Currently, DARPA – a military science agency of the US has opened a new direction in the production of Exoskeletons. As scientists move towards making Exoskeletons lighter and cheaper, their Exoskeletons will not give soldiers superhuman abilities but simply release their strength from carrying.

The new project that DARPA wants to realize is completely independent of projects like XOS 2 and HULC (that is, without canceling these two projects). It is expected that the new Exoskeleton is capable of carrying a load of 45 kg in 5 hours.

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According to information from the US Department of Defense, Exoskeleton bones are equipped for soldiers operating in harsh climates, carrying large loads will quickly lose strength, lose rhythm and make mistakes. Therefore, Exoskeleton is the optimal and only option to increase the mobility of infantry soldiers because the physical ability of ordinary people will not be able to meet the requirements of modern wars.

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