Q&A: Distinguishing trip, tour, journey, excursion, expeditionQ&A: Distinguishing trip, tour, journey, excursion, expedition

All these words mean a trip from one place to another. LeeRit will help you to know the difference between these English words.

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Trip trip: is an activity that goes from one place to another, and the traveler usually returns.

– a business trip

a business trip

–a five-minute trip by taxi

a five-minute ride by taxi

Journey journey: is an activity going from one place to another, especially going far.

–a long and difficult journey across the mountains

a long and difficult journey in the mountains

Tour: a trip with the purpose of enjoying, and during the journey there are visits to different places.

–a tour of Bavaria

a tour of Baravia

Expedition expedition: a journey organized with a specific purpose, especially to learn about somewhere little known

–the first expedition to the South Pole

first expedition to Antarctica

Excursion excursion, excursion: a short trip for the purpose of enjoyment or sightseeing, usually organized for a small group of people.

–We went on an all-day excursion to the island.

We took a full day excursion to the island.

Outing: a short trip for sightseeing or learning purposes, usually for a group of people and not longer than a day.

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–The children were on a day’s out from school.

The kids had an outing organized by the school.

Day out a day trip: a trip within a day, usually for the purpose of enjoyment

–We had a day out at the beach.

We had a day at the beach.

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