eSIM is a type of SIM card that enables mobile devices to connect to carrier services, just like micro-SIM and nano-SIM. However, instead of having to “remove and insert” like traditional SIMs, eSIMs will be integrated into the device’s hardware. So how to use eSim, the following article will provide detailed information!

eSIM is currently only available on iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone XR mobile phones. Particularly for Iphones in Hong Kong and China markets, they will not support eSIM but support 2 physical SIMs. This also means, if users want to switch to another type of device that does not support eSIM, they will have to change. about the common form of nano SIM.

Benefits of using eSim for users

For eSIM users, changing carriers will not need to change SIM. New eSIMs have the ability to be programmed and activated remotely. You cannot remove the eSIM, which is itself part of the device.

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Not removable, which means that the device will not have a gap for dust, water, and impurities to get inside the hardware. When you move to another country, you will not need to buy a domestic SIM to install the device. In addition, your local carrier will have temporary transfer methods during your business/traveling time.

How to activate eSim

The process of activating eSIM Vinaphone is very simple and follows Apple’s standards. Users will receive a QR Code from Vinaphone, then they will scan this QR code with their phone. The carrier’s configuration parameters will then be added to the device’s eSIM and the user can immediately listen/call/text/connect to the network as usual. The steps are as follows:

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Step 1: Turn on wifi on your mobile phone to connect to the internet, from which you can download esim’s profile Step 2: Go to Settings / mobile / choose more mobile packages Step 3: Point the camera at the QR code containing sim card Step 4: choose more mobile packages to continue downloading profileeSim will be a new technology trend, in the next few years, other hardware manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei, etc. will gradually integrate eSIM into their products to eliminate the traditional SIM tray that takes up a lot of space. To experience this new service, you can pre-order an eSIM from now on, and VinaPhone will issue an eSIM for free and give priority to you at the earliest at the following website: You have exciting experiences with the new eSim!