Nowadays, people’s living and production needs are increasing day by day. Therefore, the large amount of waste discharged into the environment leads to heavy pollution and leaves many serious consequences. So, what is per-field pollution? What is the cause? What measures are there to fix and handle? Follow the article below to get the answer.

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What is the source of environmental pollution

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Situation of environmental pollution in Vietnam

What is environmental pollution

?Environmental pollution is a natural environment with changes in a negative direction, affecting the ecosystem as well as human life. When the environment is polluted, the chemical composition and properties of the chemical, biological, physical, etc. in the environment are also changed.

Symptoms of environmental pollution

Here are the most noticeable manifestations of environmental pollution:

The earth is warming Clean water is exhausted, contaminated water, underground water is gradually disappearing Melting ice, rising sea level Serious erosion, flooding, landslides Soil salted, degraded, poor nutrients The climate changes erratically and becomes more and more severe, hail, ice and snowfall People appear many dangerous diseases. Crops suffer heavy damage, many pests and diseases.

What is the cause of environmental pollution?

At present, environmental pollution is divided into types of causes with their own manifestations. As follows:

Environmental pollution due to nature

Some phenomena such as tsunamis, earthquakes, landslides, floods, etc. of nature are also one of the indirect causes of environmental pollution.

For example, the process of volcanic eruptions will create toxic substances mixed into the air. In addition, large forest fires occurred, causing the atmosphere to be heavily polluted.

Industrial wastes

Industrial waste is one of the reasons for environmental pollution. The business and production process of factories has released toxic gases such as CO2, CO,… into the air. In addition, solid waste discharged into the ground or water sources also seriously affects the soil, water and air environment.

Untreated solid waste

The amount of solid waste discharged into the environment is increasing day by day. Including types such as: agricultural waste, material waste, construction and industrial waste, etc. These types of waste that are not handled safely will lead to the risk of environmental pollution.

Vehicle waste

When vehicles such as motorbikes, cars, trucks, etc., operate, they will emit a large amount of waste and smoke. This is also the main cause of air pollution. Even when the amount of acid in the air is high, it will affect human health.

Chemicals and pesticides

To limit pests and diseases and increase crop yield, many people apply new planting techniques and especially pesticides and plant protection. This indirectly leads to environmental pollution.

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Not to mention the chemical fertilizers also make the soil environment affected, the soil becomes increasingly degraded and poor in nutrients.

Waste from daily life

Waste from human activities, when discharged into the environment, also pollutes the land, air and water sources. The indiscriminate dumping of garbage, the use of charcoal, animal carcasses, etc. into ponds, lakes and canals causes significant environmental impacts.

Due to the mechanical manufacturing process

At companies and factories, untreated waste and emissions will cause serious environmental pollution. In particular, the wastes from industrial zones are always difficult to overcome and cause the soil, water and air environment to be severely affected.

The most common forms of environmental pollution today

Here are the main types of environmental pollution today:

Air pollution

The condition in which the air causes unpleasant odors and has bad components affecting human health is collectively known as air pollution. This is one of the most pressing problems today.

The use and exploitation of materials and minerals affects the air. Not to mention the amount of smoke, exhaust gas from vehicles causing toxic gas content to increase.

The polluted air directly affects everyone’s health, causing the vegetation and ecosystem to be out of balance.

Water pollution

Foreign substances appearing in liquid form make water contaminated, toxic and cause bad effects to the ecosystem and people, collectively known as water pollution. In particular, when the water source is affected, the chemical and physical components also change, making the water contaminated.

Pollution of the marine environment

At present, the pollution of the marine environment is becoming more and more serious. Human waste into the sea causes polluted sea water, contaminated marine organisms and indirectly leaves heavy consequences for humans.

Some The causes of marine environmental pollution can be mentioned as: plastic waste, oil spills, plastic bags, or coastal markets,….

Pollution of the soil environment

When the ecological factors in the soil environment are changed in a bad way, the soil is degraded, the soil color is degraded, etc. are specific manifestations of the pollution of the soil environment. Agricultural and industrial development activities are taking place more and more strongly, causing arable land to shrink, soil to become saline, heavily contaminated with alum, directly affecting human life.

Radioactive pollution

Radioactive substances lying on Surfaces, gaseous or liquid… are manifestations of radioactive contamination. This pollution leaves extremely serious consequences, directly affecting the health of each person.

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Noise pollution

The phenomenon of noise pollution is common in urban areas and cities, where densely populated areas are located. The cause comes from noise from vehicles, production and business factories, etc.

Wave pollution

Waves such as: telephone waves, television waves, radioactive waves, etc. appear a lot, causing the phenomenon of wave pollution to take place seriously. This affects the brain and causes serious damage to the human body.

The current situation of environmental pollution in Vietnam

Currently, environmental pollution in Vietnam is becoming more and more serious. The development of industries plus the process of exploiting natural resources Kheiens environment, land, water, air is heavily polluted. In big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, high population density, large emissions make the pollution index here top in the world.

The state of planning in urban areas has not been associated with waste treatment, so the pollution is always at an alarming level. According to statistics, more than 60% of industrial parks in Vietnam do not have a wastewater treatment system in accordance with regulations. In addition, the types of waste are not collected properly, making the pollution even worse.

The current state of environmental pollution in the world

Not only in Vietnam, but also in the world, environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious, especially in developing countries. Global warming, sea level rise, global climate change, etc. are all consequences and most obvious manifestations of pollution.

Although many remedial measures have been implemented, the situation of environmental pollution in the world has not shown any sign of decline. This is a global hot issue, significantly affecting human health and natural ecosystems.

Consequences of environmental pollution

Environmental pollution leaves the following serious consequences:

Impact on human life and health

If soil, water and air are polluted, human health will be directly threatened, causing many respiratory diseases and impaired lung function. For example, when the water environment is polluted, clean water sources are scarce, people using dirty water sources will be the cause of cancer.

Not to mention the excess chemicals infiltrating the soil environment, causing food poisoning and children’s brains being affected.

Consequences for the ecosystem

When the amount of waste entering rivers and seas is increasing, the marine ecosystem is seriously threatened. Even coral reefs are threatened. In addition, when the air is polluted, acid rain will appear and destroy as well as kill natural organisms and vegetation.

Socio-economic consequences

Environmental pollution also greatly affects economic and social life.

Strange diseases appear many, difficult to treat, affecting the economy. Agricultural products and seafood are scarce, causing the economic development to be inhibited. The supply of clean food is also affected. The economy suffers from the investment process to improve the environment, build and regenerate the ecosystem.

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Environmental pollution images

Here are some pictures of environmental pollution:

Measures to overcome environmental pollution

To overcome environmental pollution, you can apply the following measures:

Building rigid environmental protection sanctions

First, the state needs to perfect the legal system and develop environmental protection sanctions. Accordingly, it is necessary to give heavy fines to violators.

Improve the environment with positive action

To improve the environment, you can propagate and encourage people to take the following practical actions:

Sorting and dumping garbage in the right place Planting trees to cause forests Treating waste in the right way Using natural energy sources such as wind, sun, etc.

Planning of scientific industrial parks

One of the environmental protection measures is the rational and scientific planning of industrial parks. Factories and enterprises should be concentrated in clusters, in areas far from the population. In particular, equip waste water treatment systems for industrial parks.

Closely monitor the environment and waste treatment system of the enterprise, Regularly check and inspect environment

The State needs to set up a working group to regularly check and inspect waste to supervise the waste treatment of enterprises. At the same time, severely penalize companies with signs of violations.

Raise people’s awareness

It is necessary to carry out propaganda actions to raise people’s awareness of environmental protection. Collecting and classifying waste, promoting self-discipline and responsibility of each individual in protecting the environment.

Encourage businesses to do environmental protection and waste treatment functions

The State should encourage companies and enterprises to do environmental protection functions. Also, take small actions like:

Calling students, students and workers to dispose of garbage in accordance with regulations. Handle waste scientifically and ensure safety. Use natural energy, save natural resources,….

The most polluted places in the world

According to statistics from environmental organizations around the world, developing countries are the places with the most serious environmental pollution. Vietnam is one of the countries with the top pollution levels. In addition, the top countries include: China, Azerbaijan, India, Peru, Ukraine, Russia and Zambia.

Download the environmental pollution report form

Below is a link to download the environmental pollution report form.

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Environmental pollution leaves heavy consequences and directly affects people’s lives. Hopefully through our article you will better understand its consequences and have the best methods to protect the environment.