Currently, with the growth of urbanization, along with the development of many industrial parks and factories, environmental pollution is inevitable. Therefore, environmental monitoring is an indispensable activity in today’s development.

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I. 6 important issues of environmental monitoring1.What is environmental monitoring?

Environmental monitoring English name is environmental monitoring. The process of systematically monitoring and observing the composition of the environment, including factors affecting the environment such as soil, water and air. To provide information to assess the status quo, as well as the evolution of environmental quality and other adverse impacts on the environment.

2.Why environmental monitoring is required.

Today, with the strong development of heavy industries such as metallurgy, coal mining, fertilizer production, mechanics, electronics – informatics, energy industry… in economic development in Vietnam, but their impact on the environment is not small at all. Therefore, it is necessary to have regular environmental monitoring to avoid negative impacts in the future.

3.The role of environmental monitoring in life

If you have never participated in activities such as environmental monitoring, many people do not know the role of this activity. Environmental monitoring plays a huge role in many industries. Specifically: In Vietnam, we have a lot of people living by farming shrimp or fish. Typically, in the Mekong Delta, people raise a lot of basa fish for export, so it is necessary to have regular environmental monitoring activities to assess the adverse impacts on water resources affecting fish or fish. not to have a plan to deal with it in time.

Or, in Dong Thap, where a lot of rice is grown, if one day the water is contaminated with salt or alum without monitoring, how can the impact be assessed.

Through this we can see, how important is environmental monitoring?

4. Forms of environmental monitoring in Vietnam.

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Monitoring noise environment

Air environment monitoring

Monitoring the soil environment

Water environment monitoring

5. Environmental monitoring objectives.

– Assessment of environmental quality developments on a national scale, as well as for the preparation of reports on the current state of the environment.

– Provide assessment information on environmental quality developments of each monitored key area to serve the requirements of state management levels on environmental protection issues.

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Timely warning of unusual developments or risks of pollution or degradation affecting the environment.

6. Eligible units for environmental monitoring

According to the provisions of Article 8, Decree No. 127/2014/ND-CP, the conditions for granting the Certificate of eligibility to provide environmental monitoring services in the field of on-site monitoring include:

Having an investment certificate issued by a competent state management agency, including field activities in environmental monitoring.

6.1 Having sufficient conditions for human resources to carry out field monitoring activities

+ The head of that organization must have a university degree or higher;

+ Having a sufficient number of people performing environmental monitoring activities at the site according to environmental components and monitoring parameters for which certification is requested;

+ It is necessary to have a person directly in charge of the field monitoring team with a university degree or higher with one of the majors in environment, forestry, soil, geography, geology, chemistry, biology, nuclear physics, radioactivity, . And have at least 2 years of experience in the field of environmental monitoring;

+ Persons performing field observations need to have at least a beginner level corresponding to the rank of primary observer of natural resources and environment. In which, conducting field observations with elementary level accounts for no more than 30% of the staff.

6.2 Having sufficient conditions for equipment, methods and facilities:

+ Having sufficient equipment, tools and chemicals to carry out the sampling, sample preservation and measurement, testing and analysis of samples at the scene of environmental monitoring parameters of the environmental components in question. request for certification to ensure accuracy and in accordance with the method prescribed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment;

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+ Having procedures for preservation, maintenance and inspection, and safe use according to regulations of competent state agencies or regulations of manufacturers;

+ Having a procedure for using and operating all sampling equipment, preserving samples and measuring, testing and analyzing samples in the field;

+ Fully equipped with protective equipment and labor safety for employees when performing monitoring tasks at the scene;

+ Having a working office and enough specific area to ensure the quality of monitoring work at the field and manage data and monitoring results. Regulations on environmental monitoring.

7.Automatic environmental monitoring7.1 What is automatic environmental monitoring?

Is the process of monitoring and tracking quality parameters environmental quality through automated devices or means. From there, it helps management agencies and waste source owners to monitor environmental quality.

7.2 Automatic environmental monitoring system includes

– The automatic sampling device is sealed and managed by the Department of Natural Resources and Environment

– Must install a camera device connected to the internet to monitor the discharge door of the wastewater treatment system and store images within the last 3 months

– The elements of automatic and continuous environmental monitoring equipment include: Flow, temperature, PH, TSS, COD.. See the table below to understand more.

In addition, the automatic environmental monitoring system must ensure continuous, uninterrupted operation for a long time. It is necessary to perform calibration according to regulations, to ensure the technical requirements to be able to connect and transmit data to DONRE quickly and accurately.

7.3 Advantages of automatic environmental monitoring

– Can control the system remotely thanks to online connection

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– Able to promptly handle abnormal incidents such as exceeding the threshold of emissions and wastewater.. Because of the alarm function of the automatic monitoring system

– The operating system is simple, so it is not difficult to operate

– Can expand or upgrade the system according to needs

– Can measure many different parameters, and ensure fast

– The measured data will be stored on the computer system, so it is convenient to search

7.4 Units must apply automatic environmental monitoring

Currently, the situation of theft of wastewater into the environment from production and business establishments tends to increase. Therefore, to control this problem, Circular 31/2016/TT-BTNMT stipulates that the units that need to install a wastewater monitoring system include:

– All industrial parks need to install automatic monitoring systems to transmit data to relevant units for management and control.

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– Production and business establishments that are not located in industrial zones, but have a wastewater volume of 1000 cubic meters/day and night or more must install an automatic environmental monitoring system to easily control the output wastewater. .

– Or establishments with a wastewater flow of 1000 cubic meters/day or more and located in an industrial park, or an industrial complex that is exempted from connecting to the centralized wastewater collection and treatment system. must install automatic monitoring system

In addition, the decree also encourages production facilities with a scale of less than 1000 cubic meters per day to install an automatic environmental monitoring system to better control emissions indicators, helping to minimize the impact on the environment. harmful to the environment

8. Environmental monitoring company