Translation of manuals in English – Vietnamese, Vietnamese – English is a core service at SMS Translation. We have translated Technical Manuals and User Manuals of many types of machinery and equipment such as cars, trucks, medical equipment, electrical and electronic equipment, for many fields such as manufacturing, safety, maintenance, troubleshooting, operation, use, etc.

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Our customers include large manufacturing companies, importers and distributors of equipment and machinery from abroad to Vietnam, as well as companies exporting Vietnamese goods to foreign markets.

Whether you have a technical manual, technical document, installation manual from English that needs to be translated into Vietnamese or any other language, we are the solution to give you an accurate and reliable translation. trust.

Quality management process for technical manual translation

We guarantee high quality of translations through:

the four-eyed rule applies: at least 2 people participate in a translation – one translator and one proofreader. Doctor, PhD in the right area of ​​expertise of the document Create a database of technical terms to ensure accurate lookup Use a translation memory for a terminologically consistent translation, saving money time and cost

Types of manuals and manuals that are often translated

At SMS Translation, we focus on two factors when translating user manuals – quality and price. We strive to provide you with the best prices in the market by standardizing the entire process and reducing lead times while ensuring quality. The following are examples of manuals, technical manuals, and manuals that we regularly translate from English to Vietnamese and from Vietnamese to English:

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Translation of Safety Manuals,Translation of Sales guides,Translation of Maintenance Guides,Translation of Patent Guides,Translation of Test Manuals,Translation of Test Manuals Translation of Policy ManualsTranslation of User guidesTranslation of Training manualsTranslation of Electronic GuidesTranslation of Operating Manuals Translation of Operation ManualsTranslation of Technical InstructionsTranslation of Technical ManualsTranslation of Assembly InstructionsTranslation of Product GuidesTranslation Production Manuals Translation of Production Manuals Translation of Application manuals Translation of Electrical Manuals Translation of Software Manuals Product manuals (Product manuals) Translation Marketing manuals Translation of Construction manuals Translation of Troubleshooting manuals Translation of Health Manuals Translation of Codes of Conduct )Translation of Technical Handbooks,Translation of Corporate manuals,Translation of Educational Handbooks,Translation of Instructional Manuals,Translation of Medical Handbooks,Translation of Human resource manuals Translate Employee Handbooks Translate Employee Manuals Translate Office Handbooks Translate Instruction Manuals Translate Specifications Engineering Specifications Translation of Patent Applications Translation of Business Ethics

Some recent completed technical translation projects