For new translators, we often have questions like “What is a deputy sales officer in English?” or “What is an English affiliate company?”. By the way, ERA Translation would like to send to readers a collection of some basic vocabulary about the names of positions in the company in English, names of departments in English that are frequently used in foreign working environments. that you need to know.

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Vocabulary of titles in the company in English

Board of Directors = Board of Directors Shareholder = Share holder Board member = Executive Founder = Founder = Chief Executive Officer (CEO)Chief Information Officer = Chief Information Officer (CIO)CFO = Chief Financial Officer (CFO)Deputy Director = Deputy / Vice DirectorHead = Head of Department / Department managerDeputy Head = Deputy of DepartmentHead department = Head of Division / Section Manager HR Manager = Personnel Manager Accounting Manager = Accounting Manager Finance Manager = Finance Manager Marketing Manager = Marketing Manager Production Manager = Production Manager Manager = Manager Supervisor = Supervisor Team Leader = Team Leader Secretary = Secretary Assistant Director = Assistant Receptionist = Receptionist Employer = Employer Employee = Employee Officer = Officer Specialist = Expert Collaborator = Collaborator Intern = Trainee Apprentice = Apprentice Representative = Representative Collaborator = Co-worker / Colleague / associate

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Vocabulary related to types of companies and business organizations

Vocabulary for departments in the company in English

Accounting department = Accounting department Financial department = Financial department Administrative department = Administration department Human resources department = Human Resources Department (HR) Sales department = Sales department Procurement department = Purchasing department Research and development department = Research & Development department Shipping department = Shipping department

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