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University of Languages ​​and International Studies – Vietnam National University,Hanoi

University of Languages ​​and International Studies – Vietnam National University, Hanoi

ENGLISH pedagogical faculty

Faculty of English Language Teacher Education is the training faculty that attracts the most students and also has the most lecturers of the University of Foreign Languages ​​and International Studies – Vietnam National University, Hanoi.

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1.General introduction

The predecessor of the Faculty of English Education was the Faculty of English, which was established in 1958, one of the oldest English training faculties in Vietnam. The first keyword only had 04 lecturers and 09 students, now the Faculty has more than 130 lecturers and trains more than 2,000 students every year.

Generations of lecturers of the Faculty of English Pedagogy

Through nearly 60 years of development and growth with many important development milestones, the Faculty has gradually established its position as a faculty with excellent teaching and learning achievements, constant innovation in teaching and research. assist. The Faculty places great emphasis on developing its teaching and research capabilities, as well as providing a dynamic learning environment for students.

Over the years, the Faculty of English Education has trained tens of thousands of bachelors, masters and doctorates for the country; contribute to providing human resources mainly for teaching foreign languages ​​at all levels of study; participating in the development of the English Program at the high school level and compiling English textbooks for educational reform…

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With her contributions, the Faculty has received many noble awards from the Party and State, the Ministry of Education and Training, and VNU. The Faculty was awarded the Third-class Labor Medal by the State in 1993, the Second-class Labor Medal in 2001, the First-class Labor Medal in 2008 along with many certificates of merit from the Prime Minister, the Minister of Education and Training, the People’s Committee of the Faculty of Science and Technology. of many provinces and cities, by the President of VNU and the Rector of VNU for collectives and individuals in the Faculty.

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2.A word from the Dean

“The Faculty of English Education does not only provide learners with practical English skills, nor does it only train English teachers. We are committed to equipping and developing students with the knowledge, skills and qualities of a teacher who masters the language they are teaching. That’s because to succeed anywhere and in any field in today’s globalized life, each person not only needs to know how to seize the opportunities that English brings, but also must be a teacher. strictest and most exemplary of yourself first.” _ Dr. Vu Hai Ha

3.Training branches

Faculty of English Pedagogy offers 2 majors, including:

English Pedagogy

English language

High-quality English language program Dual majors (International Business English)Dual majors (Banking and Finance English)Dual majors (Business Administration English)

4.Career Prospects

After graduating from Pedagogy, students can become teachers at English training institutions at all levels in the domestic and foreign education systems.

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For the Linguistics major, students can work as translators and interpreters in international cooperation projects or as editors for publishers; working at media organizations (newspapers, television stations); become a foreign affairs officer in agencies and departments; participate in project management, business administration, tourism administration; work at international events or public relations agencies, etc.

5. “Heart Letter”

Miss Go

Nh Hai Yen – Former lecturer of High Quality Department, Faculty of English Education

“She is an alumnus of her school and has officially worked at the SPTA Faculty since 1992. During that time, she has always been happy with her choice. She feels that her Faculty is a very cohesive community, everyone respects and is ready to help each other. The leadership team is always passionate and supportive of new ideas, and always creates the best conditions for everyone to reach their full potential – something that is very consistent with the vision and leadership style. leadership of the Board of Directors of his school.

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On the part of students, besides active learning, compared to when they first enter and graduate from school, they are often much more active and ready to accept new things, because they have many opportunities to interact with new teachers. civilization when they learn a foreign language. However, teachers also have a very important role to play in providing direction and providing ongoing support. As a result, students’ extracurricular activities also have more depth and focus.”

Truong Hai Ha – Alumni (Communications Specialist at Monkey Forest Consulting Ltd)

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“Four years of studying at the Faculty of SPTA have equipped me with a solid foundation to enter the working environment, inspires me to constantly strive in life, gives me great teachers and friends, and opens up great career opportunities for the future.”

Duong Hoang Linh – Alumnus (Leader of English Group 7 – Ngo Si Lien Secondary School)

“The most valuable professional knowledge and skills, the best personal development opportunities, the best lessons from the most passionate teachers, and the most beautiful friendship memories, I have all had in four years of studying and training at the Faculty of SPTA. I really enjoyed the sharing of a teacher that I love so much: “Leaving this school, you will find that nothing is impossible.”

6.The picture works

Enthusiastic teaching staff is a pride of Faculty of English Education

Dean of Faculty Vu Hai Ha attentively graded the drama performance in an extra-curricular activity of the Faculty

Students of Faculty of English Education participate in charity donation activities

Graduation Night (Graduation Festival)

Newbie festival (Festival to welcome new students)

The Faculty of English Education always organizes many activities for active students to express themselves

7. Contact Information