Your browser does not support this file. If suddenly asked “what is English leadership” can you answer? What terminology do English leadership positions correctly use? Why do businesses need a leader? What are the roles and responsibilities of leadership in the business? To become a member of the leadership team in a company or business, what factors do you need to have? Besides, in the enterprise, the executive board will have any positions do you know? All the necessary information for you is in this article, do not miss the useful information for yourself with the sharing of

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1. What exactly is English leadership? 2. Why does the company need to establish a board of directors? 3. Find out information about the current position of the board of directors in the business 4. Roles and responsibilities of the leadership in the enterprise 5. Factors for you to become a member of the leadership

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1. What exactly is English leadership?

You leader refers to a group of leaders of an enterprise and the person who directs the employees under them and issues regulations as well as is the key decision maker. for the development of the business and the strength of the staff in the enterprise. So what is the most accurate English leadership board? The phrase leadership in English is used with the phrase “Executive Board”.


What is the English leader board?

The nature and composition of a board of directors can vary from organization to organization. In general, a board of directors consists of a small group of key decision-makers within a corporation, company, or business. In for-profit and not-for-profit corporations, the board of directors is chosen by the board of directors and usually includes directors, including management positions such as president, vice president, and treasurer. Depending on the organization, this elite group of directors may be referred to as the leadership board, executive board, or steering committee.

How are leadership positions in English represented by specific English phrases? Let’s find answers for the following specific positions in English:

+ Director – Director

+ Chief Executive Officer – Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

+ Chief Financial Officer

+ Chief Information Officer – Chief Information Officer

+ President – ​​President

+ School of Operations – Chief Operating Officer

+ Deputy Director – Vice Director

+ Vice President – ​​Vice President

+ Manager – Manager


What are the positions on the English leadership board?

+ Head of Human Resources Department – ​​Personnel Manager

+ School of Finance Department – ​​Finance Manager

+ School of Accounting Department – ​​Accounting Manager

+ School of Production Department – ​​Production Manager

+ School of Marketing Department – ​​Marketing Manager

+ School of Department – ​​Department Manager

+ Head of Department – ​​Section Manager

The above are some of the positions in the company’s leadership that are represented in English terms that many people often use today. To be able to know more information on issues such as why it is necessary to establish a leadership team, what are the roles and responsibilities of the leadership in the business, you should not skip the next sections of this article.

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2. Why does the company need a board of directors?

The choice to use a leader board can appear for a number of different reasons. One of the most common reasons is that sometimes important decisions need to be made quickly. If the board of directors is large, or if members cannot always meet as often as required, they will choose an executive board (leader) who can meet more often or even at the last minute. when circumstances require.


What is a board of directors in English – why is it important to set up a leadership team in your business

A second reason to use a board business) is to discuss and make decisions on confidential matters, like an impending lawsuit or a corporate takeover. This limits the number of people that will participate, preventing information leakage. Management can review all confidential information and make decisions to the board or make recommendations to be voted on by all board members.

One reason the third is usually due to ownership privileges. For example, if one or more people own majority shares of a company, they can appoint themselves to the executive board, the board of directors. It is not uncommon for a person to own more than 50% of the shares of a company to make himself chairman and CEO, and then appoint his closest advisers to the board of that business. .

3. Find out information about the current position of the board of directors in the business

The positions on the board of directors of a corporation, their responsibilities and obligations are detailed in the regulations of the corporation group. In most cases, but not always, each board member has one vote. In nonprofit corporations, board members may represent different industries or geographies, depending on the mission of the organization.

In most cases, given the importance of board positions, the officers of the board themselves are more likely to be members of the board of directors: < /p>


What are the positions of the Executive Board – what is the English board of directors?

+ Chairman: Often referred to as the chairman of the board of directors or chairman, this is the top position on the board of directors. She runs board meetings and usually receives two votes in the event of a tie.

+ Vice President: Sometimes called the vice president or vice president, this is usually the second most important position and may be occupied by the person who will be appointed president in future.

+ First Vice President: In some corporations, all members of the executive board may be given the title of vice president. In this case, the person who is second in the chair is called the first vice president.

+ Secretary: This person is responsible for taking minutes (or notes) at board meetings and then submitting them for board approval. The secretary may also be responsible for keeping non-financial records and legal documents of the company.

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+ Treasurer: The treasurer keeps the financial records of the corporation and may be responsible for signing checks and approving purchases, tax returns, and other financial matters. Small corporations often combine this position with the position of secretary, making this position of secretary/treasurer.

4. Roles and responsibilities of leadership in the enterprise


What are the roles and responsibilities of the leadership – what is the English leadership

Like other members The members, roles and responsibilities of a board of directors vary among organizations, companies, and businesses in different sectors. In addition, the roles and responsibilities of the executive committee and members of nonprofit leadership can vary significantly from that of a for-profit corporation. Corporate rules always define how much power the leader has and what and how specific their responsibilities are in the business, company or organization.

A common responsibility for a company’s management is to research investment opportunities for their business or company and industry trends and analyze the risks that may be encountered when investing. invest in any one area. Management will often have to report their findings and progress on projects to the board.

Management is also often responsible for forming other committees for specific projects, like a fundraising event in the case of a nonprofit, or a special task force. responsibility to expand into a new line of business in the case of a company. The leadership will then oversee the progress of these committees. Minutes of an executive board meeting are normally recorded, and at least a summary of these minutes is provided to the full board on a regular basis.

The leadership of a company, business or any organization needs to have a responsibility that is creating a solid human resource for their business. Human resources is a sustainable source of motivation to take the business far and long-term development, therefore, when being a member of the company’s leadership team, it is necessary to uphold this responsibility.

Leaders of enterprises and companies are also responsible for building a separate corporate culture for their business.

5. Factors for you to become a member of the board of directors

Not everyone can become a company leader, but you need to be a qualified person to become a leader. leader. So that you can become a person In the leadership of the business, your company needs to meet the necessary and sufficient factors to be able to sit on the position of a leader. The qualities needed to be a leader include the following in particular:


What are the required qualities of a leader? What is English leadership?

Firstly, the first condition for you to be a member of the leadership team is that your professional knowledge needs to be in-depth in certain specific areas and have knowledge Synthesize issues related to your work. You need to have work experience for a certain period of time to get better experience than others and be able to help your employees when they have difficulties in their work.

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Secondly, as a person who has the ability to lead others, in an activity group you are always the one to stand on behalf of the group to decide on the group’s problems and take the greatest responsibility. for the group, assigning work to other members of the group for the best work efficiency of the group. Leadership is also a good quality that brings you closer and further to higher positions in your work.

Thirdly, you need to have good communication skills, good communication helps you to communicate with your partners, good communication with superiors and also a good quality to help you. convey information to the audience most convincingly and effectively, this is very beneficial for the job and position as a leader in the business.

Fourth, in order to be a future leader and become a member of the leadership team of the business, you need to have a broad vision, a strategic eye to orient the strategies. strategy of the business, making and giving strategic plans to move the business in the direction of further development. Besides, the business organization is consistent with the business strategy that you propose for the business.

Fifth, you need to have a creative and good thinking ability, as a leader, head and direct the activities of members and employees in the company or If you are a business, you need to make sure that your work is creative, find new ways to develop yourself and develop a separate market for your business.

Sixth, has the ability to analyze, assess risks and solve problems that occur during the implementation of business development plans.

The above are some of the most necessary and typical elements of a leader, if you have the above qualities, strive to become a member of the leadership team. leadership of the business, and add a little luck of your own so that you can grow in your work, go far and advance in your work.

Through sharing about what is an English leadership team, it helps you to know the necessary information about the leadership in English, the positions in the English leadership are used with the term any. Know more for yourself the necessary information such as what are the roles and responsibilities of the leadership in the business, answer the question of why the business needs to establish a leadership board, know more information about the position in the company. Who are the board of directors. And be able to assess yourself with the qualities to become a leader in the future like. Hopefully, the sharing of will help you get useful information for yourself.