Basic English vocabulary to use when writing a job application

In order to impress the employer, when applying for a job in addition to being confident and professional, how to have a beautiful and professional resume is also something that employers are very interested in. . In this article, would like to send you some commonly used English words when writing a job application.100 interview questions in English125 interview questions and answers in EnglishCommon English interview questions meet and how to answer 1. What is the title of a job application/application letter in English?Cover letter: cover letter/application letter What are the commonly used work skills/soft skills in English?Detail oriented: detailedHard Working: hard-workingUnder pressure: under pressureIndependent: independentTeamwork: teamworkGoal-oriented: goal-orientedSoft skills: soft skillsInterpersonal skills : interpersonal skillsProblem-solving: problem solving 3. Common vocabulary words when writing a job application, CV in English and introduce yourself in EnglishJob description: job descriptionCareer objective: career goalInterview: interviewAppointment: appointment, meetingWriting in response to: is replying toExperiences: experienceDevelopment: achieved, developed, accumulatedUndertake: take over, take onPosition: positionPerformance: resultsSkills: skillLevel: rankWork for: who, which companyProfessional: professionalBelieved in: believe in, believe inConfident: confidentHuman resources department: human resources departmentApply for: apply for a positionLook forward to: expectJob offer: career opportunitiesBusiness trip: go on a business tripRecruitment: recruitmentRecruiter: recruiterCandidate: candidateWorking style: working styleCompetitor: competitorsDeadline: work deadlineStrength: strengthsSupervisor: boss, supervisorWeakness: weaknessesWorking environment: working environment cPersonal objectives: own goalsColleague: colleaguesMotivation: motivation Effort: effortChallenge: challengeWorking performance: ability to do workResponsibility: responsibilityDelegate: delegate, delegate, delegatePromotion: promotionDivision: departmentSalary: salaryPro-active , self starter: proactive personPropose: recommend4.

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English vocabulary used to talk about education level in CV and job application GPA (Grade point average): GPAGraduated: graduated Internship: intern M.A. (Master of Arts)/MSc. (Master of Science): Master B.A. (Bachelor of Arts): bachelor’s degreePh.D/Dr: doctorate5. At the end of the application, what English word do we use in the application letter? Sincerely: respectFaithfully: respectfully (used in a less formal context Sincerely)Best regards: respectfully (this word is used very well, especially in write email). Above are some commonly used vocabulary when writing a job application. Hope the article will give you some knowledge to have a professional resume to impress wish you success!

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Common English Interview Questions and Answers Basic English Interview Questions

125 English job interview questions and answers English job interview questions and answers