Choosing English materials is an extremely important factor, a great decision to practice and improve each person’s English level. So, how to use English documents correctly and effectively? What types of documents are there? Please refer to our article below for answers.

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How to choose English documents for high efficiency

?In order to choose the most standard English documents, suitable for you and bring high efficiency, you need to note a few things. following problem:

Ask experienced people from experts

Experienced teachers or friends with good English skills are the ones who directly give you the most useful advice. Therefore, when you want to choose English documents, you can consult them.

Based on their expertise and knowledge, they will give you practical advice, advise you on the textbooks and books you need.

Select English materials for learning purposes

This is one of the important things when choosing English documents. Currently, on the market, there are many books written in general, general knowledge, too spread.

Therefore, when choosing a book, please determine the right purpose of your study, choose according to the topic you want to study. For example, if you want to improve your communication skills, you should prioritize TOEIC, IELTS exam preparation materials, etc.

Choose according to your own level

Selecting materials by level will help keep you motivated and determined to study. Usually, if the material is too difficult or too easy, it will make you bored and not motivated to learn English.

Therefore, a small note for you is to determine your level, what level you are at, what you lack, how to supplement. If you are at a basic level, but choosing too advanced materials will make you learn English like “water with potato leaves”.

You can practice online tests to assess your own level and level, thereby choosing the most suitable material.

Variety of materials you study

To avoid boredom and increase interest in learning English, we recommend that you choose a variety of materials.

Besides book and text documents, you should combine materials in the form of songs, movies, podcasts …

Should I find a lot of English materials to learn?

?Should I find a lot of English materials to learn? is a question many people are asking nowadays. However, according to the experience of the forerunners, it is not necessary to hoard too much material to learn.

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Because of the fact, many people buy a lot of documents but don’t use them, in some other cases because the volume of documents is too much, so they use it superficially. Therefore, find materials selectively, in sufficient quantity and right for your level.

Instead of being greedy, embracing too much, select a few documents that are right for you and use them effectively. Use just enough, repeat and practice a lot to turn the knowledge in the book into your own.

Share the best communication English documents

Here are some good English communication materials that you can refer to:

Eng Breaking Course

If you are aiming for conversational English, then Eng Breaking is a useful textbook. With a clear and easy-to-understand layout, this set of textbooks provides learners with a large amount of knowledge, along with basic vocabulary for communication.

This course is suitable for all subjects and brings many practical benefits such as:

Fluently use idioms, expressions and communication in each specific case. Speaking speed is slow, learners can easily grasp pronunciation Listening skills are improved. Each conversation has 2 speaking speeds, detailed and specific instructions in English. Interesting and rich conversations with many situations appearing in daily life.

Eng Breaking is a full set of textbooks including:

1 handbook with a summary of what needs to be completed in a school day 1 CD 1 sheet of English learning goals Online learning account

​In addition, this kit also includes email reminders to motivate learners to complete their goals.

Effortless English Course

This is one of the most typical and commonly used textbooks today. Effortless English helps learners improve and improve their English level.

Each lesson in the curriculum includes sections such as: A Text Article; Audio Articles; Vocabulary Lessons; Mini-Story; Point Of View Mini-Stories.

This English book focuses on listening and speaking like a native. This is the basic foundation to help learners towards comprehensive English communication.

However, Effortless English has a small disadvantage that it is quite difficult for beginners. Only those with a basic foundation and good self-study ability can understand it effectively.

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American Accent Training Course

American Accent Training is a famous course to practice speaking English with an American accent. The book includes 13 chapters and comes with 5CDs for learners to practice practice.

This textbook is divided into small lessons and corresponds to a track on the CD. A special feature of this English document is that it is illustrated with many charts and pictures to help learners visualize.

With this book, you can improve pronunciation, practice speaking as well as intonation in the process of communication.

English materials for working people

As a working person, you can refer to some of our useful English documents below:

Business Goals Professional English Textbook

This is considered a useful textbook for working people who want to improve their English to serve their work needs.

This textbook includes 3 levels from low to high to meet the needs of English communication. Each book in Business Goals Professional English provides content equivalent to 30 hours of class time.

The knowledge of vocabulary, grammar, and sentence patterns are given with a sufficient volume, suitable for working people. In addition, it is designed with familiar conversation situations to help practice skills in writing reports and emails in English.

Market Leader Textbook

Market Leader is a set of English documents that is not too strange, especially for those who study finance and economics. This book is elaborately compiled, detailed and has great practical application.

Market Leader includes 5 levels from beginner to advanced, helping learners improve their English communication skills. Each book is equivalent to 90 – 120 hours of class time.

Enterprise Textbook

One of the useful English books you should “pillow your bed” is Enterprise. This is an English document specializing in International Business English for students at the beginner – intermediate level.

The textbook is divided into 3 volumes, covering common situations, topics and activities in international commercial transactions. As follows:

Students’ Book One

This volume provides learners with basic skills such as: listening – speaking – reading – writing with 10 different units. These are all practical knowledge in commercial work for students at the beginner level.

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Students’ Book Two

Student’s Book Two is a book for post-beginners with a wide range of situations in the modern business world. From there, help learners grasp the most basic and important skills.

Students’ Book Three

This book, which covers more general and macro issues, is intended for intermediate learners. The content of the book is about commercial management issues with many different topics such as: Business Promotion, Employment, Communication, After-Sales…

Academic English materials, grammar

If you are wondering which English materials to choose for grammar and academic purposes, you can refer to some of our suggestions below:

English Vocabulary in Use Textbook

English Vocabulary is useful English material for those who want to develop vocabulary. This document is written according to the standard framework for teaching English vocabulary. The set of books includes 4 levels divided equally in 3 books from basic to advanced.

In addition, English Vocabulary also has a test book and accompanying CD-ROM software, helping learners improve their own vocabulary.

Cambridge Key English Test (KET) Syllabus

This set of textbooks helps learners improve their English ability and gain more knowledge about communication skills. In addition to the writing content, the textbook also includes a variety of speaking lessons.

The test is based on everyday topics and focuses on skills such as: listening – speaking – reading – writing, suitable for each person’s English level.

Cambridge IELTS Syllabus

Cambridge IELTS is one of the most chosen English documents today, especially for those preparing for the IELTS exam. The book is compiled based on the IELTS exams that have been held.

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The editor is Cambridge University – the organization that organizes the exam, so this is considered a book for students’ heads. Up to now, Cambridge IELTS has been published in 11 volumes. Each episode includes 4 practice tests, so you can rest assured and practice freely.

Choosing the right English materials is an important stepping stone to help you improve and hone your English ability. We hope the above suggestions will help you choose the most suitable document for you. Good luck!