Today, one of the effective ways to promote sales and customer care is to organize customer conferences. This is an annual activity of each business. So what is a client conference? and how to organize the conference, let’s find out through the following article.

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Meaning of customer conference

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What is a customer conference

?Organizing a customer conference is a very focused activity in today’s businesses. However, many people still wonder what is a customer conference?

Customer Conference, English name is Customer Conference, is an event activity that takes place in the middle of the year or near the end of the year of a business. The main activity of the program is to send gratitude to loyal customers, promote the company’s products as well as poll customers to develop business activities. From there, businesses can increase customer engagement and attract customers to enhance competitiveness.

Meaning of customer conference

For businesses

Customer conferences are an opportunity for businesses to send deep gratitude to their long-time companions. This is a very meaningful job, helping the company stay connected with its loyal customer base. Holding customer conferences also helps your business reach and establish more relationships with many new customers. This is the basis for future expansion of production scale.

Besides, through the organization of customer conferences is also an opportunity to promote the brand and name of the business in newspapers and the media. Contributing to building corporate culture, creating the company’s distinctive style and features.

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For customers

Holding a customer appreciation conference not only brings great benefits to businesses but also values ​​to customers. This is a rare opportunity for customers to understand more about the process, how businesses create products and services that they often use. Through small gifts and gratitude words, it will create trust and attachment, helping to strengthen the relationship between customers and businesses.

So, at this point, you have clearly understood what a customer conference is? as well as the significance of this event. Next, we will give a preliminary summary of the customer conference scenario for business reference.

Scenario of customer conference

Organization time

The organization time should be chosen at a time when everyone is relaxed, there is more time to go to the conference. Often businesses hold customer conferences on weekends and the most appropriate time frame to organize the event is 14:00 – 16:00.

Event venue

Businesses should choose a location that is easy to find and has convenient transportation for customers. It can be located at a hotel, a conference center, or a service provider company, … But it should be noted that the venue must be able to accommodate the number of attendees as well as the sound and light system. Bright, comfortable stage.

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To have a successful customer conference, the preparation of slides is extremely important. A bad presentation slide will lead to customers feeling bored, unfocused, making the event fade, leaving no impression on attendees. Therefore, the content in the slide must be specific, where the emphasis is, where the impression is to convey the message for the customer to grasp.

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Customer gifts

Conference gifts, customers should prioritize choosing gifts with high applicability and reasonable price: cups, notebooks, pens, hats, .. so that any customer or their loved ones can use them. usable. Choosing gifts for customers must ensure appropriateness, formality but moderate cost. Gifts should be printed with the company’s logo and brand to advertise the brand and help customers remember the business longer.

Sample client conference speech


The customer conference speech always starts from the greetings of the management to all guests attending the conference as follows:

“Dear Mr/Ms… and all the guests who attended the customer conference today. My name is ………….. currently holding the position of………….. of company X.

First of all, on behalf of the business, I would like to thank all customers and partners for trusting and using the products; company’s services over the years. Once again I am very pleased to thank all of you who traveled long distances to attend this conference.

Today, ….. month ….. ……, Company X held a customer conference on the issue…… We hope that today’s conference will be heard many reviews; your feedback on the quality of the products; as well as things that customers Customers also feel unsatisfied with the company. Thereby, we would like to draw from experience to continuously improve the business.

Main body of speech

For this content, the speech should fully outline the issues that the conference aims at. The leadership can mention some preliminary information about the recent working history and operation of the business, such as:

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In this section, the company representative once again affirms the enterprise’s determination to rise up and constantly develop.

“In the present and in the future, X company will constantly improve, grow and develop. We know there will be many difficulties and challenges, but we always hope to have you by our side – the customers who always trust us.

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If in the process of organizing the customer conference there is any inconvenience, please forgive us. Once again I would like to thank you for coming to the conference and listening to my speech. Wishing you good health and good luck. Sincerely thank! ”

The above article has just provided readers with the answer to the question what is the customer conference? If you have any problems, need our help such as renting equipment, personnel, scripting, setting locations, etc., please come to ADV Advertising for the best support.