Up to the end of the nineteenth century, the era of light and electrical achievements and the concept of what electrical engineering was still remained in the documents and research works at the world’s leading engineering universities. gender. The power of a science called electrical engineering only really appeared and became one of the most important industries in human life in 1882 when the network provided the world’s first electricity. 110V power to 59 customers in lower Manhattan.

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Following in the footsteps of the father of electricity, a series of inventions related to electricity such as steam turbine or alternating current have opened up the era of light for mankind and the strong development of electrical engineering worldwide. bridge. But do you understand what is Electrical Engineering? What is the role of Electrical Engineering in life? What are the current job opportunities in this industry? Let’s find out with timviec365 right in the following article.

Electrical – Electronic jobs

1. What exactly is Electrical Engineering?

In the field of engineering, which is growing rapidly and chosen by the most candidates today because of attractive job opportunities, in addition to computer science and biology, a name that cannot be ignored. is electrical technology, translated into English with the common name “Electrical Engineering”. The concept of Electrical Engineering is understood as engineering including the stages related to production, development, research, design, construction and management of electrical related systems from simple to complex networks. serve all activities of life. As a brother in the electrical family, Electrical Engineering is different from Electronic Engineering, by the electronic element.

Electricity is an indispensable factor of consumer and production life, electrical and electronic devices tend to explode and play an important role in all areas of life. You can go a day without food, but businesses will only need about 10 minutes to lose millions of dollars just when the electricity connection is interrupted. The expansion of production facilities, the increasing demand of people for lighting, access to technological equipment, decoration, modernizing life have expanded the industries and fields related to electricity according to multiple. This is the biggest reason why the concept of Electrical Engineering is so popular. Today, Electrical engineering is trained at most universities specializing in engineering and is chosen by many candidates who are technology believers to continue writing their dreams of electrical engineers.

Electrical engineer job

2. What are the current job opportunities of Electrical Engineering industry

?What are the current job opportunities of Electrical Engineering industry?

The boom of the economy, the increasing demand of people is a golden opportunity on the way to conquering a good job opportunity of engineering people in it, including electrical engineers. In the context that many industries are in a state of excess human resources, the need for electrical engineering to meet the needs of human resources for development has never been enough.

According to the statistics of US news in 2013, the biological children born in the Electrical Engineering industry – electrical engineers with the salary ranked 8th in the list of 10 jobs with the highest starting salary with the number up. to more than 54,000 USD/year.

Meanwhile, in the Australian market, the electrical engineer profession has the highest growth over the years, accounting for 47% compared to the general average of nearly 8% and earning about 1,841AUD/week.

In Vietnam, the number of human resources that can meet the needs of the electricity industry of domestic enterprises has only reached 58.87%. According to a survey from many salary ranges of many recruitment websites from 2018 to 2019, the salary for electrical engineers ranges from 10 -12 million VND/month. For candidates with experience and foreign languages, they can join an engineer exchange program in typical Japan such as Japan with a starting salary of 18-28 Japanese man (about 36-52 million VND/month). .

These are great potentials for Electrical Engineering engineers to find jobs with attractive salaries.

3. Job positions of engineers by Electrical Engineering industry

Electrical engineering job positions

Referring to the job description of an electrical engineer, people will immediately think of repairing or installing civil electrical systems in industry, but in fact, in Electrical Engineering, you must ensure The role of a versatile engineer when having to ensure electrical knowledge in many different fields such as energy, electronics, control systems or telecommunications. It is no coincidence that we have emphasized that this is a career that is really worthy of being pursued by men who have a passion for technology. In fact, when it’s good With a major in Electrical Engineering, you will be in charge of many job positions from repairing equipment, operating electrical equipment to operating electrical systems in businesses and surrounding households, small production households. These jobs require high meticulousness, sometimes working with high intensity and danger. Therefore, if you do not have a passion for technology and “endurance”, diligence or just like to sit in the cool air-conditioner to do light office work, the risk of quitting is also quite high. Here, we will do some of the jobs that timviec365 has reported on the industrial electricity industry that has the most potential for development at the end of 2019 and early 2021 to help you answer the question of what jobs does the electrical engineering industry do?

3.1. Technical specialist, at power industrial parks, factories

The society has strongly developed production works, almost no industry is out of the “controllability” of the electrical engineering industry.

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If you have just graduated from a technical school, with your knowledge, you can completely find a job in electricity at factories and factories, first of all, it will be employees and technicians. Responsible for the operation and maintenance of lighting and power distribution by machinery such as generators.

In addition, electrical safety will be ensured in production areas by regularly checking these electrical systems, repairing damaged and potentially dangerous equipment to avoid short-circuiting. As an expert of Electrical Engineering, only skills and expertise are not enough, all electrical-related jobs require meticulousness and care. With the characteristics of being a seriously dangerous industry, any incident can affect lives.

Industrial electrical engineer job

3.2. Consulting, designing and operating power networks in residential areas and businesses such as Post and Telecommunications companies or the General Department of Electricity, technical enterprises

As experts in the electrical industry, Electrical Engineering graduates, including the job of repairing and testing electrical systems, electrical engineers will do other jobs related to consulting, design and operation. equipment in industry and electricity network in residential areas. You know, more and more skyscrapers are born to serve many purposes from accommodation such as apartments or commercial centers… Besides the lighting system, these buildings have high requirements for decoration. decorated by lights, banners, advertising signs, sound systems, civil appliances: such as air conditioners, water heaters… The integration of too many elements in high places when installing is a difficult problem . Electrical experts will be called by the project owner to consult and cooperate with the construction people on the issue of safe and aesthetic installation that is suitable with the design and interior of each room before construction.

3.3. Teaching at universities and colleges about electricity

Most of us think that studying Electrical Engineering is required to become engineers, however, before studying further to engineer, you must complete a bachelor’s program at a university first.

In addition to the high practicality of the industry, with available knowledge, if you do not want to follow outside jobs, go directly to operate machinery or support the operation of electrical equipment in residential areas and industrial parks. If you have a stressful career and are “committed”, you can absolutely choose a more stable job that is becoming a lecturer at universities, colleges, or even continuing education schools in the area. to gain more time if you want to deepen your expertise and develop your teaching and communication skills. Although it is not a new industry, the attraction of the electricity industry is not reduced, along with many machines that take technology from abroad or transfer technology from abroad…we need experts to test the topic. How feasible is the machine when developing in Vietnam conditions or developing new applications to serve life and production. To be able to become a lecturer, you need good professional competence and pedagogical skills after graduating with a master’s degree or higher.

4. Most Essential Skills for Electrical Engineering Students

?Most Essential Skills for Electrical Engineering Students?

The unique characteristics of the engineering industry if you study and its passion is new experiences, commitment in practical conditions and of course, Bachelor of Electrical Engineering is no exception. Whether you are a technician or an electrical system designer, leaving the office to direct employees, interns or embarking on repair and installation when outdoor electrical systems fail is important. Unavoidable. When working in technologies with complex electrical systems or in residential areas that need to put electrical safety on the copper, you need some of the following “nail” skills:

Health: This is an important factor for all positions, yes Only good health can do good works, that has become the eternal truth. However, for engineers, they need more physical health because especially working in complex and strenuous environments from outdoor to office. In addition to the factor of working conditions, the electrical profession is often exposed to unexpected incidents that can greatly affect the lives of many others…so besides ensuring good health requirements, do not accept Recognizing all defects, being trained in ensuring the safety of yourself and those around you during electrical repair and installation is extremely important.

Collaboration and teamwork: Unlike some office jobs or government administration, Electrical Engineering people require extremely high teamwork skills. In addition to self-study, repair of equipment, simple works…for complex works, most electrical engineers’ jobs require cooperation with colleagues for smooth handling. The smooth coordination helps to improve working efficiency, especially for specialized positions and jobs: Installation, network design or construction people…

Meticulousness, carefulness: It is still said that people of electricity are subjects that are often in contact with death. This is true not only for people who often work in outdoor repair and installation environments but also for office workers and researchers. Because only the smallest mistake of an individual can directly affect the lives of people around. Expertise is important, but qualities that can keep yourself and others safe and improve work efficiency such as meticulousness and carefulness need to be pinned down carefully from the moment you intend to apply. Studied Electrical Engineering.

Electrical design engineer job

5. Studying Electrical Engineering at a reputable address

?According to Electrical Engineering at a reputable address?

If you have a passion for electrical engineering, you don’t actually need to go to colleges or universities for training because now, many vocational training centers have chosen electrical engineering to train to meet the increasing demands. of life. However, if you want to have a professional learning school and be ready for higher positions, better salary or related to research or participate in electrical engineering programs abroad like Japan or Australia…then this Engineering degrees at technical universities in Vietnam are very important. Engineering is trained at most universities and colleges with admission based on 3 main subject combinations: Block A1, A00 or D07.

In the North, you can study, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, University of Electricity, University of Industry, Institute of Posts and Telecommunications… are the top schools in Electrical Engineering training.

If you want to study in the Central region, some prestigious addresses for choosing electrical engineers or electrical experts belong to Da Nang Polytechnic University, Nha Trang University, Vinh University of Technical Education…

In the South, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology. Ho Chi Minh City (Hutech), Dong Nai University of Technology, and Poetry Technical University are the ideal choices that pop up as soon as the term Electrical Engineering pops into your head.

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The information about what Electrical Engineering is and the future job opportunities of the child of timviec365’s electrical engineering here is hopefully useful to you. Hope you find your dream job soon. Best regards.

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