Cervical ectropion can cause inflammation of the fallopian tubes, endometritis, and easily lead to infertility. Currently, in medicine, there are many methods of treating the disease depending on the degree of damage to the gland at level 1, 2 or 3.

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This is the first stage of thyroiditis. At this time, the glandular cells in the cervical canal begin to grow gradually to the outside, turning the cervix into a place for bacteria to gather and create conditions for them to thrive. In grade 1, cervical lesions are about 30%. When in stage 1 cervical ectropion, its symptoms are still unclear and difficult to detect. The ulcer has not yet developed widely, so it does not affect the patient’s ability to live and sex.

The signs at this stage are mainly: a lot of vaginal discharge even though it is not the time of ovulation, the discharge is green, yellow or milky white, accompanied by foam and has a fishy odor, itching in the private area,… However, , the above signs can’t confirm 100% that the patient has cystitis because many other gynecological diseases also have similar symptoms. Therefore, when the above abnormal symptoms appear, patients should go to a reputable hospital to get an accurate diagnosis of the health problem they are having.

When cervical ectropion is detected in grade 1, the possibility of cure is very high. And if the inflammation is left for a long time, the disease will get worse, possibly turning into cervical cancer, causing infertility, etc.

Vaginal pruritus is a manifestation of grade 1 cervical ectropion

2. Cervical ectropion grade 2

Level 2 cervical ectropion is an average lesion, the inflamed area accounts for 50-70% of the cervical area. In addition to the symptoms of level 1, which is itching in the private area, a lot of vaginal discharge, some patients have symptoms of vulvar pain and bleeding during sex.

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If left untreated for a long time, grade 2 cervical ectropion can cause complications to other inflammatory diseases such as fungus, blocked fallopian tubes or cervicitis, etc. This is also an opportunity for viruses. sexually transmitted diseases have a chance to thrive and cause disease. Very serious consequences: increased risk of infertility – infertility for the patient (due to the change in pH in the vaginal environment, causing sperm to be destroyed before meeting the egg). The disease can also lead to cervical cancer when the damage to the cervix is ​​more and more severe.

At this stage, the gynecologist will give the patient medication to treat the infection and then destroy the gland by laser burning, cryotherapy, etc.

3. Cervical ectropion grade 3

Level 3 cervical ectropion is the most severe degree of inflammation of the disease, which greatly affects the patient’s health. In stage 3, the inflamed area will occupy over 70% of the cervical area, the symptoms are more severe and easy to cause many complications during treatment.

Symptoms of severe cervical ectropion are:

Bleeding during sex: The infected gland develops outside the cervix, when married, it will scratch the cervix and cause bleeding. Vaginal discharge a lot, there are many abnormal manifestations. : yellow, foul-smelling discharge. Abnormal vaginal bleeding outside the menstrual cycle due to congested cervical surface, easy bleeding. Lower abdominal pain (pelvic fossa, waist, lower abdomen like dysmenorrhea). Difficulty urinating, frequent urination, painful urination. Decreased libido, menstrual disorders, fatigue, etc.

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Bleeding during sex or unusual vaginal bleeding can be a sign of severe cervical ectropion

In stage 3, the treatment needs to be carried out as soon as the symptoms of the disease are seen, applying many modern methods to bring good results. Depending on each person’s ability to respond to the treatment regimen, the doctor will assign the patient to use drugs (oral drugs, suppositories) or burning glands. Burning of the gland is carried out only after the inflammation has been cured. However, burning to destroy the cervical gland can cause many consequences: sclerotic scarring, narrowing of the cervical opening, stagnation of menstrual blood, hindrance to conception, difficulty in giving birth later, etc. , which treatment method to apply depends on each specific case.

Cervical ectropion is divided into 3 grades from mild to severe. Early detection of the disease from grade 1 is important for the effectiveness of treatment. Therefore, when there is a suspicion of thyroiditis, women should go to the doctor to get an accurate diagnosis and timely and effective treatment.

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