Eagle Rock Global is a project that many investors and media are interested in. So what is ERG? Eagle Rock Global is SCAM and if invested, how to invest?

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What is Eagle Rock Global

?Eagle Rock Global (ERG) is a technology finance company, attracting resources and building BigData on Website and App platform, through many segments such as: Mining, Trading, Social Network, Investment, Game, Paid to click, E-Commerce, Shortener…

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Opportunity to earn 4.0 Eagle Rock Global

Selling phase of ERG shares

Investment segments of ERG

Eagle Rock Global (ERG) has a license to operate in the UK. View license

Ecosystems of ERG

Eagle Rock Global Investment Profit

Profit from investing in Eagle Rock Global is paid daily to the account and can be withdrawn at any time (Minimum $20), the interest depends on the investment packages, at the end of the cycle RMB will be REFUND:

3 months: 0.2%/day = 6%/month 6 months: 0.25%/day = 7.5%/month 9 months: 0.3%/day = 9%/month 12 months: 0.4%/day = 12%/month 15 months: 0.45%/ days = 13.5%/month18 months: 0.5%/day = 15%/month

Register for an ERG . account

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Eagle Rock Global investment packages

Commission policy

ERG has 03 rewards for referrals: Direct Commission, Daily Interest Commission, Level Bonus.

Direct commissions

From 2%-10% depends on the investment package From F1 -> F18 depends on the investment package

Commission on daily profit

It means that the system receives daily interest, you will receive a commission on daily interest from F1 -> F10: 2% -> 15%

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Level Commission

Manager: +$200. Condition: Have 4 F1s and total sales of $50,000Ruby: +$500. Conditions for having 4 ManagerEmeralds: +$1,000 and 0.5% of total sales. The condition has 4 RubySapphire: +$5,000 and 1% of the total sales. Condition for 3 EmeraldDiamonds: +$30,000 and 3% of total sales. Conditions for having 3 Sapphires

Eagle Rock Global SCAM

?Currently, investors still receive daily profits and successfully withdraw Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH).

Instructions to register an account

There is a detailed article on how to register for an Eagle Rock Global project account, please visit HERE for details.

Step 1: Directly access the registration link: https://eaglerockglobal.org/dashboard/login.php?do=register&ref=ergvn.com


Step 2: Fill in the information completely and accurately

Step 3: Activate email account

In addition, Review Invest has updated many articles that summarize the most detailed instructions on the ERG project, which you can see HERE.