What is e-commerce? This is one of the hottest fields right now, so there must be a lot of young people who intend to pursue this field of study who are wondering what e-commerce is, what to study, as well as the basic principles of e-commerce. employment association of this industry. In this article, we invite you to join Hanoi1000 to learn about e-commerce.

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What is e-commerce?

What is e-commerce?

E-commerce with English name is e-commerce, e-comm or EC refers to conducting part or all of business activities, trading through means with internet connection. In a word, e-commerce is the exchange, buying and selling of products or any service over the internet and electronic means. This process can be done in many forms: transaction, exchange, purchase and sale, payment, advertisement, order, delivery…

These business transactions can occur from business to business (B2B), business to consumer (B2C), consumer to consumer (C2C), or consumer to business (C2B). .

History of formation and development of e-commerce

The formation of e-commerce began in the 1960s, when businesses began to use electronic data interchange (EDI) to share business documents with other businesses and companies.

In 1979, the Americans developed the ASCx12 electronic data sharing system to help businesses easily exchange documents via electronic networks. When the number of users of this system increased rapidly, plus the introduction of channels providing services and products such as Ebay and Amazon in 1990, it revolutionized the e-commerce industry. death.

The first e-commerce order was recorded on August 11, 1994 when a man sold his CD to friends through a website. This is considered the world’s first e-commerce transaction. From here, consumers have begun to be able to buy, sell and exchange unlimited products and services on online channels.

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E-commerce started in the 1960s

Benefits of e-commerce

Currently, the world is entering an era of internet and online connectivity. With just a few basic devices connected to the internet, people can easily communicate and exchange services and goods. This is the condition for the e-commerce field to develop strongly. E-commerce is quickly becoming a powerful sales tool for many trading companies around the world. Not only makes it easier for businesses to sell goods, but this market also brings many benefits to consumers. Now, consumers can make purchases faster, better, and cheaper without even stepping out of their home.

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The birth of e-commerce helps people buy, sell and do business easily and quickly.

What do you study in e-commerce, what majors

?Students studying Commerce will be trained in professional knowledge related to international business, business models and business models. e-business, how to plan to develop e-commerce strategy, conduct transactions and make electronic payments, knowledge of business administration, application of information technology to serve job requirements . In addition to professional skills, students will learn more about Law, Banking, Foreign Languages… to have the ability to manage affairs in enterprises.

The subjects that e-commerce students will learn are: management information systems, database management systems, networks and communications, e-marketing, e-commerce research, strategic analysis , Analysis and design of information systems, Programming…

Currently, e-commerce trains 2 main majors:

Online business: this is a new form of business that is extremely superior to the traditional way of doing business and buying and selling. Specifically, online business will take place entirely on the internet, through sales websites of individuals or businesses, or on e-commerce channels, e-commerce platforms… Through that, the exchange process Exchanges between buyers and sellers become easier.

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Online business majors include: Online Business, Quality Management, Brand Management, Risk Management…

Online marketing: is the promotion of useful product and service information to potential customers on the platform of digital devices, thereby increasing sales as well as building a wide brand image to customers. customers. Online marketing is considered to be one of the “hot” fields in the future.

The subjects in this major are: Digital Marketing, Integrated Marketing, Strategic Management…

What do you do with a bachelor of e-commerce after graduating from school

?What do you do and work where you graduate from school is also the concern of many parents and young people standing in front of them? career options for the future. As for the e-commerce industry, the market in Vietnam in particular and the world in general is developing strongly and is expected to explode at a dizzying speed in the coming years. This also means that the demand for quality human resources for the e-commerce industry will increase, leading to open job opportunities for students, and at the same time requiring businesses to actively improve the quality of human resources to promptly keep pace with the times.

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E-commerce bachelors after graduation can choose to work in the following positions that are suitable for them:

Become an administrator, build commercial or direct business transaction systems for businesses and corporations. With this position, you have the opportunity to advance to the position of Chief Information Officer (CIO), Director of E-Marketing; Expert in project construction, strategic planning for information technology development; Becoming a consultant Consultant for businesses or companies, propose solutions, build and maintain projects related to e-commerce, e-commerce management enterprises… Become a scientific research officer , apply information technology at institutes, centers, research agencies under ministries and branches; Become a lecturer in e-commerce at universities, colleges, educational and training institutions…

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Where will a bachelor’s degree in e-commerce work

?Depending on personal needs and interests, a bachelor’s degree in e-commerce can choose a suitable job to promote. Maximize your capacity and potential. With the jobs mentioned above, you can work at:

Marketing Department, Sales Department, Planning Department at companies, business and commercial enterprises; Informatics companies, technology enterprises or related to the application of technology to business and commercial activities; Universities, research institutes, technology centers, departments and branches related to technology and information technology across the country…

In particular, in the last few years, we have witnessed the strong rise of many “big players” in the e-commerce industry both domestically and internationally, including businesses such as: Tiki, Lazada, Shopee, Ebay, Amazon… The technology boom led to the form of business by electronic means, gradually replacing the traditional means. Since then, domestic and foreign commercial enterprises have also followed the trend and changed drastically. These are also positive signals for those who choose to pursue the e-commerce industry – a potential field and is expected to lead the trend in the coming years.