Disclaimer is a common English term used frequently by a lot of people. In which, the field of web design, administration and construction is applying this term most of all. And in today’s article, Sen Tay Ho restaurant will share with you all the knowledge related to Disclaimer, which not everyone knows. Let’s follow along.

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What is Disclaimer?

Disclaimer is an English word translated into Vietnamese that means disclaimer, disclaimer. This word is used in a sentence with the function of a noun that is the subject of a sentence or an object that adds meaning to the completed sentence. Before Disclaimer can be an adjective.

Disclaimer (English: Disclaimer) is any statement intended to define or delineate the extent of rights and obligations that can be made and enforced by the parties to a recognized relationship of legal side.

In a website, a Disclaimer is a notice intended to limit liability for the results of your use of the website.

Why is it necessary to have a disclaimer on the web

? Perhaps this is the concern of many people outside the industry. We can see, when searching for a keyword on the Google search engine, within a few seconds, it gives us several million results. These results are gathered and filtered from many different websites, no one can confirm that the information on them is completely accurate.

In fact, webmasters are not intentionally providing false information, but in some cases, despite trying to find information, they cannot avoid errors.

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For some information in the form of views, tabloids, this is not important, however, for some information such as law, health, …. The website owner may be responsible for the information he/she provides. So what should they do to avoid this happening when this is not a subjective intention?

This is why we need Disclaimer. The purpose of this is to inform their readers that the information they provide is one-sided, and does not represent any lawyer or medical professional. any.

That is, the information they provide is for reference only, so the reader needs to understand it properly.

What happens when Disclaimer does not exist on the web

?The information provided by the owner may or may not be correct, so it is impossible to say that what they provide on the web is always correct. reality.

In some cases where false information is reported by users for which there is no disclaimer on your website, you are likely to face penalties and charges from the court and a fine. nothing difficult at all. Would you like to be yourself?

It is completely reasonable and necessary to set up Disclaimer on the web. This on the one hand helps website owners avoid unexpected problems, besides can put information on their website comfortably without worrying about what if it’s wrong?

Necessary things to set up your own website

Along with the development of the economy is the continuous development of 4.0 technology. With just a few simple steps, you can set up your own website without any hindrance.

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This is really good and positive for people who have a real passion for business as they provide products and services and establish access to millions of potential customers.

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However, this development also contains many unpredictable risks. If you want to seriously develop it in the long run, you need to eliminate some of those dangers.

And Disclaimer will take over part of that task. So if you want to look forward to the long term, you should not ignore the disclaimer!!!


Above are the details of Disclaimer-related knowledge that Sen Tay Ho wants to share with all of you. Hope the article is helpful to you. Good luck!