What is co-working space? What are the basic services when renting an office in the form of coworking space in Hanoi? Points to pay attention to if you are looking to go in the direction of developing coworking space for rent? Please refer to the following useful article immediately.

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1. what is coworking space Freelancer. Coworking space is an office rental service, where people work and share a common space, with full facilities not inferior to a traditional office.

High-class shared office coworking space will bring a completely different working atmosphere compared to traditional offices, companies or individuals still work independently at coworking space, they work in many different locations. different fields and share the same workspace with countless other utilities included.

2. Basic services at coworking space

When using a coworking space for lease, you will enjoy many benefits that this service provides not only as a workplace, but customers can also exploit and take advantage of available advantages such as: Conferences or events are held, and you can use free meeting rooms to enjoy many special incentives when using services from members and partners in the coworking space.

The goal of coworking space is to provide the best and most optimal solutions for the needs of looking for an address to rent an office for startups and a fixed working seat for freelancers. . Some of the services you will enjoy when working at a coworking space include:

Private workspace

Virtual office


Conference room

Flexible seating

Private office

Fixed seat

3. Golden advice to build a Coworking Space model in Hanoi

To build a shared office model in Hanoi, we should pay attention to some aspects as follows:

3.1. Building community is more important than building space

A perfect coworking space model will have to prioritize building community first, not the main goal of building a workspace. Before starting to build a coworking space, we must survey what the needs of the customer are at the place where you plan to exploit the coworking space model. Specifically, you will have to answer some questions about the search needs of customers. For example, when they want to find an office for rent in Trung Kinh, what do they need, what they want to find there, what are the customer’s requirements, etc.

When building a coworking space virtual office rental model and wishing to have more customers know about us, we should look for and establish more social networking groups or regularly organize meetings where we can. gathers many famous businesses in the start-up world, Freelancer to popularize the coworking space brand to more people.

3.2 Focus on the function of the coworking space first, then the external appearance

When building an office for lease under the coworking space model, we still have to make sure it is a spacious, airy, beautifully decorated and customer-friendly working place.

However, this costs a lot of money, many companies invest too much in interior design but cut costs for utilities such as soundproofing systems, conference rooms, etc., disappointing the customers. row.

Therefore, besides paying attention to the external design of the office, we cannot help but build the internal function, focusing on the team that can find potential customers, enhancing the usefulness of the model. coworking space.

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3.3. Do not forget about the element of location, location

The location or location of the office for lease in Hanoi also plays an important role when opening a high-class shared office. We need to find construction sites with a large area, safe space and especially convenient for traveling as well as close to the center to suit our budget.

A useful tip for you is to be able to find old, unused buildings to rent out and redesign. We just need to work with the lessor very carefully on the terms of the contract.

3.4. Seek help from forums

When building a coworking space in the early stages, it will be relatively difficult to connect with customers, even though your office rental model meets all factors in terms of space and working environment.

To improve as well as improve efficiency in connecting with customers, you may need to seek the help of centers, business organizations ranging from small to large, or forums to participate. talkshows, exchanges, etc. to connect with customers.

4. Cen X Space an effective coworking space model in Hanoi

Cen X Space Co-working is known as one of the brands with a high-end shared office rental model.

Cen X Space is always aiming to find and offer solutions to save maximum operating costs for your business. With a space with a modern and liberal breath, designed in harmony with nature, Cen X Space wishes that you will have the best conditions to create your own values ​​at the most reasonable cost.

At Cen X Space, we provide a full range of types of offices for corporate companies, for partners and have individual working seats with a space that sets international 5-star standards on regulations on coworking space. .

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Some pictures of shared office space at Cen X Space:

With the experience shared in the article, above Cen X Space hope that you will understand more about the coworking space office rental model – a trend that will grow more and more in the future!.

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