What is Contact?

What does contact mean? If you look up the word contact, “contact” in Vietnamese will have many different meanings. Below you will understand more about what contact in English is.

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Noun Contact: Is contact (especially regular contact)

Ex: I don’t have much contact with my friend.

(I don’t keep in touch with my friends often)

Have you kept in contact with any of your friends from high school

Ex: She’s lost contact with her son.

(She has lost contact with her son)

Ex: I’ll give you my contact details.

(I will give you my contact information)

Contact: Is (the) touching, contact

Ex: This substance should not come into contact with food.

(This substance should not come into direct contact with food.)

Ex: This pesticide kills insects on contact

(This insecticide will kill insects on contact)


Contact means to communicate

Ex: I’ve been trying to contact you all day.

(I’ve been trying to contact you all day)


Contactable /ˈkɒntæktəbl, ˈkɑːntæktəbl/

Ex: I’ll be contactable on this number: 090912345

(People can contact me on 090912345)

Above are the sharing and knowledge for you to understand what contact is. Especially what is the meaning of contact in English. So contact contact is an address with full information so that viewers can contact that person directly. On the contact, you can write the necessary information such as: Full name, residential address, contact phone number, Email address, Facebook, or any other information to be able to contact each other.

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Contact Person or contact person is abbreviated as CP. This is the general definition for contact person. Contact Person is used as an acronym, a message, or an image to represent the Contact person.

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In eye contact, there are usually actions like:

Glance: Glance Gaze: stare Stare: stare Blink: wink Roll the eyes: roll eyesClose eyes: close eyesOpen eyes: open eyes

Eye contact will rely on the actions of the eyes to represent a language that only people who understand those eyes can understand the information conveyed. The art of hip eye contact not only makes you appear much more attractive to the other person, but also improves the quality of the interaction.

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Eyes are inherently to connect, so others will be attracted by eye contact when communicating. Eye contact skills can be practiced every day.


With the information about what Contact is, it is also important for you to understand them. It is the source of contact for a company or an individual, or yourself. You can make your own contact contact. So that when someone asks for your contact, you will be willing to exchange information. This is really necessary when you are an entrepreneur, or a person who often interacts with customers.

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