Surely, for those of you doing Affiliate Marketing or the first MMO, it is no longer strange with the name Clickbank Make Money. This is a famous Affiliate Network site and has a large Marketing community.

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Simply, there are many people involved in making money with Clickbank. Because this is a famous Affliate site and the commission payout is extremely high. (Products commission up to 80%).

At that time and to the present, there are many people who can buy long-term houses and cars with a salary of hundreds of thousands of dollars, which is desirable for many people. When participating in making money with Clickbank.

In this article, I will share with you what is Clickbank? Share your experience of making money with Clickbank.

Key Payment Gateways of Clickbank

Before you open the payment gateway to make money with Clickbank. You need to register an account first, go to Accounts.clickbank page to open an account.

TIPS: Clickbank is now extremely difficult to approve and open an account. Therefore, you refuse to open an account many times to make money with Clickbank. Please visit Clickbank contact page for support and manual review for you.

Back to the main content of this part, I show you how to Add a payment gateway to your Clickbank account.

First, at the homepage interface, find and select ‘Payment Information Editor” to edit payment gateway information.

Here, you need to provide information in the following fields:

+ Payment Threshold

Or the liquidity threshold when you reach the required amount in your Account Wallet. You will be disbursed by Clickbank and allow you to liquidate the amount in your account.

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With Min withdraw: 10$ and Max withdraw: 1 million $

+ Payment method

This is the payment method for Clickbank to pay you. In the following two main forms:

. Check Deposit: This form takes a long time to approve the money returned and when the money comes back you need to go to the bank to sign the application to receive the money. (I recommend that you do not use this method).

. Direct Deposit: This payment gateway when it is time to pay, Clickbank automatically pays money to your account. You can also apply for a Master Payoneer card to link your local bank account. The money order is very fast and processed within 24 hours.

+ Payment Frequency

You choose the payment frequency of Clickbank can be Weekly (Weekly) or Bi – Weekly (once every 2 weeks). Depends on which way you choose.

+ Direct Deposit Information

If you choose the form of Direct Deposit payment gateway. You need to provide the information printed on your Master Payoneer card. You also get information printed on the card in the same way you get information on Visacard and Mastercard.

The categories and fields for you to do business on Clickbank are very diverse. These can be mentioned as: entertainment, education, beauty, health, fashion, technology….

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The products you sell on Clickbank do not come from a single market, the US. The same product you can sell to many different countries around the world.

For example: The product below is for the Spanish market.

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Channel to make money with Clickbank

Similar to other forms of online marketing. With Clickbank, there are two directions for you to choose from: Organic Traffic and Paid Traffic. I go through both directions for you to understand better.

1. Organic Traffic

+ SEO Top Google

Foreign customer behavior, when they want to buy a certain product. They often have behavior on Google, looking for Review articles and reviews about that product.

Therefore, to sell foreign products, you can make a website in the form of Blog sharing, Reviewing and evaluating products. As well as providing information about benefits, after-sales and value around that product. Combine and insert Affiliate Link to buy that product in the article.

Make money and do well with Clickbank in this day and age. You need to focus on the long-term marketing strategy and continuously create and innovate Content. Add many other small niches to sell with many other products.

For example: A computer thrifty business person can dig into the small niches of products about CPU, Database, hardwares….

2. Paid traffic

Paid Traffic is the fastest way for you to accelerate sales and reach customers. You combine with the above Organic Traffic method even better.

Currently, there are a number of effective advertising channels, you can refer to:

+ Google Ads: Run Google ads to pull customers to your website or Lading Page Review of your products.

+ Facebook Ads: You can build a sales Fanpage and direct customers to your great product Review website.

+ Instagram Ads: With Instagram, you should focus on optimizing and investing in images and Profile to get more followers. From there, build a very good Sales and Sales system Affilate Clickbank.

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Paid traffic is a way to help you speed up the process and produce results in a short time, when compared to Organic traffic.

With the next pages market to sell on large markets like Clickbank you should consider the investment budget for advertising. Ideally, you should be equipped with other additional online marketing knowledge such as: Content, Advertising, Lading Page, Website …


In short, to be able to make money on Clickbank, you need to constantly learn and cultivate new knowledge about Online Marketing, support software, content skills and of course a little knowledge of English… a lot of other knowledge that you need to exchange.

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Hopefully through this sharing article, will give you more new perspectives on what is Clickbank? Share the experience of making money with Clickbank

Do you have any questions or concerns that you need help with? Don’t hesitate to comment below so we can help you out.