If you are new to the world of digital marketing, you have probably come across these three letters – CTA – and wondered what famous businesses in Vietnam have to do when running an e-commerce website. success. Things may start to make more sense when I tell you that in marketing and sales, Call To Action (CTA) is really just an acronym for Call to Action, a marketing practice. ancient. Depending on your age, you’ve probably seen CTAs in action in various forms throughout the evolution of media.

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The term call to action refers to any prompt for immediate feedback or incentive for an immediate sale. In digital marketing, this is usually achieved using buttons known as CTAs. These are clearly visible, strategically placed, clickable buttons with contrasting fonts and carefully packaged phrases. The CTA button triggers a very different response; unmissable and easy to click – the most important features of a successful CTA. Here’s a great call-to-action example from Netflix, urging you to join for free for a month, if you’re new or more sophisticated, Sign In Sign in if you’re an existing user.

So what is a call to action?

What does it all really mean?

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We start with the basics of calls to action and end with a detailed overview of their practical uses. It’s worth noting that the subject of a CTA is a broad one, and we didn’t come close to exhausting it. What are some specific questions like what is a written Call to Action? Others and others have not been answered in detail.

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Calls to action are here to stay and mastering their use is a huge asset to any business, big or small. Make smart choices when picking out CTA button attributes that can make or break a sale. Taking the extra time to consider the influence of different factors and putting everything we discussed above into practice can yield lasting results.

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At the end of the day, it SHOULD take into account what is tried and true. Also, DO NOT blindly follow what has been done for others in the past. Be sure to never lose track of what your website stands for and what your specific goals are for it.

So what is a call to action? Your new favorite marketing tool!