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Modern society cannot mention the role of economy and accordingly business activities around the world. A developed country is always associated with a developed economic image. Business activities in the world today are extremely large, and vibrant. In Vietnam alone, there are more than hundreds of thousands of businesses operating.

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Business activity is not simply selling a product to earn money, but a complex process governed by many different economic laws, management, strategy and many other factors. A well-developed organization/company requires really good and effective business activities; To do so requires controlling all business processes, optimizing the system, saving costs, increasing revenue… Business administration was born to meet the above requirements. With an in-depth scientific theoretical base system, along with a wide range of economic activities, business administration is one of the world’s most popular and traditional disciplines.

There are no borders to the success of those in business administration. Among the most influential people in the world, most are well-versed in business administration. However, the career path of business administration is also quite difficult.

Learn about the characteristics of Business Administration

Features of business administration

In economic and business activities, the ultimate goal is to create a large source of income for the organization, develop the organization and bring a lot of value to the society. Business administration activities are to ensure the achievement of the above purposes.

Business administration does not intervene and manage an entire organization, but only aims to perform business process management behaviors to maintain and develop the business of the company or organization. Related activities include building business processes, business systems, controlling business operations, and optimizing performance to generate additional business revenue.

The more important thing in business administration is to devise strategies, tactics, and plans to bring the company/organization to development in the future. (And in some cases: set out strategies, tactics… so that the company/organization can maintain operations, not go bankrupt).

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Comparison of business administration with some related industries

Business Administration performs business process management to maintain, and develop the business of the company or organization.

While human resource management is geared towards the management of human resources in the organization. Production management aims to ensure an efficient, transparent, and high-quality production process.

Business administration industry is stressful and highly competitive

People in business administration

People working in business administration must always be dynamic, responsive, confident, strong, able to work under pressure and be competitive. Ability to speak and persuade people. People with a lot of energy, ambition but also very sociable and like to socialize. (Type E – Enterprise)

To be able to develop and work with the business administration industry, it requires the practitioner to understand a large amount of knowledge about economic laws, management methods, and business strategies. At the same time, it is necessary to continuously practice and equip the necessary skills to meet the professional work:

– Skills in strategy formulation, and business planning

– Market research and development skills

– Skills in building and operating business systems

– Marketing and marketing skills

Advantages and disadvantages of working in business administration

Pressure from business activities with the competition of many other units, to be able to develop the company, you need to be sensitive to appropriate strategies and solutions. Business is not always smooth, you will have to face failures because of not meeting goals, business activities will be delayed, production activities and your entire factory will be delayed. . Not only that, with a limited human and financial resources in the organization, managing people and finance is not an easy task.

However, success when it comes is always recognized; First, it is the system you manage that works effectively, your business goes well, and generates great revenue for you and your organization. That was amazing. And the highest positions in the organization are for you.

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For newly graduated bachelors, the career path is quite difficult for many young people. Sometimes the first job is just the work of a basic salesperson, sometimes you will feel bored with such jobs. However, if you are active enough, you will learn a lot of experience to accumulate for yourself, and find opportunities to switch to other more suitable job positions.

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Job opportunities do – find a job in business administration

Have the opportunity to work at all units/companies across the country (and internationally). Most organizations have business activities, and with a large number of businesses in Vietnam, career opportunities are not small. With specialized knowledge and skills, you can take on many different job positions related to the business activities of the organization.


With about 100 university-level training institutions enrolling in two popular entrance exams, blocks A and D1, business administration is a group of majors chosen by a large number of candidates. The admission rate for 1st choice is 10.5%, with an average score of 17.2 points.

Business administration majors are recruited and trained on a large scale, with the common name of business administration or specialized such as post and telecommunications economics, travel business administration and tour guide, business administration. commercial enterprise, quality management, insurance business administration, post and telecommunications business administration, hotel and restaurant management… to train bachelors of business administration capable of policy making , strategies, business plans, know how to organize business activities, have specialized skills in corporate governance and create new businesses.

Many majors

After graduating, a bachelor of this industry can be recruited into a number of positions such as: investment planning officer, human resources staff, sales staff, administrative staff, department staff. sales planning department, system development staff, sales staff, import-export staff… Positions with the title of chief, deputy or higher often require work experience.

At different schools, this major is trained with different specialties. In particular, the business management major specializes in management skills, has broad knowledge of economics and in-depth business administration, is dynamic, creative, and has the ability to self-start a business.

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The quality management major specializes in planning, quality management programs and directing the implementation at companies, developing a sound policy on quality.

The international business major specializes in business skills in an international environment, has a global perspective, has the ability to negotiate, analyze, find out the differences and similarities between the markets.

The foreign trade major provides foundation training in economic management and business administration, international business administration, and foreign trade policy. Marketing majors train bachelors of economics with participation in organizing surveys and research, thereby drawing up marketing strategies for businesses…

The qualities and skills necessary to succeed in the field of economics in general or business administration in particular are: mastering natural, social, and business knowledge; proficient in foreign languages ​​and informatics; have a desire to get rich legitimately, have business ethics; creative thinking; have organizational and management capacity, self-confidence, know how to overcome risks.

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Candidates should not worry too much about training programs and degrees. Currently, with the regulations on the framework program, in the same field of study, about 65% of the subjects will be the same (50% of the subjects are the same due to the regulations of the framework program). The specialized knowledge part will be prescribed by the schools depending on the strengths and development orientation of each unit. Therefore, choosing which school to participate in involves more utility factors, auxiliary activities. In addition to study locations, tuition fees, dormitories, internship opportunities at businesses, you need to consider the output standards of each school to choose a school that is just right for you. the strength of myself and my family.The article quotes some content of Dr. LE THI THANH MAI in Tuoi Tre Online newspaper.