What subjects does block D90 include? Or block D90 includes what industries? Read the article below to get the necessary information about the D90 block.

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1. What subjects does block D90 include

?In recent years, with the expansion of large exam blocks into many small combinations of subjects, many candidates will wonder what subjects in block D90 include. Specifically, block D90 includes three subjects: Math, English and Natural Science. This is one of the exam combinations extended from the traditional D block – one of the university exam blocks with the most subject combinations.

The exam subjects in the D90 complex have a combination of the A00 and D00 block subjects. The addition of the exam combinations of the Ministry of Education and Training helps schools have a wide source of enrollment, and at the same time, candidates have more choice of exam subjects and professions suitable for themselves.

Subjects for admission to block D90

2. What majors does block D90 include

?D90 is a new combination of exam subjects introduced for university and college admission. Therefore, the occupations of the D90 block are still not as diverse as other university exam blocks. However, there are still many professions in the D90 block that are very promising, with wide job opportunities.

Below is a list of D90 combination occupations that you can refer to.

Name of the discipline Name of the discipline English Pedagogy Information Technology Russian Pedagogy Transport Operations French Pedagogy Transport Economics Pedagogy Chinese Computer Network and Data Communication Pedagogy Japanese Electronic Engineering – telecommunications Korean Pedagogy Construction Engineering Physics Pedagogy Information Security Math Pedagogy Mechanical Engineering Technology Pedagogy Chemistry Food Technology English Language E-commerce Russian Language Environmental Science French Language Mechatronic Engineering Technology Chinese Language Materials Technology German Language Business Administration Japanese Language Computer Science Korean Language Resource and Environment Management Arabic Language Translation Management travel and tourism services Aeronautical engineering Post-harvest technology Flight operations management Electrical engineering Biotechnology Software engineering – Information technology Chemistry Animal husbandry Nuclear engineering Plant protection Technology the media

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3. Potential occupations of block D90

Information technology industry

This is one of the most attractive majors for candidates today, because the job opportunities are very open and the demand for human resources is constantly increasing. In particular, the income level of people working in information technology is always at a good to high level, ranging from 10 to 20 million depending on the job position. Besides, you also have many opportunities to work abroad because the knowledge you learn can be used basically anywhere in the world.

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By studying this major, students will be equipped with knowledge related to the research and development of software system applications; knowledge of the design, construction, installation, operation and maintenance of hardware and software components of computer systems and computer-based equipment systems; Knowledge of computer networks and communications. In addition, you are also trained in the knowledge of network information safety and security, one of the most important areas of concern in the world today.

Subjects for admission to block D90

Department of English Language

English language is considered as one of the promising fields of study in the current period. Students enrolled in this major are not only trained in in-depth knowledge of the English language, culture and society, but also fully equipped with necessary knowledge and soft skills such as communication and presentation skills. , analysis, teamwork…

English is considered a popular language in the world, so being good at English will give you a great advantage in terms of work in the integration trend. Choosing an English major is an important first step to a successful future.

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With fluent English skills and knowledge and skills trained in schools, students of English major can work as editors and interpreters in newsrooms, media agencies, publishing houses, libraries. In addition, if you have pedagogical ability, you can work as an English teacher at universities, colleges, professional secondary schools, high schools or foreign language centers…

Food Technology

In the face of the current rampant dirty food situation, the need for clean and safe food sources has become more important than ever. In particular, the need to use products of clear origin, guaranteed quality and processed safely. Therefore, the Food Technology industry is considered as a promising field in the future with great job opportunities and attractive salary. After graduating from this industry, students can easily apply for jobs at companies and businesses in the field of food.

Major in Tourism and Travel Service Management

In the current development of tourism, tourism and travel service management is a field chosen by many young people to study, because of its unique nature. Dynamic and open job opportunities.

Besides, the salary of those who work in tourism is relatively high. With an income of hundreds of dollars and thousands of dollars, this is a gold mine for you to look forward to and study. And yet, you can also receive tips and “tips” from customers, so income in this industry is impossible to report accurately.

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Students studying Tourism and Travel Service Management will be equipped with subjects such as Tourism Geography, Culture, Management Science, Business Administration, Psychology and tourist habits in tourism. national and international. Along with that are professional skills in tour guide, tour design, tour management and operation, tourism event design and management, etc. In addition, students also learn soft skills, technical skills. language skills, communication…

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Hopefully the information in the article has helped readers understand the exam subjects of block D90 as well as the subjects for this exam.