Blazers are trendy and convenient accessories indispensable in the wardrobe of today’s fashionistas. However, are you sure that you have a clear understanding of what a blazer is? What is a blazer vest? All information about this shirt will be shared by right through the article below, follow along to get more useful fashion knowledge.

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1.What is a blazer

– Blazer is a type of jacket that is designed based on a suit jacket but modified with variable seams to provide a variety of designs and more comfort for the wearer. Can be used in many different situations from street walks, workplaces to formal events.

Blazers are an indispensable item in the fashion style for both men and women. So what are the characteristics of blazers that make them so popular? Quite a few of you wonder what a men’s blazer is? But in fact, men and women are just different styles, but the meaning is the same.

The style is luxurious and serious like a suit jacket, but it is much more comfortable and convenient.

Easy to coordinate, can mix with many different types of pants from jeans, khaki, even shorts, ..Create your own style for the wearer.There are outstanding buttons as accents for the shirt.

2.The history of the blazer

It’s surprising that blazers are not a recent model, but they have a long history. Blazers were born and popularized in the mid-20th century. The first blazers were designed to resemble a modern windbreaker.

– Their introduction was not for fashion purposes, but their original use was to keep rowers warm during cold training sessions or early morning regattas in the Oxford and Cambridge regions. Besides, they also have the function to help distinguish the sailing teams with the distinctive color stripes for each team.

– So what does blazer mean and where does the name “blazer” come from? The name comes from a brightly colored shirt: Blazing Red in 1952. This shirt was then worn by Cambridge’s Lady Margaret rowing club.

3.Distinguish Blazer jacket from other tops

Currently, many people confuse this shirt with some other types of clothing such as suit jacket, sport jacket, etc.

Suits, sport jackets and blazer jackets are similar and extremely popular outfits, popular in both men’s and women’s wardrobes. Therefore, they cause misunderstandings for the wearer. So what is the difference between these lines?

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– Suit: When it comes to the suit, it is immediately associated with costumes for important and serious events such as conferences, high-level meetings, .. Suits in particular and suits in general follow the rules. The most basic is that the color as well as the material between the shirt and the pants must be identical. The shape of the suit usually fits, sometimes hugs the wearer and is only suitable for men’s shirts inside.

What is a blazer jacket? As mentioned above, a blazer is a variation of a suit to bring a more comfortable feeling to the wearer but still be polite. With a blazer you can coordinate with many other pants.

Sport jacket: This is the shirt that is most easily confused with a blazer because they are also designed to be comfortable and convenient for sports activities. The difference is that sport jackets are designed to be wider so that you can wear an inner bra.

4.Common materials for blazers

– Not only diverse in design, but also very rich in materials for making blazer. Up to 7 types of materials can be used in the design of a blazer including: mixed wool, flannel, fresco weave, cashmere and linen, check fabric, rough fabric.

In which, there are 3 most popular types: wool, coarse fabric and flannel fabric. So what characteristics do these materials have, let’s find out.

Wool: A completely natural material. The small holes created by the wool fibers escape sweat and moisture of the wearer. Thanks to that, the wool blazer can keep warm but also breathable, so it is often used in cold winter. It’s not hard to understand why blazers made from wool have become a classic and popular choice.

Flannel: A fabric woven from wool fibers with soft and light characteristics, it feels a bit frayed to the end. Therefore, when used to sew a blazer, it not only creates a delicate beauty but also brings comfort and lightness in movement.

Raw fabric: This is the material that can be woven with the most fabrics and is used to make the most blazers. Raw fabric is an unnatural product that is woven to make the yarn breathable and the weave to make the blazer less wrinkled. Therefore, the characteristic of blazer made from raw fabric is the ability to hold the shirt well and create a comfortable feeling for the wearer.

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5.The current trend of women’s blazers

What is a women’s blazer and what are the current trendy blazers do you know? Let’s learn to buy for yourself Best blazer ever.

5.1 Knotted Blazers

– This is the basic and common blazer style that women should own. The feature of the button-down blazer is that it has 2 different pieces connected by buttons.

The knotted blazer is a basic blazer item that every fashion lady must own if she doesn’t want to be outdated.

5.2 Tuxedo Blazer

The characteristic of this shirt line is that it has a medium length or a full length according to the style of the dress.

– Wearing a Tuxedo-style blazer not only gives you a glamorous look, but also inspires.

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– Above all, this blazer is also suitable in many different situations from office parties, dates to important events and parties.

5.3 Leather blazer

Blazers made from leather always create great attraction for the wearer. The leather blazer gives the wearer an elegant, modern style with a casual design while the biker blazer design offers personality, strength, and mischief.

5.4 Sleeveless Blazer

Sleeveless blazer is the perfect outfit to coordinate with dresses – an indispensable item for women.

With this blazer line, it will help the ladies become more feminine, elegant, elegant and fashionable. Whether you are attending an important event or preparing to attend an exciting party, the sleeveless blazer is still extremely suitable.

5.5 waterfall blazer

– The feature of the waterfall blazer line is that there are no buttons but only outerwear with open wings.

With this shirt, it gives the girls a gentle but no less seductive look.

– Blazer waterfall shirt is suitable for wearing on windy autumn days to party with friends or go for a walk.

5.6 Blazer Peplum Shirt

– For fashionistas in general and blazer fanatics in particular, the Peplum blazer is a must-have choice in the wardrobe.

This shirt has a curved design at the intersection between the hips and waist, making the wearer’s body softer and more flexible.

– This is one of the trendiest, most stylish blazers in the fashion industry and is suitable for all body shapes including chubby girls.

6.What is the way to coordinate with women’s blazer

Knowing what a blazer is, do you know how to mix and match clothes to make you more beautiful and beautiful? Currently, there are countless ways to coordinate with blazer, depending on the personality and preferences of each girl, which has her own style. However, if you still haven’t defined a style or want to have a new style, then check out the styling tips that synthesizes to have more fashion styles for you.

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– Blazer tops with skirts

This is considered the simplest and easiest way to coordinate when you just need a skirt combined with a blazer outside. Besides the traditional one-piece dress, you can combine it with many other types of skirts such as body-hugging skirts, flared skirts, maxi skirts, .. to match your own style.

– Blazer mixed with skirt

With skirts, girls can coordinate more freely instead of simply stopping at dresses of the same color or pattern.

+ Women’s blazers are often neutral colors, so combine with similar colors, do not choose colors that are too prominent.

+ You can choose a flared skirt, A-line skirt, tight skirt…depending on your preferences or circumstances to match. Besides, choosing a pair of ankle boots, loafer mix shoes, a pair of sneakers, etc. is the perfect choice to elevate this set a lot.

– Blazer mixed with jeans

+ This is a very personal way to coordinate clothes because the combination of a light and elegant outfit with jeans is famous for its dusting personality.

+ With just a t-shirt, jeans, high heels/sneaker mixed with a blazer, your fashion style explodes and shines all day.

For this style of mixing, the long or waterfall blazer lines are the perfect choice.

– Blazer mixed with shorts

With this style of dressing, it brings comfort, youthfulness and dynamism to women.

+ You can wear a long blazer with short shorts inside for a look that is both personality and very attractive.

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+ The color scheme for the outfit is also very important, if you do not know how to mix colors, wearing the same color outfit is also a simple and smart choice.

Through the above article, you must know what a blazer is? Or simply what is a women’s blazer jacket? And there are many more useful experiences about this shirt, right? Hope the sharing of will help you to dress beautifully every day, even more beautiful!