When it comes to Black Friday, people will immediately think of the phrases “super sale” and “crazy shopping”. This day is popular in many countries around the world, including Vietnam. So do you know what Black Friday is? When is Black Friday and what makes it a worldwide shopping day? Let’s discover this interesting thing with us right now!

What is the concept of Black Friday

?Black Friday is a term that has been widely used in recent decades. Black Friday is the first Friday after Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving day falls on the 4th Thursday in November). Therefore, Black Friday usually falls between November 23 and November 29. On this day, brands are all offering huge discounts, causing consumers to rush to the streets to “hunt” and even websites are blocked by overloaded website visits.

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Black Friday is the biggest shopping festival of the year in many countries around the world

People know the concept of Black Friday when there was a traffic jam in Philadelphia in 1965. Hundreds of thousands of Americans crowded the streets to shop for the upcoming Christmas.

Black Friday is not an official holiday. But there are also some places that consider this as a holiday called “The Day After Thanksgiving”. Combined with weekends, people have 4 consecutive days off. This further increases the purchasing power of people. Gradually, Black Friday has spread to many countries around the world and has become the biggest shopping festival.

The Birth of Black Friday

To know specifically what Black Friday is, we need to find out its birth. According to Wikipedia, the origin of this day dates back to the idea of ​​the Santa Claus parade. Thanksgiving parades often include an appearance by Santa Claus at the end of the parade. This means “Santa Claus has come”, ushering in an upcoming Christmas celebration. And stores and brands will use this parade to launch a big advertising program. Eventually, it became an “unwritten rule” that one day after Thanksgiving, the official shopping season begins.

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But not stopping there, people and business households always want the shopping season to last longer. Faced with that pressure, Franklin D. Roosevelt – the 32nd president of the United States moved Thanksgiving from the last Thursday to the fourth Thursday in November, with the aim of prolonging the Christmas shopping season. Accordingly, Black Friday is officially recognized as the first Friday after Thanksgiving and is popular in many countries around the world.

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The influence of “Black Friday” around the world

“As the shopping season drags on, people will spend more, and the economy in crisis will get a much-needed boost” – that’s the idea that gave birth to Black. Friday. Also, on this day, people will offer thousands of “shocking” discount items to kick off the shopping season and stimulate consumer demand. This discount can be up to 80% – 90%. That level is more than enough for shoppers to “go crazy” and rush to the street from 3 am to buy goods at bargain prices.

On this day, people have to jostle each other to buy their favorite items at bargain prices

The influence of this shopping festival takes place not only in the US but also in many countries around the world. Including Vietnam. All items from clothing, home appliances, electronics, cosmetics… all dropped to the level of “floor collapse”. On this day, you can freely buy your favorite products without worrying about the price.

Now do you know what Black Friday is? Don’t forget to prepare your “pocket” to welcome the upcoming Black Friday. There will be many surprises for sure.

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