Search volume for Bitcoin Vault (BTCV) increased after BTCV officially listed Coineal exchange with BTCV/BTC trading pair and experienced steady growth during that time. So what is BTCV worth investing in and how to own BTCV, please take a look at the article below to have a more general view of this cryptocurrency.

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What is Bitcoin Vault (BTCV)?

Bitcoin Vault was born on the basis of a 3-private key security structure to provide superior security. The source code is similar to Bitcoin (BTC) using the SHA 256 algorithm for mining.

It can be said that Bitcoin Vault (BTCV) is a better version of the current Bitcoin (BTC) with many outstanding features.

What is Bitcoin Vault?

Bitcoin Vault not only retains all the conveniences typical of bitcoin, but also integrates the important feature of transparency and freedom. Bitcoin Vault is the key to solving the problems that the crypto community has encountered over the past 10 years.

Information about BTCV

Transaction code: BTCV Total supply: 21,000,000 BTCV Circulation: 1,800,000 Mining algorithm: POW Mining using SHA-256 Halving mechanism: 6 months Website: https://github. com/bitcoinvault/bitcoinvaultExplore:

Bitcoin Vault (BTCV) Price Today

Bitcoin Vault (BTCV) Development Roadmap

Q4/2019: Launch of Bitcoin Vault (BTCV)Q1/2020: Mobile Wallet integration available on Google Play and App StoreQ2/2020: Additional key integrationQ3/2020: Launch of BTCV on various exchangesQ4/2020: Implementation of global marketing campaign

Bitcoin Vault Development Roadmap in 2020

Excellent Features of Bitcoin Vault

Bitcoin Vault brings many superior features compared to Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is available. In addition, the feature of preventing “hackers” from stealing property is the best:

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Outstanding Features of Bitcoin Vault

Security Mechanism of Bitcoin Vault

Explain in an easy way to understand the “Anti-theft” mechanism BTCV will have 2 keys: KEY 01 is a wallet code like a normal coin and an additional code KEY 02 is a code to confirm transaction completion. valid within 24 hours.

This feature is especially useful in combating fraud or in the case of “Message by mistake” you can get BTCV back without losing unfortunately.

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Example 1: If A mistakenly sends BTCV to B. Within 24 hours, A clicks on KEY 2, then A will receive back the BTCV number that was transferred to B.

Example 2: A transfers BTCV to B and waits to receive the goods. Within 24 hours, B does not send goods, A can press KEY 2 and receive the transferred BTCV number.

How to own BTCV

If Bitcoin Vault (BTCV) finds potential, why not own it right from this moment. Here are 3 ways to own the first BTCV coin:

The above are ways to own BTCV from the very beginning and have the opportunity to make a profit.

Where to store BTCV

?Currently, Bitcoin Vault (BTCV) can be stored on exchanges or stored on computers by downloading the application and installing:

Cause Bitcoin Vault (BTCV) Dump?

The main reasons for this are known to be that the page was hacked by Ddos and could not be accessed.

Should I Invest in Bitcoin Vault (BTCV)?

Bitcoin Vault (BTCV) is a coin mined from the Mining City project quite a lot, the community needs a high payout. In addition to paying interest for investment packages, BTCV is also used to pay commissions, so the amount of BTCV on the market is high.


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Therefore, I personally will not participate in buying and storing BTCV for the purpose of waiting for the price increase. Currently BTCV has divided the account assets 5 times compared to the peak.


This article introduced a completely new coin that is Bitcoin Vault (BTCV) Is this an opportunity like Bitcoin, Ethereum a few years ago or not? We invite you to read and give reviews to make the most appropriate and accurate choice.