You may be very familiar with the position of Auditor – Auditor at businesses, however, in hotel businesses, there is also a similar position, which is Night Auditor. The following article will help you find out what is an Auditor and the position of Night Auditor in hotels.

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What is Auditor?

According to Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries, “auditor” is defined as follows:

– An official examination of business and financial records to see that they are true and correct – An official examination of businesses and financial statements to confirm that they are true and correct

​ – An official examination of the quality or standard of something

When translated into Vietnamese, audit can be understood as an inspection, an audit, when adding the “or” element after this word, we will have the word “Auditor”, meaning auditor. Auditing (or financial audit) is an activity of examining accounting documents, data, and financial statements of agencies, organizations, units and enterprises in order to verify the truthfulness, accuracy and their reasonableness. Auditing activities help agencies, organizations, units and enterprises comply with current standards and legal regulations. The people who perform audit activities are the Auditors – Auditors. These are accountants who have been appointed to participate in the inspection and verification of the financial statements of the business. Based on the results of checking the data of the financial statements, the auditor will make another report to submit to the management and shareholders to verify that information.

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2. What is Night Auditor

?What is Night Auditor?

From the above analysis, we can understand Night Auditor as Night Auditor. Night Auditor – Night auditors do not work at the same office as accountants, but they will work in the Front Office area – lobby, in the finance – accounting block. The night auditor is responsible for checking and evaluating the entire financial activities that took place during the day of the hotel, including re-statisticalizing all transactions and activities of the hotel in a day, performing the balance books and reports for management.

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Night Auditing is performed at the end of the day to prepare for the transition to a new working day. The purpose of this activity is to evaluate the financial performance to help the hotel operate stably, efficiently and without any disturbance in financial position. Night auditors can use traditional methods such as relying on invoices and documents to work or use hotel management software to speed up and improve work efficiency.

3. What do you know about Night Auditor in hotels

?What do you know about Night Auditor in hotels?

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3.1. Night Auditor – what do night auditors do?

?The work of a Night Auditor – night auditor includes:

– Check and handle the condition of the room

+ Check hotel room status by day

+ Modify the check-out time for customers who extend their stay

+ Check the room of the expected arrival but not yet checked in

+ Canceling unsecured bookings in the expected customer list in a day

+ Execute the order to cut the day with unsecured bookings to report to the front desk to contact customers the next morning

+ Check the status of the room as sleep (with guests but the receptionist told to check out), skip (the guest has checked out but the reception has not updated on the software) to set the room status in accordance with reality

– Process invoices and update expenses

+ Check invoices from departments in the hotel, check signatures of guests, proceed to correct errors in invoices

+ Update handwritten spending information, invoices to customer’s debit account

+ Update and check the cost of telephone customers used during the day, then print and store

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+ Organize and store internal invoices in a scientific and reasonable manner

– Check customer debt limit

+ Ensure that the expenses used by guests are within the allowed debt limit (especially for customers who use cash to pay)

+ Notify customers and the head of the front desk in case of exceeding the debt limit for a solution

– Close date: This is the process the night auditor will perform when completing the above tasks to switch to a new day and store data into the system.

– Prepare invoices for guests to check-in the next day:

+ Make a list of customers expected to check in the next day

+ Separate the expense invoice with the type of guest room paid by the travel agency, and at the same time determine the expenses the customer has to pay for themselves.

+ Prepare and transfer invoices to customers who require quick check out

– Night Auditor – Night auditors also have to prepare the following types of reports: room occupancy during the day, expenses of the front desk department during the day, customer revenue reports hotel during the day, check-in and check-out status of the day, and other reports according to the regulations of the hotel to send to the management and related departments.

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– Other tasks of night auditors can also be mentioned as:

+ Proactively propose ideas to improve work efficiency

+ Participate in professional training and retraining courses when facilitated

+ Participate in related meetings

3.2. Night Auditor – night auditor has salary like

?According to Hoteljob statistics, Night Auditor – night auditor has a salary from 5 million to 8 million VND/month, depending on the capacity of Staff. In addition to this salary, night audit staff also receive payments such as service charge, night shift allowance and many other benefits.

3.3. Night Auditor – what requirements do night auditors need to meet

?Night Auditor – night auditors need to meet the following basic requirements to be able to successfully apply for this position at hotels:

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– Education and professional knowledge: For any profession, education level and professional knowledge (including knowledge of auditing and accounting and financial balance) is always the first factor. Recruiters keep an eye on, especially for candidates with little or no experience. A strong knowledge base helps you get up to speed quickly by knowing how to plan and bill using both traditional (manually) and electronic (using software support.

– Foreign language skills and accounting experience in the field of restaurant – hotel: These are two factors that help you to have a great advantage when applying for the position of night auditor. In the process of working, you will have to interact with many customers including foreigners, so being fluent in foreign languages ​​will help you communicate with them more easily. Besides, accounting experience when working in the field of restaurant – hotel will help you solve and handle situations at work much easier and make you more proactive in proposing and planning. and ideas to improve work productivity.

Careful and meticulous: The night auditor’s job is to check and verify the transactions and financial activities of the hotel during the day, so you need to be very careful and meticulous when performing the process. night auditing – night audit because any mistake will cause disturbance to the hotel’s financial position.

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The above article has helped you understand what an auditor is, what is a night auditor and gain more understanding about the position of night auditors at hotels. Hopefully, after reading the article, you will have more options for yourself if you want to pursue the field of finance – accounting.