The land along the wall was 400 meters long and 250 meters wide, so the total area inside the citadel’s ramparts was three times the size of any other city discovered in Vietnam at the time.

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Measuring some 400m by 150 m along the length of its walls, the total area within its fortifications was more than three times that of any other city discovered in Vietnam from that period.

The area of ​​that triangle is equal to the area of ​​this rectangle.

That the area of ​​the triangle equals the area of ​​this rectangle.

How large is the territory of Russia and in what rank is its land area?

How large is the Russia territory and what is the ranking of its land area?

These wilderness areas, some 20,000 square kilometers—about the size of England—are full of natural wonders.

These wilderness areas, covering some 10,000 square miles <30,000 km2>—equivalent to the size of England—have much to offer.

Areas as large as hundreds of thousands of miles, rotate continuously.

Huge area of ​​many hundreds of thousands of miles, which is rotating.

This area covers about 40 million hectares.

This is an area of ​​about 40 million hectares.

To calculate the area of ​​all parallelograms

To compute the area of ​​any given parallelogram.

Anticipated new uses of memory include large area sensors, e-paper and other large electronic devices, but the founders admit that the technology’s memory life is only one day. and needs to be expanded.

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Foreseen uses of the new memory include large area sensors , electronic paper and other big electronic devices , though the founders admit the technology ‘s memory retention time of only one day needs to be extended.

The amount of nitric oxide released is the area under the curve.

The amount of nitric oxide that’s released is the area under the curve.

Forests cover nearly a third of planet Earth.

Almost one third of the land area of ​​plSea is covered by forest.

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We can harvest 30,000 times more crops per area of ​​land.

You can actually make 30,000 times more output per land area.

You see the wing area here is larger.

You see the larger wing area here.

Let me give you the tipping point here, the protected area of ​​the Blue Dragon Islands.

Let me give you a little peek here of the Dragon Blue Islands protected area.

58% of the total area,

Print only 58 percent of the area,

Not only the size but also the quality of the protected areas is important.

It is not just the size but the quality of the areas conserved that matters.

I’m the only one in a large area

I was the only human being in an area

But an area 80 times larger is being used to grow food.

But a 80 times larger area is used to grow food.

The country is twice the size of Spain, but the population is only slightly larger than one-tenth of France.

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The country has twice the land area of ​​Spain but little more than a tenth of its population.

In the summer of Da Lat, the area under the curve is quite large,

Da Lat in summer, the area beneath the curve is pretty good,

They are the largest protected ocean area in the world.

They were the world’s largest marine-protected area.

Building on the work of Toshiya Miura, many people have developed new ways to use decimal fractions and are at the forefront of area and volume calculations.

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Those who built on Toshiya Miura work developed new ways to use decimal fractions and pioneered new techniques to determine area and volume.