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In recent years, April 6 has suddenly been widely responded to by young people and organized many special activities for for her boyfriend. So what is the date of April 6? Why do men have a “number of benefits” on this day?

1 What day is April 6?

In recent years, many Vietnamese youths have especially students, students automatically recognize April 6 as a day for men and aggressively organize many fun activities for their boyfriends.

According to many explanations of young people, April 6 corresponds to number 64, number 64 in the periodic table is the element Copper (abbreviated as Cu). Cu is a boy, so girls often assume that April 6 is a boy’s day.


April 6 then became Boy’s Day ), a special day for men in Vietnam.

2 Activities taking place on April 6

Although it is not officially recognized by any organization or the world, in recent years the world Children responded to April 6 enthusiastically with many fun activities such as playing, giving flowers, giving gifts, … and sending wishes to their boyfriends.


April 6 is also considered a compensatory gift by girls for the other half of the world because girls are well received by many anniversaries. like October 20th, March 8th, but boys don’t have a day of their own.

Therefore, April 6 is considered the day for girls to reciprocate.

3 Some good wishes on April 6

– The happiest day of men has come, wish my guy the best on his special day this apart. Hope you find your love half soon.

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– Happy International Men’s Day, wish this half of the world always succeed and have complete happiness. A new successful day, always smiling to welcome happiness.

– April 6th is back, the most special day to honor your men. I wish you happiness and joy on this special day. Do you want to drink with me this afternoon? I’m here!


– Today is not like yesterday, today is a special day for you.

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Thank you for being by my side all this time. Wishing you a very happy and happy April 6 with family and friends.

– Wishing my boy a very happy and joyful day on International Men’s Day 6/4. I hope my friend achieves much success in life. No matter what happens, I will always be with you.

– On the occasion of your 4/6…, I wish you always young and healthy. May the luckiest, best and happiest things come to you in the new age.

– I love you the most! Wishing you a Happy April 6th + Happiness! This is a gift for this guy, remember to keep it carefully to remember me forever.

– On this April 6, I wish my boy a lot of health, always be happy, happy Happy with family and friends. Don’t forget that you have a meeting with the whole group to eat this afternoon.

– His April 6th. I wish you always healthy, young and good work, forever the greatest love in life. Thank you my great hero.

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The above is an article explaining to you what day 6/4 is? Why have men been “enjoyed” on this day in recent years? What do you think about this exciting day, leave a comment below!