What is worship is surely no longer a difficult question for those who have bought or built a house. However, restoration will be an extremely strange and confusing concept for those who hear it for the first time.

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In the process of preparing to build a house, one of the factors that many people pay attention to is feng shui. How to choose the direction of the house to match the age of the couple is also very important. At that time, you will hear a lot of restorative phrases.

So in the end, what is humiliation? What does feng shui mean in land feng shui? How to determine the direction of restoration according to age in feng shui? To answer your questions in detail. Let’s follow the information below of Knowledge Wiki!

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What is Appetite?

According to the convention in feng shui, there are 4 main directions (North, South, East, West) and 4 secondary directions (Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, Southwest). And in the Bagua, there are all 8 directions, divided into 2 groups including 4 good directions and 4 bad directions.

Resurrection is a sign that belongs to the group of good directions that people are often interested in when choosing a direction when buying land, buying a house or doing funerals, etc.

What is worship in feng shui? The meaning of serving

Restoration in feng shui is a good star of the Ta Phu star. This is the star of strength and spirit, bringing luck in work and study. Restoration is one of the directions that brings peace and calm, always aiming for good things.

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The direction of worship is especially beneficial for the altar. Stable for the homeowner, good for the love relationship between husband and wife, long-term relationship between men and women. In addition, it is also good for fortune, financial ability is also very good. Especially good in the parent-in-law relationship, but the sex is a bit reduced.

Because worship is a good star, when building a house or buying land, homeowners choose the direction of service. However, in reality, not everyone knows how to determine the direction of restoration.

What is the case that makes Fuyu bad

?According to the above analysis, Fuyu belongs to a good constellation, the owner of good things. But this star is not always good, guys.

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In some cases, the Reverend unfortunately has a toilet or a storage room… the good will turn bad. The owner will become impatient and always feel uneasy. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid this to happen and find a way to resolve it when it has happened so that everything becomes better.

Instructions on how to determine the direction of the Restoration by age

As I said above, Fu Wei is a good sign. Therefore, determining the direction of the Restoration is also very important. However, in reality, not every individual knows how to determine the direction of the Restoration to apply to important work.

First, to determine the direction of the Reverend according to each person’s age, it should be based on the following rules:

*Based on the final total of the total year of birth numbers. From the last number we can determine the concubine, the destiny or the fate of the number of the spouse. As follows:

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The final sum of the total year of birth Men and women No.1 Kham Can No. 2 Ly Can No. 3 Can Doai No. 4 Doai Can No. 5 Can Ly No. 6 Khom Kham No. 7 Ton Khon No. 8 Chan Chan No. 9 Kun Ton

For example: A man born in 1990, when calculating, we will take the numbers 1 + 9 + 9 + 0 = 19. Then take 1 + 9 = 10. Continue to take 1 + 0 = 1. Thus, Nam Destiny has a final forming number of 1, so there is a par, a concubine or a par with a destiny that is Kham.

Next, we will base on the directions to be able to know which direction is the Resurrection direction? The azimuths in the space described by the bagua, representing the direction of the Fu Wei are shown in the following table:

The Palace of the Peoples of the North West Doai Tay Can Northeast Kun Southwest Ly Nam Kham Bac Ton Southeast Chan Dong

For example, based on the table considering the direction according to the above arc, we can determine that the direction of the Resurrection of the man born in 1990 (Kam) in the above example is the North direction.

Thus, through this article, we can see that Fu Wei is a good sign. It is very beneficial to people, especially when performing important tasks.

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Hopefully through the information that Knowledge Wiki has shared here. It will help readers better understand what the Archdiocese is as well as the meaning and nature of the Adoration sign. At the same time, it helps you to determine the good direction yourself. Rely on your age to make life more convenient when doing important things.

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Thank you for taking the time to pay attention and follow the article! Have a nice day!