Isolation transformers are now widely used in high-voltage circuits, power pulse sets for electrical cabinets, etc. This device ensures safety for the user as well as the whole system. So what is an isolation transformer? Isolation transformers are used for which devices and cases?

What is an isolating transformer

?Isolation transformer is a device used to insulate the user from electric shock and protect electrical equipment connected to the transformer.

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In Vietnam, most transformers are manufactured to convert low voltage sources. In addition, there are power transformers used to reduce voltage in high, medium and low voltage lines.

Transformers are divided into two types: automatic and isolated. Autotransformers are used more because of their low cost and easy access to customers.

However, isolation transformer is a special type of transformer, which has advantages that autotransformers do not have.

Reason for using isolation transformer

This type of device has a primary winding and a secondary winding only magnetically coupled, not electrically coupled. Because the two coils are separated, they are electrically independent. So the points on the secondary coil have zero potential difference with respect to ground. So when touching any 1 point on the secondary coil, there is no shock.

This helps to ensure safety in families with many young children. In the case of children giving hands and sockets, there is no electric shock, no danger.

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Moreover, the impedance is quite low. There is an electrostatic shield between the primary and secondary coils, so it is capable of resisting pulsed power sources and harmonic interference from other devices in the power system.

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Verifiable when used for stereo or karaoke. There is no longer the phenomenon that the speaker is ringing, buzzing, the mic is not reverberating, echoing…

What equipment is isolation transformer usually used for

?With outstanding features in operation, isolating transformers are widely used in various electrical equipment:

High-voltage cabinets, lower substations.Used for power supply in electronic boards, pulse sources.Used in control cabinets for industrial machinery systems.Used to filter harmonics from other devices in the system. Power system Used to prevent electric shock from power sources with high amperage. Commonly used in audio and audio systems. With the octagonal feature of any 1 point on the secondary coil compared to the ground, there is a voltage equal to 0 so it is recoil resistant. Use in humid, high humidity environments or in laboratories that are frequently exposed to electricity. Electronic board repairers should use it. DC, AC power supplies have lower voltage than rated. 220V

Where to buy isolating transformers with prestige and quality

Currently on the market there are many manufacturers with high quality and durability. However, there are many floating products of unknown origin.

With many years of experience in manufacturing power converters, transformers, and voltage stabilizers – Vitenda is trusted by many consumers to choose and appreciate for its product quality. All products at Vitenda are warranted from 12 – 36 months. Support 1 to 1 exchange in the first 06 months if there is a defect from the manufacturer.

At Viet Standard Technology Joint Stock Company, all products have components from reputable manufacturers. In-depth and dedicated sales team so you can choose the right equipment for your needs and budget.

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Hopefully with this article, customers have had basic information to be able to apply in practice.

If there is a need for an isolation transformer, please contact the following information for support!