The laboratory is probably not a strange concept to students in general and to those working in the field of research in particular. In order to help you better understand this term, the following article will provide the English name of the laboratory as well as a few popular laboratories in Vietnam.

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1. English name of the laboratory

1.1. Laboratory concept

A laboratory, also known as a laboratory, is a facility or space designed and used for the purpose of providing safe conditions for experimental, research and experimental activities. on fields in life, but mainly in the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, etc.

What is English Lab?

It can be said that the laboratory is a place used for scientific research by researchers and scientists to produce works and works that mark the breakthrough of mankind.

A laboratory can be a room in a building, or a public building dedicated to research. But in general, the laboratory is designed to be separate, quiet and fully equipped to serve the research as smoothly as possible.

1.2. Translation name of the laboratory in English

Many of you may already know the concept of a laboratory but do not know the English name of the laboratory? So, let us tell you!

The English name of a laboratory is laboratory, also known as lab for short, is a term widely used in pedagogical environments or places that are primarily devoted to the field of scientific research.

Therefore, for places in the field of research, especially those that are foreign or have cooperation with foreign countries, you can use the phrase laboratory with the English name laboratory!

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2. The fields associated with the laboratory

2.1. Some specialized areas require a laboratory

The laboratory is known as a facility used for in-depth research in many different fields. Here are some areas of expertise associated with the lab that you probably don’t know about

2.1.1. Chemistry Lab

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Chemistry Lab, also known in English as Chemistry Lab, is a place to study areas and aspects related to chemistry and is also a place used to prepare chemical drugs, chemicals affect human health and life.

Chemistry Lab

Chemistry laboratories can be located in research centers for chemistry related to drugs and chemicals and be separate from other spaces. In order to ensure safety for human life and health such as in case of risks such as explosion, generation of radioactive substances, fire, etc., chemical laboratories are mainly designed and built in deserted places. Looks, few residential households, far from the city center. However, you can also see small-scale chemistry laboratories built at universities such as National University or high schools for the purpose of teaching and research. , practice of students, students.

2.1.2. Biology Lab

The biology laboratory is also one of the popular laboratories in Vietnam. It is also known in English as the Biology Lab, which is a place to study animals and humans mainly in the field of biology.

Like chemistry laboratories, biology laboratories are mainly located in places far from the city center, which is both convenient for research and avoids affecting human health and life. . However, biology labs don’t have the same level of risk and danger as chemistry labs because your main specialty in biology labs is research on pre-modeled entities. In addition, biology laboratories were also built in high schools and universities to serve the teaching and practice of Biology lessons for students.

2.1.3. Physics Lab

Physical laboratories seem less common than the other two types of laboratories, but are well known. First of all, its English name is Physical Lab. This is a place designed and specialized for research activities in physics.

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For the physics laboratory, the main subjects used are highly skilled professional researchers or scientists specializing in physics. Their purpose is to find new interesting things, and research and explain based on existing laws.

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2.1.4. Science Lab

Science labs sound familiar to most you guys with the English name is Science Lab. The main field that researchers do in science laboratory is the study of machinery, technology, engineering and science in order to invent modern machines to save the progress of mankind.

2.2. Commonly used laboratory instruments and their English names

Here are some commonly used laboratory instruments and their English names to help you improve your knowledge:

– Blouse: Lab coat

– Three neck round bottom flask: three neck round bottom flask

– Volumetric flask: Volumetric Flas

– Measuring cylinder: Measuring cylinder

– Test tube cleaning brush – test tube cleaning brush

– Measuring cup- beaker

– Desiccant bead: desciccator bead

-Filter paper

-Alcohol lamp: alcohol burner

-test tube clamp: test tube holder

-Acupuncture needle: acupuncture needle

– Goggles: goggle

– Scissors: scissor

– Medical stethoscope: stethoscope

– Funnel- Funnel

– Syringe: syringe

– Dropper – Dropper

In addition to the tools mentioned above, there are many other tools used in laboratories to support and serve research and teaching. You can follow more on the websites!

Chemistry – biology jobs in Hanoi

3. Popular occupations for laboratory work

3.1. Researcher

Researcher is the first profession that comes to mind when it comes to the laboratory because this is a job, a profession with a long working life associated with the laboratory and almost, it is a place to work every day. their.

Researchers will be in charge and undertake research jobs depending on fields such as biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, science, etc. extremely high input requirements. On the other hand, recruitment opportunities are also not many due to the nature of laboratories that require not too many people to work in them, which will cause disorder. Usually, a laboratory has only 1-3 researchers, most commonly 1-2 researchers depending on the size of the research facility. Therefore, to be able to apply for a position as a researcher, you need to meet the entry requirements of the employer as well as dedicate your life to dedication because mainly researchers are often qualified. quite old age, at least middle-aged but very rare.

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Popular occupations

3.2. Doctor, Doctor

Scientist, doctor is also one of the oldest degrees associated with the laboratory mainly. The nature of scientists or doctors love research work and often, they love to lock themselves in a research space to explore and find out new things. That is the truth of their life – devoting themselves to research..

This is also one of the professions that not everyone wants to do because first, the entry requirements are extremely high. Then, to become a scientist or a doctor, you must at least have recognized works and works that are the fruits of your youth to fight for.

3.3. Lecturer

Many people when it comes to laboratories, they often think of industries and positions that are far away because for them, the laboratory is something very far away and hardly appears in their lives.

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However, you must have at least once entered the labs of high schools and universities for practical and research hours, right? Indeed, even though it was built with the size of a classroom, in the end, that lab is also full of the minimum equipment that a lab needs, as well as being set up for the purpose of teaching and learning. research, practice and observation. Therefore, you can become lecturers, or teachers to be able to use the laboratory in a number of fields such as physics teachers, chemistry teachers, biology teachers, etc. In addition, if you are a student at the university, you can join research clubs to experience the laboratory environment.