This article will help you better understand the professional work of each department, experience and skills required in the field of Finance and Banking. Quite detailed for each position, if you have relatives who want to work in this field, please send the link for them to have more reference information até!

I. Risk Management Officer

Risk management is the process of approaching risks in a scientific and systematic way in order to identify and control; and minimize losses while finding ways to turn risks into opportunities for success.

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“Risk manager”- this job is strange to many of you when thinking about banking positions, but in reality; This is a very important job. The risk manager is responsible for analyzing and forecasting possible risk issues and planning for risk reduction.

1. Work

The risk manager must do the following:

Participate in building; Update and explain risk management policies, standards, tools and techniques; Ensure operational risk management policies are effectively implemented and implemented in all units of the Bank; Maintain a Bank-wide operational risk profile in line with the Bank’s risk appetite; Work with other relevant departments to assist/advise on the implementation of risk mitigation strategies ;Coordinating with Internal Audit to plan to assess and monitor compliance on operational risk management. Salary: 12,000,000 – 15,000,000 VND

Job Suggestions

Job opportunities for bank staff in Vietnam today are quite diverse, in which there are many state-owned, private and joint-stock banks… With the high demand for services, the need to recruit employees bank staff to meet the growing customer demand. Apply now

Bank employee job

2. Required Knowledge, Skills & Experience

Experience required

Certificate in fund management and derivatives management is preferred; This position usually requires experience at financial institutions or has worked in auditing; risk management; compliance monitoring; Technology; management of transformation or process improvement; Therefore, for those who love this job but have no experience, it is necessary to practice a lot in both skills and expertise; actively practice or work at related positions.

Professional requirements

Graduated from university majoring in Securities; Finance; Economical maths; Management information systems. Knowledge of the stock market; bond market; money market in Vietnam and the world.

Required skills of bank staff

Fluently use office computer software (PowerPoint, Word, Excel); Good English speaking and writing ability; Ability to understand, analyze financial statements and logical thinking; Ability to work under pressure High level of work; Dynamic, good communication; Positive attitude, discipline, sense of responsibility Risk management skills, assessment skills, analysis, can work independently.

3. Where do you get these skills

?You need to actively practice communication skills; consulting and understanding customer psychology; the ability to think strategically about risk management; Update the financial and monetary situation regularly. You should gain experience from part-time jobs or internships at

In addition, you can also participate in the competition “Smart Active Risk Manager” to hone your skills and learn more knowledge. This is a contest organized by Vietinbank every year and in addition to attractive prizes; You can also be accepted as an intern at Vietinbank.

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Foreign languages ​​are an important factor for you to expand your customer base and your ability to advance at work. So you need to practice your foreign language right now.

4. Where to accumulate practical knowledge

?For this job; requires you to build yourself a solid foundation in financial economics. You can take short courses on Risk Management at FMIT, UB Academy.

5. Typical companies in the industry

Some private banks in Vietnam:

VIETINBANK (Vietnam Bank for Industry and Trade): Is a banking network that is increasingly spreading across the country with about 155 branches and over 1,000 transaction offices. Vietinbank has built 9 accounting companies and 5 non-business units; forming agency relationships with about 900 banks; financial institutions in more than 90 countries and territories around the world. And Vietinbank is also a pioneer in the application of modern technology and e-commerce in Vietnam.

BIDV (Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam): Is the second largest commercial bank in Vietnam (after Agribank). BIDV is a special class state-owned enterprise; organized according to the model of State Corporation. BIDV has cooperated with more than 800 banks in the world.

International banks in Vietnam:

HSBC: HSBC is one of the largest foreign banks in Vietnam. The bank has 1 main transaction office; 1 branch and 5 transaction offices in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City; 1 branch; 3 transaction offices and 1 savings fund in Hanoi; 4 branches in Binh Duong; Can Tho; Da Nang; Dong Nai and 2 representative offices in Hai Phong and Vung Tau.

SHINHAN VIETNAM: Shinhan Vietnam Bank is the largest 100% foreign-owned bank with charter capital in Vietnam. Currently, Shinhan Bank Vietnam’s operating network includes 1 Head Office, 9 branches and transaction offices in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Binh Duong, Dong Nai and Bac Ninh.

6. Career path

There are opportunities to advance to Manager, Director level at banks.

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7. Who will you work with

?Coordinating work with other departments of the bank;Meeting, meeting and presenting regularly with management.

II. International Payment Specialist

International payment is an extremely exciting industry today as transactions in the world always tend to increase and cooperation between countries is constantly expanding.

An international payments specialist is the person responsible for conducting international transactions, so due diligence and specialized knowledge are the first requirements for this position.

1. Work

The work of an international trade specialist is very diverse depending on the level of development of international trade. The work of an international payment specialist can be summarized as follows:

Coordinate with departments to receive documents, provide international payment services such as money transfer, issue, … and other transactions related to international payment services of customers. ;Checking the legality of documents provided by the customer, ensuring the correct form and regulations of the Bank and the law; Informing and guiding the customer to complete the necessary documents and documents; ;Receive and resolve customer inquiries and complaints within the scope of the transaction. Propose ideas to improve the quality of current products and processes to simplify procedures and minimize time. provide services to customers; Maintain books, records, documents and data on accounting work according to the Bank’s regulations. Salary: 6,000,000 – 8,000,000 VND

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2. Knowledge, Skills & Experience required


Previously, this position required expertise and experience in commercial transactions or working experience in banking and finance. However, in the past few years, with more openness in the recruitment mechanism, banks have given more opportunities to inexperienced students to start from the position of Trade Finance and International Payment. . It is also a very good opportunity for those who love this position. However, you need to firmly and firmly grasp the recruitment requirements of the position to plan the right job for you.


Graduated in banking, finance, economics, accounting, business administration, foreign trade.


To become an international payment specialist, you need the following skills:

High pressure capacity: At the position of international communication center, pressure is inevitable. Every day, international communication specialists are under pressure from the Customer Relations Department, many documents have to be handled by the International Relations Department. Both under time pressure and under pressure for accuracy, you are not allowed to make mistakes in your working process; Proficient in English: For international communication workers, English is an extremely important requirement. . Working daily with many domestic and foreign contracts forces you to be good at English in both general and specialized communication to ensure the accuracy of transactions. Proficient use of computer software Department (PowerPoint, Word, Excel); Able to understand, analyze financial statements and think logically; Dynamic, good communication; Positive attitude, discipline, sense of responsibility; Ability to solve problem, leadership.

3. Where do you get these skills?

You need to actively practice communication skills, consulting and understanding customer psychology. You can gain experience right from part-time jobs in sales, participating in training courses on sales skills, finance and credit, etc.

Because English is a very necessary factor, you should try to take an English certificate to certify your English ability. If you have a certificate like TOEIC about 800 points, IELTS about 6.0, then you have a 70% chance to win the position of International Communication or Trade Finance.

4. Where to accumulate practical knowledge?

For this job, it requires you to build yourself a solid foundation in bank credit. You can study at universities such as Banking University, Foreign Trade University, etc. or participate in short courses (when you have basic knowledge and graduated from related disciplines) like at UB Academy.

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Become an intern at the Headquarters of the Banks (now this model is quite a lot, after 6 months of internship, if you do well, you can sign an official contract). This is the right and appreciated path is best with final year students.

You can start from an import-export document specialist at import-export companies, or work at shipping companies, logistics companies. After more than a year of experience, you can apply for the position of International Relations and Trade Finance. Import-Export experience is very useful for these 2 positions.

5. Typical companies in the industry

This position is suitable for banks that are strong in international payment activities such as:

Vietcombank (Foreign Trade Bank): After more than half a century of operation in the market, Vietcombank is now one of the largest commercial banks in Vietnam with over 14,000 employees, more than 460 branches/transaction offices/ Representative offices/members at home and abroad, including Head Office in Hanoi, 96 branches and 368 transaction offices nationwide, 2 subsidiaries in Vietnam, 1 representative office and 2 companies. overseas subsidiaries, 5 joint ventures and associates.

Eximbank (Import-Export Bank): Up to now, Eximbank’s charter capital has reached VND 12,335 billion. Equity reached VND 13,317 billion. Eximbank is currently one of the banks with the largest equity in the joint stock commercial banks in Vietnam. Vietnam Export-Import Commercial Joint Stock Bank has a nationwide operation with its Head Office located in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City and 207 branches and transaction offices nationwide and has established agency relationships with 869 banks in 84 countries around the world.

6. Career path

Successfully completing the duties of this position, you can be considered and appointed to higher positions such as deputy manager, head of international payment department, deputy director, director of payment center, director of operations division. with a high, relatively attractive income ranging from $5,000 to $6,000/month. Tasks of the management level of the TTTT are as follows:

Managing all activities of the International Payments Department; Organizing the development of annual plans and business strategies for the International Payments segment in line with the development orientation of the system and assigned business goals; Manage and supervise the implementation of the business plan, service quality in the field of work in charge. In addition to the position of international communication, you can also work at the position of commercial payment specialist (TMC), this is a transactional position. between Customer Relations and International Communication, a position that is currently being recruited by many banks. If you have knowledge of international communication, then you clearly have an outstanding advantage.

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7. Who will you work with?

Coordinate work with other departments of the bank; Meet a variety of customers.