What is Account profession? What is the specific job of this profession? Is there a hierarchy in this profession? Those are the frequently asked questions of those who are intending to learn about this profession. So why not try to find the answer yourself with riclix.com Academy

Positions for Account Profession – What is Account Profession

?3 Indispensable Tools for Account Professionals – What is Account Profession

Definition of Account – What is Account Profession

?Account is an English word that has many different meanings depending on the context of use. The word Account has several common meanings: account, payment, payment, customer array, etc.

Account is a specialized word used in industries such as mechanics, construction, construction – telecommunications, engineering and especially the economic sector. In the economic sector (services, marketing, advertising, business, …) the word Account is used to mean the profession of customer relationship management.

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What is Account Profession?

Account profession is an important link, both internal and external to clients. They are the ones who ensure a good relationship between customers and businesses and companies and bring satisfaction to customers.

The Account profession is divided into two specific positions: Account Executive (customer relationship manager) and Account Manager (customer relationship management).

Account Job Positions – What is Account Profession?

Account Executive

What is Account Executive?

Account Executive is a small position in the Account Management profession. They are sales specialists in the field of advertising communication, events, in the customer service department.

Duties Of An Account Executive

Solve problems that arise such as choosing communication channels, negotiating contracts with customers, etc. And ensuring that businesses always bring satisfaction to their customers. Bringing in many new sources of customers to increase revenue and profit for the business.

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What is an Account Executive’s Job? Client Communication: Meeting with clients to discuss and define their marketing requirements. Keep in regular contact with customers to ensure better work efficiency.Project progress management: work with Account Managers to report their work to the communications department. At the same time, research and support the planning of Marketing. Connecting customers with the project team: meeting with customers and explaining to customers about the idea of ​​the project, the budget that needs to be paid for the project. how much and sign a contract to draft.Skills Related to Account ExecutivesHave basic skills in media, advertising or similar fields.Skills in time management and self-direction self-motivation at work. Have good communication and negotiation skills. Skilled in working with colleagues and working independently.

Account Manager Position

What Is Account Manager Career?

Account Manager career refers to the position of Account manager (administrative of customer relationship management) in the services of media and event advertising.

Duties Of An Account Manager

Always follow the customer from the stage of convincing the customer to the end of the business project. Create good relationships with your customers and bring value to the business in the long run

What is Account Manager’s job Ensuring customer relationship: is the person who receives information from customers. Plan how to contact them, get information about customers so that the team members can develop a plan together.

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Making contracts with customers and partners: is the person who commits to the customer during the project implementation. And ensure the project implementation with the customer. Project management assigned: always monitor the progress of the project. And its effectiveness to report in each phase. Responsible for the committed sales of the project. Coordinating team members: receiving comments from customers. From there, assign work to specialized departments and related departments in the business. Skills Related to Account Manager Profession Have in-depth knowledge of Marketing, Digital marketing to monitor and plan for projects. Ability to communicate and skills to handle flexible situations. Financial control skills of the project to balance revenue and expenditure for activities taking place. Skill to coordinate work between different departments. .

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3 Indispensable Tools For Account Professionals – What is Account Career

Besides learning the basic positions, job details and related skills that an Account person must do. Accessing career support tools to help you do your job easier is also worth noting. Here are 3 tools that account workers should know.

Contact Report

Contact Report is a record recording the points the parties have agreed on so that the work can be done can go in the right direction. In a meeting, there will be many different opinions. If there is no contact report to unify the information, each person will understand differently. And the agency has to spend more time and money to correct that shortcoming. So if you want to work as an Account, you need to know how to do Contact Report.

A good Contact Report should ensure: accurately record the information of the parties involved. Things that the client accepts in the Agreement, but not in any other alternative name. Finally, there are the next steps to take, how to do it.

WIP Report

WIP Report

is a report on the progress of the work and which individuals will be in charge to ensure the work is done. Used to monitor, control and control the work flow during contract execution. A WIP Report should ensure: not to miss the current status of the work. What is the next step to do? Who does the work and how long does it take?

Communication/Competitor Review

Communication Review is used to evaluate the communication campaigns of competitors and customers. Campaigns happen over a range of usually 1 year. Competitor Review will analyze and evaluate the industry and the market. To have a more multi-dimensional view of the client and the client’s business (the customer’s competitors). Information from Communication/Competitor Review must be handled with care. This is considered the leading tool that shows how well the account and agency understand the client.

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A good Communication Review and Competitor Review should ensure the following elements: collect information to understand customers and customers’ competitors. Next, the Account must analyze the collected information. To give your point of view on a client’s problem. After mastering these two criteria, Account will move to the third element. Is working with Planner to plan and predict future market trends.

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Account profession is the profession of “making a hundred families”. When you have to satisfy both fastidious clients (customers) and be gentle with your agencies (companies). The biggest pressure that comes when embarking on this career is time and deadlines. So, when choosing this career. You must know how to manage time and overcome time pressure. Hopefully the above sharing from riclix.com Academy will help you have a comprehensive view of the Account profession. Good luck on your chosen path.