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What is amperage?

The strength and weakness of the amperage

Amperage (symbol I) is the ammeter indicator that shows the strength and weakness of the current. The weaker the current, the smaller I and vice versa.

In general, I is the number of electrical components that pass through a unit area of ​​electricity in a certain time (usually one in a second).

Amperage measurement unit I

?I also has its own unit of measurement. The unit of measurement for I is Amp, symbol A. It is also possible to measure I with smaller units such as milliamper, symbol mA (1mA = 0.001A)

Instrument for measuring amperage I

?Currently, there are many devices with different functions and models to be able to measure amperage. Here are 3 popular tools you can refer to:


Current popular ammeter

– To measure I, people often use Ammeter. Ammeter is an instrument that measures the strength and weakness of an electric current.

– You can easily identify the ammeter by observing its construction. Each ammeter has a unit of measurement on the surface, which can be ampere or milliampere. Ammeters will have different measuring limits as well as different smallest divisions. There are ammeters with the smallest division of 0.5mA.

– Each pin of the ammeter is marked with a negative (-) or a positive (+) sign. You should observe carefully to install the wire properly. The bottom of the ammeter has a knob that controls the needle adjustment so you can put it back to zero.

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Ampere pliers

Clamp meter to measure electrical equipment when in use

– This device is often used to measure the I of an electrical device when in use

– Use a clamp meter by clamping on a power supply wire of that electrical device, then I will be displayed on the screen of the clamp meter.

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Full multimeter accessories


is also a specialized device for measuring I

– To measure I with a multimeter you need to set the function to it

– The multimeter can also be used to measure alternating current

How to measure current I

?Measured with ammeter

How to measure I with ammeter

– To know how much I is, you must first choose an ammeter with the smallest measurement limit and division accordingly.

– Observe the ammeter’s needle, in case it is necessary to adjust the needle to the zero mark.

– Draw a circuit diagram on paper, then proceed to connect the ammeter with the conductor. Install it correctly so that the current enters at the anode and exits at the cathode.

Note: Do not connect the ammeter pins directly to the two terminals of the power supply to avoid damaging the ammeter.

– The needle line of the ammeter points to any number on the screen, that is I.

Measure with a multimeter

How to measure I with a multimeter?

– Check the multimeter and determine the amperage standard on the meter

– Select the appropriate function, measuring range

– Plug the test leads into the correct position

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– Select DC current and read the results displayed on the device

Application of amperage

?– Amperage lets us clearly see the strength and weakness of the device’s current.

– Through devices to keep I stable, make electrical equipment durable and increase the life of the equipment, such as air conditioners, refrigerators, etc.

The strength and weakness of electric currents also have great applications in medicine. Low-intensity electric currents can be used to treat diseases.

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