In addition to cultivating experience in winemaking & investing in a modern wine cooker, winemakers also need to understand alcohol levels and know the correct formula for calculating alcohol levels. Because rice wine after being cooked is usually not used immediately, it will have to be diluted and left for a while. If you don’t know the alcohol level, you won’t be able to mix the right amount of alcohol to bring to the market.

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(Formula for calculating alcohol strength)

The following article, NEWSUN will help you understand the alcohol level and the formula to calculate the correct alcohol level. Those who are starting to make wine or sell wine can not ignore this article.

What is alcoholic strength

?Alcohol is a unit for measuring alcohol concentration (Etylic) in milliliters of pure alcohol (Etylic) present in 100 ml of solution (a mixture of alcohol and water). The higher the alcohol level, the more alcohol in the wine, also known as “heavy wine” and vice versa.

For example: In 100ml of 40-degree alcohol, 40ml of C2H5OH alcohol is contained, the remaining 60ml is water (relative).

Many people think that the higher the alcohol concentration, the better the wine, but that is not the case. Each type of wine will have a different level of deliciousness and the cook needs to know how much is the best wine for each type of wine to have the right way to mix the wine.

The formula to calculate the most standard alcohol level that winemakers need to know

The formula for calculating alcohol is quite simple:

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Alcohol degree = x 100

In there:

V(pure alcohol) is the volume of pure alcohol V(alcohol solution) is the volume of solution (mixture) of alcohol

Eg. say the alcohol level is 40 degrees, in 100ml of alcohol mixture there are 40ml of pure alcohol and 60ml of water.

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What is the concentration of rice wine that can be sold

?(What concentration of rice wine can be sold)

Normally, rice wine after cooking will have a concentration of about 40-55 degrees. This is a rather high concentration, so it needs to be diluted with water to reduce the concentration before being sold on the market.

Rice wine should be at a concentration of 28-40 degrees to reach a safe level allowed to be sold on the market. Therefore, in 1 liter of rice wine at 40 degrees, you need to add 50-400ml of water to obtain alcohol with a concentration of 28-40 degrees. In the production of industrial rice wine, people also choose this alcohol level as the standard wine marketed to the market.

If you want to sell alcohol over 50 degrees, you should keep it separate and bury it in the ground for at least 1 year before selling it, at this time the alcohol will be less intense, the drink will be more delicious and cooler.

For each type of wine, the cooking method is different, the ingredients are different, so there will also be a “delicious” concentration at different levels. For example, three-size wine is best at 39-45 degrees, ordinary rice wine is delicious at about 38-40 degrees.

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Knowing the formula for calculating alcohol strength, you will know how to mix wine to reach the desired concentration. Diluting alcohol is both a way to reduce alcohol content (reduce alcohol) and increase the amount of wine to sell more.

Thus, when making business wine, you need to know about the deliciousness of the wine you cook in order to have a reasonable way to mix wine. The formula for calculating alcohol strength is applicable to all wines, but only in relative terms. If you cook in large quantities, it is difficult to measure accurately.

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Cooking wine with more standard alcohol with NEWSUN electric wine cooker

Cooking wine manually on a charcoal stove or wood stove not only makes it difficult and time-consuming, but it is also very difficult to produce a wine with a standard concentration. Therefore, NEWSUN Electronics introduces to you an electric wine cooker that helps the winemaking process to be fully automated, saving users considerable time and effort. More importantly, modern distillers precisely control the temperature in each distillation stage to produce the most delicious, quality, and concentrated finished wine.

NEWSUN wine cooker is currently a product line that has been favored by many large and small breweries because of its outstanding advantages:

Operated entirely by electric fuel, so it is very clean, safe, and free of harmful fumes. High quality 304 stainless steel material, anti-rust, food safety and hygiene. Water-proof alcohol distillation, no phenomenon. Energy saving thanks to optimally insulated pot body design with 3cm thick insulating glass wool in the middle. Adjust cooking power easily, control temperature flexibly and accurately.Electricity box is equipped with anti-shock atomt, with automatic shutdown feature when problems occur, ensuring operator’s safety.

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