Adhesive tape is one of the indispensable materials in the packaging and product packaging industry.

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Besides other essential materials such as cartons, paper pallets, air bubble films, people use tape as an excellent adhesive material in export packaging.

What is duct tape in English?

The term adhesive tape, also known as adhesive tape, is hardly a stranger in our lives. However, have you ever wondered what duct tape and adhesive tape are in English?

If not, let’s find out with Saigongiftbox!

Adhesive tape, adhesive tape, also known as OPP, is often used quite commonly in industry such as packing, fixing goods, gluing … in most countries.

Therefore, the most commonly used language to buy, sell and exchange goods is still English and in English, tape is often called “Scotch tape” or “cellophane tape”.

If you want to learn more about other languages ​​such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, please refer to it

Here are some English nouns about duct tape, adhesive tape:

– Double-sided tape: doubleside tape.

– Foam mouse tape: doubleside eva tape.

– Double-sided cloth tape: doubleside cloth tape.

– Paper tape: masking tape

– Clear tape: opp clear tape

– It can be said that adhesive tapes, adhesive tapes in general and products related to adhesive tapes in particular are manufactured according to available technological processes with machines as the main, human only partially assist in the process. adjust the concentration of glue chemicals, monitor the production process, check the quality and packaging.

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Vietnam brings quality adhesive tape products to the world. What is English tape?

Therefore, the addition of English knowledge about adhesive tapes in general and products related to adhesive tapes and tapes in particular is always an essential need for the process of buying, selling, importing and exporting raw materials and finished products. adhesive tape products with your countries.

Don’t hesitate and shrink into problems like what is duct tape, what is adhesive tape in English, instead be a smart manufacturer to always update the latest knowledge and equip yourself with luggage. most firmly in the current era of international economic integration.

With a solid knowledge of English, you will feel more confident when doing business, trading and exchanging work with foreign partners.

And of course, your business will also be smoother when there are no problems related to the language barrier.

Remember! Adhesive tape, adhesive tape in English is called “Scotch tape” or “cellophane tape”.

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Differentiate the types of adhesive tapes — adhesive tapes on the market

– On the market today, there are many types of adhesive tape (adhesive tape), I am sure that many people have distinguished and understood the use of each type of tape, here Saigongiftbox would like to rewrite so that you do not know. can refer.

– Adhesive tape (glue)

– English tape called TAPE, adhesive tape with adhesive properties, used to glue a certain material, the structure consists of glue combined with some tough and soft materials such as OPP, BOPP, fiberglass, cotton…

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Distinguishing duct tape by function What is English tape?

– Carton sealing tape: usually produced with transparent OPP or opaque OPP material, this is the most common type of adhesive tape today.

– Electrical tape: PVC tape and some additives have good electrical insulation.

– Cloth tape — stick the spines of books, notebooks…: The material is tearable simili fabric.

– Paper tape: used to stick notes on the product. What is English tape?

– Double-sided tape: Double-sided with glue, often used to paste decorative, small motifs.

– Silver tape — corrugated iron, iron, stainless steel: has high heat resistance, often used to glue and patch holes in metal objects.

– Fiberglass tape: Has high durability but the cost is also higher than other types.

– Decorative tape: Used to decorate small motifs, gift boxes.. boxes used in art

– Floor marking tape: used to divide the storage area, or stick it in dangerous places to warn of danger.

– Medical tape (bandage): Used to bandage the wound

– Office tape: is a small tape — commonly used in offices, transparent OPP material.

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