Adhesive tape, also known as adhesive tape, is commonly used in human life. This type of item is used for many different purposes. So what is English tape? In addition to adhesive tape, what other types of adhesive tape are there and how are they used? To learn more about this item, read the following articles:

What is duct tape in English

?Tape is a familiar item in human life. This type of item has many different uses and is classified according to standards such as cheap tape, wholesale tape, glue, adhesive material, use and size, … Common types of tape Most commonly used in learning, pasting torn papers, pictures, ..

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The English name is Cellophane tape

The most common tape in English is called “Scotch tape” or “Cellophane tape”. This English term adhesive tape is used a lot in the adhesive tape industry. In Vietnam, it is considered as one of the leading countries in the production of quality adhesive tapes. Adhesive tape is now used a lot in business such as wrapping goods, packing COD packages, packing boxes when traveling by plane, preserving agricultural products when transporting.

What is English tape? This is a must-know term for Vietnam to promote stronger online sales. This helps in the growth of exports of goods each year as well as influences the growth of the adhesive tape market. As a strong country in the production of adhesive tapes, selling cartons, it is necessary to know the terms of adhesive tapes in English.

What is a roll of duct tape in English

?In Vietnamese we know that adhesive tape or adhesive tape, tape roll have the same meaning. However, for English, it only needs to be different from one word, the meaning will be different. This means that the terms roll of tape or duct tape will be different. The term tape can be called “Scotch tape” or “Cellophane tape” people will understand.

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But the tape in English is called “Scotch tape”. For foreign language communication or when dealing in production you can use “Scotch tape” with the phrase roll of tape. That way the international people will understand what you are talking about. Tape or duct tape both have the same effect.

These are all products used to pack products and goods in all areas of life. Tape rolls have many types with different sizes to meet each need in human life. There is a roll of tape that is just right for learning and packing. Some types of large size adhesive tape rolls are used to contribute electronic components, machinery, etc.

What is English double-sided tape

?Double-sided tape is used for many different purposes in life. Double-sided tape consists of one side of adhesive tape, the other side is a layer of materials such as cloth, paper, aluminum … Double-sided adhesive tape is used to prevent the adhesive layer from being exposed when it is attached. Many companies produce double-sided tape for the purpose of creating high aesthetics.

Double side tape in English is Double side tape

Because when we stick two surfaces together thanks to double-sided tape, the thin layer of tape is in the middle and is not exposed. Using double-sided tape can be assured of its stability. Double-sided tape is often used in attaching to ensure aesthetics such as decorating homes, offices, pasting torn papers, etc.

Double-sided tape in English is called “Double side tape”. This type of adhesive tape is compact in size and in roll shape. Adhesive tape gives people the freedom to create accessories according to their personal preferences. Using this adhesive tape is quick and convenient and does not take much time.

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What is English electrical tape

?Electricity tape is a product with good electrical insulation. An indispensable product in the electrical, electronic, and refrigeration industries, etc. Electrical tape has the same adhesive properties as ordinary tapes, but the material here is related to power tools. High electrical insulation is the use of this adhesive tape to apply in human life.

Electrical tape

Electrical tape has the English name “Electrical tape”. Products used for electrical insulation, heat insulation, fire protection for electrical works, wires, electrical isolation, .. The product is durable, not easy to fall off when coiling, good UV resistance, anti-selectivity, ability high heat resistance. This type of adhesive tape is also anti-corrosion, high abrasion, flexible use in all cases.

Paper tape in English is

?Paper tape in English is “masking tape”. The product has high applicability, especially used in the garment industry, wall painting, aluminum, decoration, etc. Paper tape is a thin film coated with a dense adhesive layer, with moderate adhesion. This type of tape can be written on. When peeled off the tape, it can stick on the surface and leave no glue residue.

Paper Tape

Paper tape used in the office with the use of taking notes on important tasks, classifying papers, marking documents, etc. In the pharmaceutical industry, products are used to record how to use drugs. In garment, paper tape is used to check too debug where mark there. For construction, paper tape is used to create a straight line on the wall when painting.

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What is opaque tape in English

?Op opaque tape is also known as yellow tape, opaque adhesive tape, yellow adhesive tape, opaque opp, etc. Products widely used in the contribution and production industries. export goods. Products with similar structure to other adhesive tapes on the market have adhesive strength. The product is widely used in the packaging industry. This is a type of adhesive tape that is quite familiar to human life.

Opaque Tape

This type of adhesive tape has the English name “opaque tape”. This adhesive tape with the clear tape has a similar structure and function. However, the color of these two types of adhesive tape is different. Transparent adhesive tape is used in many other fields, while opaque tape is used in packaging. Especially indispensable for packing goods to be transported to distant places.

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Through the above article, Nam Long hopes you know what English tape is and how other types of tape have English names. Hopefully this article will provide you with new knowledge about adhesive tapes, the terms of this product in English.