What is a traffic accident? Hello Editorial Board. My name is Lan Phuong, I am currently living and working in Ho Chi Minh City. The Editorial Board asked me: What is a traffic accident? Which document regulates this issue? Hope to receive the reply from the Editorial Board soon. I sincerely thank.

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Administrative apparatus <33338> Traffic – Transport <15985> Administrative violations; Administration <15978> Natural resources – Environment <15086> Commerce <13723> Finance; government <13405> Sports – Health <13261> Culture – Society <13190> Labor – Wages <13039> Enterprise <12625> Education <10632> Civil Rights <9598> Litigation <9333> Taxes – Fees; – Fees; <7734> Information technology <7577> Other fields <7443> Construction – Urban <7240> Insurance <6848> Currency – Banking <6829> Investment <6462>

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